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Share 88-yr-old Woman Travels Around World
Women_of_China 2018-4-16 15:09
Jiang Bin in New Zealand Travel enthusiast Jiang Bin has recently completed her newest trip abroad at the age 88. After traveling to a dozen of countries, she plans to visit Japan later this year. Jiang has been visiting different countries since 2009. She has already been to Switzerland, where she witnessed a great spectacle from the top of snowy mountains, and New Zealand, where she tried white-water rafting. The rich experiences of traveling in her old age d ...
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Share 11 Female Writers Shortlisted for 2017 'Best of' List
Women_of_China 2018-4-16 15:09
Yang Jiang Online shopping site recently launched its Female Writers of 2017 selection activity, singling out 11 successful female writers including Yang Jiang, Claire McFall and Wang Anyi. One of those nominated, Yan Geling has written over a hundred novels such as Youth and Flowers of the War. Youth was adapted into a movie and directed by renowned filmmaker Feng Xiaogang. When it hit Chinese theaters at the end of 2017, its box office taking exceeded 1 ...
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Share Real art reflects life but beyond reality
SEARU 2018-4-16 14:19
Nobody force you to 'share your trade secrets with public here' as you said! In fact we should not directly shoot down what we do in dailylife without art dealing with!------------Ordinary article tastes like steam-bun without which you would feel empty, while good writing acts as liquor which leave you deep impression although bun and liquor come from the same raw material grain! What makes the difference is that liquor has experienced a long time of process brewed with your ripe considering a ...
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Share Pen Pal
shehemego 2018-4-16 10:57
I wished to have a pen pal when I was little. Yet, my wishes got "executed" and died out. Since I wrote blogs here, I do have a pen pal here, so amazingly, who by chance met with me. I have read a little story: a kid wrote a letter, put it in a glass bottle, and threw it into the ocean; several years later, the other kid got the bottle and wrote back; then they wrote to each other monthly or yearly, sharing them own stories and emotions. You may have heard this story and find out I mistakenedly ...
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Share A Doctor's Tale of Two Cities
Women_of_China 2018-4-16 09:14
Fan Yunwei takes high-speed train. Fan Yunwei, the chief physician in the department of ophthalmology at Beijing Children's Hospital, has been working between two cities on Wednesdays since 2016. Known for her kindly nature to her little patients, she is well-respected in the field of ophthalmology. Baoding Children’s Hospital in Hebei province is now under the management of Beijing Children’s Hospital, and Fan is among the first group of doctors to work there. Since th ...
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Share A Look Inside Travel Suitcases of NPC Deputies
Women_of_China 2018-4-16 09:13
Shi Huifen, a top teacher for special education from southwest China's Guizhou Province, brought pencils for her students. "We should make more efforts to provide equal access to special children with limited abilities to enjoy fair education with healthy children," Shi said. Dong Mingzhu, chairwoman of Gree Electrical Appliances, in Zhuhai, only put some clothes and a special cellphone into her suitcase. "I have received many articles, with my cellphone, from our employees in ...
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Share The story inside the normal classroom would go in fresh way
SEARU 2018-4-15 12:49
My grand-kid is fifteen month old. To my surprise, the baby could freely click or slide on the computer-screen to select her favourite cartoon program for watching! This phenomenon tells me human has powerful born-ability to learn new things for self-improvement! Good education environment could help your brain grow stronger for analysis and find the key to any possible problem. In other fields such as agriculture, industry, army, etc. the opening-up policy has brought sweet fruits for t ...
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sharoncuizz 2018-4-15 11:14
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. This year is surely going to be a milestone in my life, because I have been planning to make a substantial change of the type of my work. I have to admit that it’s a big challenge for me. To start a brand now type of work, it calls for the great courage to say goodbye to the previous career and the frame of mind to start a new one. Early this year, I was facing a little fear, the fear of not having the courage ...
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Share Thinking ability and interest is the life of education
SEARU 2018-4-14 17:58
China is still a developing country where you had better have patience on material hardware of education! Now what I concern most is that invisible software which includes the quality of textbooks and how they are taught! First, we must throw away some outdated teaching concepts: Our aim is to improve the children‘s thinking power instead of the mere gowth of so-called knowledge! Learning knowledge is to sharpen the edge of your thinking-knife that would be smart when dea ...
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Share To love your country
Florating 2018-4-13 22:31
Recently, I read more news from China Daily, on the one hand, for myself, I want to learn English well, on the other hand, there was a idea into my mind that everyone need to love your country., I was pround that I was a chinese people. The United states promoted import tarrif, it is bad to bilaterl trade between US and China. Everyone who knows that cooperation can take benefit. If the import tarrif was promoted , the cost of living will be increased , so th ...
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