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stander3068 2017-4-20 17:26
Today my wife and I went to hospital at nearly 7:00am, I arrived the hospital at 8:20am during traffic jam and touring around the wrong blocked road. My wife had blamed me for that. Then we registered, had doctor checking, get intravenous infusion(this time we closed to use a soft needle, so next 4 days, no need to puncture the skin of my daughter again, just by leaving the soft needle on my daughter’s hand). Then all is done at 12:00. Then we got home. Then I went to com ...
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stander3068 2017-4-20 17:16
Today I got up at 6:00 am, after a simply washing and helped my daughter taken her medicine, then my mother and I went to hospital to continue intravenous infusion. The traffic is very jam from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the morning, so I spend 80 minutes to get the hospital. Before arrive, I had registered my daughter in the hospital Weichat. On my arrival, I went to the self-service machine to pay that registration fee,14 yuan. Then I waiting for the doctor because we are no.208. ...
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Share Powerful Lives Impact Others
Women_of_China 2017-4-20 16:50
Powerful Lives Impact Others
Dr. Hailan Dr. Hailan has 20-plus years of experience in trauma healing , and she teaches courses to show people how to improve their ability to achieve happiness . In recent years, she has been promoting peer education (the teaching of information, values and skills so recipients can give advice to their peers who are coping with problems in their lives). She hopes everyone will become his/her own psychological consultant, and she hopes everyone will have a ...
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Share My Chinese Dream As a Foreigner
arabchinalover 2017-4-19 14:56
I have been asked repeatedly by Chinese friends why moving to china and what made me settle down here. My answer is always, I myself don't know how and why. After graduating from high school, I was sent to china as a full scholarship student to attend my undergraduate studies. Because I believed that for every human there is not but one home. I have never thought about spending the rest of my life in china or envisioned that I will set up a family and settle down. As they say that everyt ...
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Share Aidi International School – A First Year Teacher’s Perspective
aidi365 2017-4-19 14:25
I had been out of college for close to a year, and like many young graduates, I was wondering what I was going to do for employment. I was also looking for an adventure, and a chance to add some international experience to my resume. That is where my adventure began to take place. I wanted to try something new, go somewhere different, somewhere exciting. I got online and started searching. Eventually I hit Ch ...
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Share Heat transfer processing attention problems
xiaoyupang 2017-4-19 13:35
What is thermal transfer processing? What is the problem of thermal transfer processing, we have a brief look below. Thermal transfer processing is a process of transferring a thermal transfer film onto the surface of the substrate. Thermal transfer processing is a production service, or packaging printing services. Thermal transfer process, how to better guarantee the transfer effect of the product, need to pay attention to the following questions. Heat transfer processing attention pr ...
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Share Young Woman Guards Shared Bike Scheme by Rewriting IDs
Women_of_China 2017-4-19 09:58
Young Woman Guards Shared Bike Scheme by Rewriting IDs
Li Dongyu uses her smartphone to work out the missing ID number of a shared bike on April 14. A native of Beijing has recently dedicated herself to re-identifying shared bikes that have had their numbers scratched off, hoping to offer convenience to other users. Li Dongyu, 24, found a number of shared bikes last month had been vandalized, preventing her from taking them for a ride. After spending much time guessing their number, Li finally figured it out. ...
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Share Bully
Si-Chong 2017-4-18 21:02
“You sure Oak Woods would be the place to have it, Sir?” I took a glimpse at SK and answered with slight contempt: “ Yes, it is. Isn’t that barren and chilly Oak Woods the perfect encompassing to teach him a lesson? What would you say, SK?” “Then I will pass the word as you wish.” SK vanished swiftly, with not even a crunch of a leaf. SK had always be ...
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Share 170418 hospital
stander3068 2017-4-18 17:17
Yesterday night, my daughter waked up and coughed, then I got up to ease her by tapping her back. She was crying and threw some water up and my hands got wet. Then I could not get some paper to wash my hand and wipe my daughter’s mouth, when my wife was preparing some water for my daughter to drink. I told my wife to bring me some paper. Unfortunately she dropped the feeder cover at the same time. So she thought it was my fault to call her and got angry again and refused to bring ...
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Share Importance Of Local Tour Guide
NWOESER 2017-4-18 16:38
Importance Of Local Tour Guide
How much did you spend times to think about a tour guide before you tour to? What kind of a tour guide would you like the most and prefer to guide you? You have experiences about touring throughout the different places and you sometimes liked your guide, meanwhile you sometimes probably quarreled with your guide. These were must be happened to most of the tourists. you can ask a tour guide. you might be heard about different guides like; professional tour guide, city guide, linguist, communit ...
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