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Share Reappearance of the Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty
dovexu 2018-3-7 23:51
Reappearance of the Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty
Reappearance of the Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty has been famous for a thousand years. It was buried underground as the mud of the Yellow River had swallowed Kaifeng City. It was redesigned after after carefully studying the historic documents. The complex was rebuilt a few years ago and tourists visit regularly. There are a red bounding wall and some houses with glaze roofs. ...
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Share What is wrong with our education?
SEARU 2018-3-7 10:29
Chinese students fix their eyes on blackboard, focus the ears on listening to teacher‘s lecture, tire the hand on writing and sums, with brain working hard to repeat others‘ words without their own real thinking! ----------They are the most diligent learners in world who often sacrifice sleeping hours for written homework! I feel pity for the cold phenomenon that our schooling really goes in a strange way which is unfit for the new era! We must do some reforming to set free kids from the low- ...
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Share Charitable Granny Provides Shelter to over 100 Leukemia Patients
Women_of_China 2018-3-6 16:05
Li Guangqiong with a teenage leukemia patient An elderly woman from southwest China's Sichuan Province has provided visiting leukemia patients with free accommodation over the past 26 years. Li Guangqiong, 86, has lived alone in her home in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan, since the death of her husband 19 years ago. Her daughter moved away after getting married. Li followed her husband to settle down in Chengdu in 1974. Since then, she has been closely involved ...
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Share 106 Females Elected Leaders at Sub-provincial Level or Higher
Women_of_China 2018-3-6 16:04
A total of 106 women have been elected leaders at sub-provincial level or higher before the upcoming opening of the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC)and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) (also known as the "two sessions"). Noticeably, Beijing tops the list for the proportion of women governors and women NPC deputies and CPPCC members. Twelve women will serve as provincial leaders, which doubles the number ...
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Share Could 网 be used to net fish?
SEARU 2018-3-5 23:21
We Chinese call net as 网 ( wang). Now please have a close look at the special character: If you prolong its inside four stokes, does it really look like a fishing-net with many holes in it?and its outside three-stroke looks like the door of the goal on the football-match playground!-----------The more time you stare at it,the more it would be like!
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Share China Plans For Long Term, US Plans For Next Election!
pnp 2018-3-5 16:29
China's Two Sessions is currently in progress.Chinese leaders are planning for the next 10, 20, 30 years with their representatives.It can only auger well for China and its people! In marked contrast, US polticians are mired in controversies, and planning for the next election!They can't even resolve the longstanding gun issue, with vested interests blocking attempts at gun control while innocent Americans continue to be slaughtered by their own compatriots.& ...
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Share 2018-03-04
shehemego 2018-3-4 20:08
slave of the environment is slaving your heart. I am not becoming an emotional person but I seem not a chance to change who I am right now. Focusing on your part, your path. It is OK to ignore what is around you. I want to be a self-satisfied person, not have to been satisfied by the environment. But how hard it is. Moody comes and comes and leaves and leaves as the environment changes and changes and changes and changes. How can I do to make all the change. Not influenced by the envi ...
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Share Future dictionary could save the education-crisis!
SEARU 2018-3-3 16:04
I used to try to look through it with pleasure and every movement I enjoyed myself for her wonderful explaination to each word! For an example:------------ Education:To teach kids knowledge, skill and how to think! How scientific it is! I don't think our Chinese dictionary is so perfect! Our children learn new characters single by single without detailed description that is one of the reasons why our education is backward! ------------I feel shameful for our failure but I want to ...
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Share This mind-reading AI can see what you're thinking
wj3235 2018-3-3 10:43
This mind-reading AI can see what you're thinking
Scientists around the world are racing to be the first to develop artificially intelligent algorithms that can see inside our minds. 世界各地的科学家都争相成为第一个开发人工智能算法的人,这些算法可以看清我们脑海中的景象。 The idea is not new: in the science fiction of the 1950s and 60s, crazed doctors were frequently seen putting weird contraptions on people’s heads to decipher their thoughts. 这个想法并不新鲜:在20世纪50年代和60年代的科幻小说 ...
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Share More chances, more choices!
SEARU 2018-3-3 10:26
What could you feel when you have a close look at the character 方(fang)? Its head is ‘dot’, that maths teacher told me there are countless points in the line which has unlimited length!; The remaining part is 万 that means ‘ten thousands’. -------------What is the relationship between one ‘dot’ and ‘thousands’? Yes, you could draw many many lines from one point! Just as from one tiny bulb countless light-rays goes in all directions! ----------You need a good sense of imagination on ...
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