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Share Will to win
jaseminsibo 2017-6-2 21:54
I write this blog with a heavy heart. I was born a twin, and raised in a family where meritocracy and competency was championed. My parents are very Western-minded. Even though I may be a twin, they cherished individual efforts and resulting rewards. For is it fair, if let's say I being the more hardworking and gifted twin devote my energy, blood, sweat and tears in creating a successful project but my other twin DEMANDS the same recognition and reward? It's not fair, is it? It's outright bullyi ...
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Share Naxi Ethnic Costume: Exquisite Art in SW China
Women_of_China 2017-6-2 17:33
Naxi Ethnic Costume: Exquisite Art in SW China
A young woman in Naxi costume. According to people from the Naxi ethnicity in southwest China's Yunnan Province, the colorful clothes and accessories they wear represent the high point of their minority's traditional culture. Due to the Naxi's reliance on animal farming and grazing, especially among those in the local city of Lijiang, their costumes and adornments are usually made from the leather of cattle or sheep. Meanwhile, the costumes tr ...
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Share The Changbai Mountains
AndrewHLi 2017-6-2 15:31
The Changbai Mountains, source of Yalu river, Songhua river and Tumen river, are the cradle of Manchu and its culture. Changbai, by its name, has a wonderful implication of perfect marriage in which a couple stay in love of each other throughout their entire life, even when their hair turns grey, giving the will and praise of the loyalty and perfection of love people wish to have. With 1964 square kilometres of its total area and 758 square kilometres of core ...
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Share 170602children’s day
stander3068 2017-6-2 12:13
Friday, I continue to watch the document hot trip schedule . In the morning, I drove my wife to north Kunshan passenger station, then she took coach to Haimen city to get on board her new job, which costed her 44 yuan. Then she took taxi to her new company, which costed her 20 yuan. 1.1.2 170601 Today is Thursday, I continue to watch the document hot trip schedule . Yesterday, when I got home, my daught ...
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Share Supreme People's Court Protects Spouses from Fake Illegal Debt
Women_of_China 2017-6-1 13:11
Supreme People's Court Protects Spouses from Fake Illegal Debt
Article 24 of the second judicial interpretation of China's Marriage Law issued in 2004 stipulates that debts incurred during married life must be paid off jointly by the couple, enabling both ex-spouses to be liable for debts accrued. Du Wanhua, commissioner of the Supreme People's Court (SPC), gave an interview with China Women's News on a newly-amended judicial interpretation of the Marriage Law released on February 28 to protect those who are forced to repay the debt of their spouse. ...
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Share Children's Day: Make All Kids Equal
arabchinalover 2017-6-1 10:37
Children's Day: Make All Kids Equal
Almost all people have unforgettable memories from their childhoods , some of those memories are beautiful and keep hunting them down, others are miserable and wretched. My childhood was far from happy and didn’t have a lot of beautiful things to remember. Growing up in a family that consists of many children fighting over a loaf of bread, while the father is the only breadwinner and the mother is a stay-at-home wife. I still remember, I had not toys, no candy or ice-cream, and used to ...
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Share Release Major Policies with Their Gentle Voice
Women_of_China 2017-5-31 13:40
Release Major Policies with Their Gentle Voice
Meng Wei, the first spokeswoman for the National Development and Reform Commission ( NDRC ) was making her debut at the press conference at 9:30 on May 18, whose gentle voice, intellectual temperament, and calm and quiet repartee impressed the participants deeply. First spokeswoman for NDRC unveiled "Today, I speak from this podium for the first time as a spokesperson. For me personally, a press release is a completely new job, and there is a lot to learn." At the ...
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Share 170531
stander3068 2017-5-31 12:19
Today is Wednesday, I wake up early, my wife was still thinking about which company she chose to work for. At about 8:00am, I sent her to Zhaofeng road railway. Today I read cruise control. 170530 Tuesday, dragon boat festival, I cooked some breakfast in the morning, then at about 10:00, we went to my young brother’s restaurant to have a family dinner. The lunching is very gorgeous with lots of meat, beef, shrimp and fish. After the lunch, we went home. ...
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Share Have you tried waxberry wine?
Sally_sunshine 2017-5-31 11:14
Have you tried waxberry wine?
It’s Dragon Boat Festival yesterday. I hope everyone of you had a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Local people do many things for the festival. For example, we hold dragon boat race. We eat rice dumplings, salted duck eggs, spring rolls (picture one), steamed garlic, waxberries, loquats and so on. We drink waxberry wine which was usually made last year. The waxberries in the pictures below were picked from our own waxberry trees(picture two). W ...
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Share Happy Dragon Boat Festival?
Joey-k 2017-5-30 21:12
Sending holiday wishes on Dragon Boat Festival has become a little tricky in recent years, or at least that’s the impression you get from social networks, be it Wechat or Weibo. We are used to saying wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, but now some argue that we should say wish you a peaceful and healthy Dragon Boat Festival instead as the day is meant to commemorate the departed. It’s like the debates on the flavors of soybean curd and zongzi when some love the salty flavored and ...
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