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Share is taiwan sensoring youku?
PAPAI 2017-4-28 09:41
is taiwan sensoring youku?
one of the things that china has been very successful in are making websites. china is one of the only countries in the world to have an active video website. with such a successful website will naturally come influence. needless to say, there are those out there who dont want to see chinese influence. websites like youku, and fengxingwang have become very popular in tw over the recent years. in fact, even web browsers like liebao have taken popularity in the isolated province. as we all know, t ...
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Share Luckiest English Teacher In China
MichaelM 2017-4-28 09:14
Every day, I hear people complain about so many things. I am an optimist. I'm also a realist. Will Durant, the very famous American philosopher once said, "History has always been on the side of the optimist. Especially American history. History proved him right." I know it is very cliche to relate a positive attitude to the saying, 'glass half full' (rather than 'the glass half empty'). But, your perspective of life is predictive of what you get from life. I arrived in China on August 25 ...
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Share Is western democracy good for China?
arabchinalover 2017-4-27 11:58
Without any doubt that democracy and the right of any nation to elect or ousted their leader is important to keep the elected moving on the right track and serve the people. But is there a unified democratic form that works for every nation. It is very necessary to look at the demographic and social complexities. Not every nation is ready for the western liberal democracy since their social structure is totally different. People have to be ready and educated first to comprehend ...
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Share Is Religion The Root Of All Evil ?
arabchinalover 2017-4-26 09:57
People today blame religion for the evil that is happening such as: suicide bombing, child's abuse, enslaving women and social injustice. Religions are accused of igniting sectarian conflicts and social tensions. Throughout history, religions have been a force for good in terms of spirituality and also a devastating force for wars and clashes. Religious conquests have killed millions of people that refused to convert or to be led by the conquerors. The holy wars that launched i ...
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Share Girl, 14, Raises Money Through Her Writing
Women_of_China 2017-4-26 09:22
Girl, 14, Raises Money Through Her Writing
Yang Xintong, a 14-year-old girl, writes on an iPad. A 14-year-old middle school student from Shanghai recently attracted attention from her classmates and teachers after she earned more than 8,000 yuan (U.S.$ 1,160) through selling her writing services online in just two days. Yang Xintong came up with an idea to make money by publishing an ad on the internet: "If someone needs me to help them write, do not hesitate. I will try my best to finish writing ...
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Share Big Problem With English In China
MichaelM 2017-4-26 07:25
I often read anything that I can find about English education. I especially pay close attention if I find something about English education in China or other parts of Asia. I recently ran across an article that discussed how English is taught in several different Asian countries. The article, written by a South Korean, seemed to be particularly critical of English education in China. For example, the Japanese English experts that were quoted were shocked to find out that most Chinese English ...
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Share 10 Books on President Xi Jinping's Shelves
Women_of_China 2017-4-25 10:06
10 Books on President Xi Jinping's Shelves
President Xi Jinping 's passion for reading is well known both at home and abroad. He once said, "I have loads of hobbies, my favorite one is reading." Today marks World Book and Copyright Day , a day that reminds us to check and update our reading list. Here are some titles we have selected from President Xi Jinping's shelves. Book 1. Yue Fei's Mother Tattooing on His Back Cover of Yue Fei's Mother Tattoing on His Back Book ...
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Share Survey: Women's Golden Age for Entrepreneurship 'Around 30'
Women_of_China 2017-4-25 10:02
Survey: Women's Golden Age for Entrepreneurship 'Around 30'
In China, nearly 70 percent of businesswomen started their own enterprises around the age of 30, according to the latest report published by China Entrepreneur Think Tank in association with Mulan Club Public Welfare Foundation. 'Golden Period' for Female Entrepreneurship Data shows that women's labor force participation rate increases from the age of 15 and reaches a peak at 20. Regarding marriage and reproduction, the rate decreases after 20 and the age of 35 marks a low. Over time, the pa ...
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Share Thermal transfer equipment circuit principle
xiaoyupang 2017-4-24 16:51
Thermal transfer equipment is mainly used for the production of personalized gifts, thermal transfer projects in addition to the need for thermal transfer equipment and related supplies, but also need computers, printers, digital cameras, etc., with these devices can do thermal transfer project. From the circuit principle, the thermal transfer device is a temperature controller and the time controller to jointly control an electrothermal device, the temperature and time can be set in advance, th ...
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Share An Illustrious Career: China's Legendary TV Director Yang Jie
Women_of_China 2017-4-24 15:24
An Illustrious Career: China's Legendary TV Director Yang Jie
Yang Jie Yang Jie , director of the most-watched Chinese TV series ever, Journey to the West , passed away on April 15 at the age of 88. Born in 1929, Yang was among the very first generation of China's small screen directors, rising to fame after her adaptation of the Chinese literature classic in 1986. Journey has been re-aired more than 3,000 times in the past three decades. Yang was born in the city of Macheng in central China's Hubei Prov ...
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