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Share Strange animals surfacing
12dream 2017-9-21 14:23
Strange animals surfacing: Ex-President Obama touted to write the rules for the whole world to follow; whereas current President of the USA, Trump, is very excited about : 1.bombing out the entire DPRK possibility just because the latter possesses a H Bomb arsenal versus US's thousands in its possession, 2.threatening the peace and stability in The Far East region with hundreds of thousand combat troops and kinds of killing machines practicing maneuvers, ...
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Share Plutocratic Politics
dovexu 2017-9-21 11:11
Plutocratic Politics What a pity the former South Korean president Park Geun-hye was. Her girl friend was taking bribe while she seemed sleepy. Which president could be tolerated by the plutocratic politics? Park failed in seeking her second term and was arr ...
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Share Old consciousness, a year and half year news, and a dream
mperach 2017-9-21 09:42
This post, as many in this blog, is based on the first post: Who is "I" in dreams. A dream from 23-24 May 2016 night: at 23:42 - Someone came to take the car from Sharon. It drove it in a very small patio paved with whitish colored stones surrounded with narrow bed of geranium, bordered with the same type of stones. Instead of carefully driving backward and then turning, or driving carefully backward and forward to be able to turn and drive out of that small area, it drove fast not u ...
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Share Free Trade Agreement, the contract between Panama and China
Toogood 2017-9-21 04:39
Free Trade Agreement, the contract between Panama and China
Tue, 09/19/2017 Free Trade Agreement, the contract between Panama and China More than three months after the establishment of first bilateral talks, Panama and China officially began last weekend an agenda of almost 20 trade agreements that will benefit both nations. However, the agreement of greatest expectation for the Panamanian government lies on the negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that assures the trade between the countri ...
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Share Young Expats Attracted by Technology Development, Trendy Lifestyles in China
Women_of_China 2017-9-20 13:40
Young Expats Attracted by Technology Development, Trendy Lifestyles in China
Mobile payment The Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) conducted a survey in early May. The survey's respondents, including students from 20 countries along the routes of the Belt and Road Initiative , discussed China's rapid development in technology and innovation during recent years. Many of the students spoke highly of the four things — the high-speed train , Alipay , shared bicycles and onlin ...
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Share Get Rid of the China Bashers and Foreign Failures on CD
JohnV 2017-9-20 12:30
Hi all, I’ll leave this up for a while before removing it. As a relatively new poster, I’m already on my way out and will leave just a few of my old blogs here. If they start to get damaged in any way, or the abuse continues, I’ll wipe my whole board clean. This is a dangerous place to those of us with nothing to hide and willing to come out into the open with full profiles and personal photos . I’m now reverting to anonymity, like the vast majority here. ...
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Share Report: China's Youngest Uni-goers Value Knowledge, Skills
Women_of_China 2017-9-20 09:52
Report: China's Youngest Uni-goers Value Knowledge, Skills
About 30 percent of under-17s install education apps on their smart phones, with those to do with photography and problem-solving winning the most popularity. Students opened these apps 7.5 times a day, averagely spending 15 minutes on them in total. A recent report provides insights into the traits of China's most prodigious university students, many of whom have enrolled this year whilst still under 17. Data shows that out of 3,800 freshers at Tsinghua University ...
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Share Lantau Island Tian Tan Buddha (Genesis)
StanLi 2017-9-20 09:52
Every time I visit a major religious site, I will experience a very good sense of peace and calmness just like the ‘slow coasting’ sensation I felt when I toured the Shaolin Temple. This type of sensation is totally priceless because it enables very simple things like drinking milk tea feel exceptionally good, you really don’t need to have very exclusive toys to make you feel that way if you are able to enter this state of mind. I believe this is what happen when a person is able to di ...
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Share The aim of this blog
mperach 2017-9-20 09:50
As you may guess, as a fundamental fact about life in general has uncovered it may show in different views/many happenings. Many more phenomenons to differently explain according to that new fact. The primer intention of this blog is to assemble out-off-consensus' groups, out of ignorance, into the consensus, to eliminate laughing about different-from-us groups and their believes/way of living, and, extremely important for me, to have Achlas Al Arjan (in Hebrew: אח'לאס ...
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Share why is islam popular?
twa 2017-9-19 21:57
i hear alot of comments, mostly from shils. they claim that alot of people live in areas where islam is popular; muslims have more kids; or people are born into it, but none of these answers the question. first of all, there has to be something attractive about islam in order for people to adhere to it. many of todays so called muslims countries were not always muslim. alot of people associate iran with islam, but they only became muslim recently. turkey is another one. but neither of them ...
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