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Share The invitation of parties
renhong 2017-2-25 09:38
Ren Hong Recently, modern people like to join parties in their free time. They play games, give gifts to each other, cut cakes, eat snacks, taste red wine, drink beer, soda and juice, dance and sing with friends and colleagues all night. That’s the young people’s lifestyle. The life is stressful, they want to relax and reduce stress after work. Actually, I recommend you to invite some friends with you. What are you going to eat dinner or dance? It will be safe and have a lot of fun. Y ...
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Share Recommend a hotel
renhong 2017-2-25 09:00
Ren Hong The recommendation of choosing hotel is easy, just focus on location, price and features. For businessmen, the location is the most important factor, the hotel should be right downtown. Moreover, It should near the airport or train station, close to shopping malls and coffee shop. Some people like doing exercise every day. They will ask for a hotel that has a great fitness center, a swimming pool, a business center, and free wireless internet. The room rates should be reasona ...
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sanjay_cro 2017-2-25 01:27
State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are very important part of nation's economy. In the present era of globalised economy , they face headwinds, which at times impacts their performance. Here are some suggestions for new age SOE reforms : A. Mentoring System for Turnaround of loss making or sick SOEs Selected bigger SOEs can be entrusted the responsibility of Mentoring loss making or sick SOEs so as to ensure that they are nursed back to becoming viable business entities. For this , schemes wou ...
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Share Where do you want to live?
renhong 2017-2-24 18:13
Ren Hong Where do you want to live? It seems like a popular topic. The location of your house will play an important role in your life. You like huge library, first rank hospital, train station, exotic restaurant, post office, pizza place, delicious bakery, subway station, banks, universities, playground, coffee shop, movie theater, central park, stadiums, museums and all convenient public facilities. You just need to choose the best location that you really want to live and near all of the ...
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Share hong kong's judges
MAN_UP 2017-2-24 14:40
hong kong's judges
how bizare. that's a whole lot of white. are they fit to judge? is it time to reform how judges are selected?
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Share Seasons and cities
renhong 2017-2-23 17:58
Ren Hong I really enjoy playing outdoor and indoor activities during four seasons. I like spring. I like warm and sunny weather. I like trees and flowers. I often go shopping and walk my dog in the park. I play tennis and table tennis with my friends. I don’t like extreme hot and cold weather. When the weather is cool and sunny, is better for me. I like summer. I like hot and sunny weather. I play golf in summer. I go swimming and scuba diving. I don't like cold winter. I want hot ...
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Share The season I like most
renhong 2017-2-23 17:31
Ren Hong My favorite season is spring. It means hope and dream. I don’t hate winter, even the weather in winter is extreme cold. In the North of China, the weather is always sunny and windy. We rarely see cloudy and foggy day. In the recent years, the smoggy day is appeared very often. The government has to make budget for this problem. Environmental issues are closely related to people’s daily life. If we can’t tackle this problem in efficient way, the terrible influences will be happen ...
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Share What am I gonna do?
renhong 2017-2-23 17:01
Ren Hong I always schedule my work and life in advance. I don’t want to be tardiness too often. Do you have the time? It’s half-past 10. Oh, I’m late. That’s the common situation in my life. There are plenty of interesting activities for people to relax. There are loads of work for people to do each week. We should arrange time strictly and make sure we have good sleep and healthy body. People have many daily routines. Get up, go running, get to work, go home, check emails, take ...
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Share Are search engines practicing self censorship?
MAN_UP 2017-2-23 16:39
Are search engines practicing self censorship?
Recently, there has been an infamous hk judge who's been in the news. He handed out harsh sentences to hk cops who beat a rioter (probably on the payroll of ngo). There's been a lot of talk that the infamous judge, david dufton, when handing out the sentence, was more interested in promoting western interests (in other words inperialism) in the city, than justice. If you are curious about the judge, and wanted to look him up, however, nothing can be found about him. Essentially, the big se ...
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Share Eating out or ordering take-out food
renhong 2017-2-23 16:22
Ren hong I’m not a foodie. But I really enjoy delicious food. I love both Chinese and Western food. It stands for the food culture of each country. Chinese people enjoy cooking at home by boiling and steaming. The vegetables are finely chopped and match with various flavors. In different areas, there are different food, because of the differences of weather, location, personality and minority. Foreigners cook food with simple way. They often toast or grill meat with potatoes and ve ...
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