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Share Social practice has begun.
kullize 2017-7-28 10:13
We are delighted to be able to conduct social activities
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Share The third day for preparing my IELTS
chushunzhou 2017-7-27 18:39
Today is the second day to implete my plan. From environment-friendly speaking, the fossil resources are limited, so it is urgent to utilize renewable energy from solar, wind and water. In current situation, every enterprise need to be granted permission to do business about renewable energy production. However, the companies who is used to traditional way to cope with coal, oil and other conventional resources have no option but to agree to be involved in green energy. The ...
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Share the third day for preparing IELTS
chushunzhou 2017-7-27 18:37
so this is a good example for preparing the test.
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Share Survey: Only 1-in-5 Netizens 'Always' Read Their Bookmarked Articles
Women_of_China 2017-7-27 15:17
Survey: Only 1-in-5 Netizens 'Always' Read Their Bookmarked Articles
According to the survey, most respondents like to add inspiring "chicken soup" stories to their favorites, accounting for 48.8 percent, followed by articles about experience sharing (45.8 percent), political commentary (28.8 percent) and financial analysis (28.3 percent). With the prevalence of smartphones, people often tend to store articles of interest and save them for later – however, most of these bookmarks are subsequently forgotten, according to a recent report. ...
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Share China's First Lady Peng Liyuan: Promoting Initiatives to Help HIV/AIDS-affected
Women_of_China 2017-7-27 15:15
China's First Lady Peng Liyuan: Promoting Initiatives to Help HIV/AIDS-affected
Peng Liyuan attends the launch of the Love in the Sunshine Summer Camp on July 23 in Beijing. China's first lady Peng Liyuan recently attended the latest annual Love in the Sunshine Summer Camp in Beijing, having been an active supporter of HIV-prevention initiatives for over 11 years. Peng became an ambassador for HIV/AIDS prevention for Ministry of Health in 2006 and a national ambassador for tuberculosis control and prevention in 2007. She was also ...
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Share Afghan,India,Pakistan and American Policies
akramsaqib 2017-7-26 19:56
The situation in this part of world is changing rapidly. Friends are becoming foe and enemies are shaking hands. There were days when US wanted Pakistan as its ally. The Afghans were the bitter enemies of America and she wanted to attack Taliban and Mulla Omer along with Pakistan. Pervaiz Musharraf committed a historical mistake and gave logistic support to America. The so called logistic support ruined the geography of the region. The presence of US and NATO in Afghanistan paved the way for In ...
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Share Qingyang Sachets Impress World with Fragrance, Needlework
Women_of_China 2017-7-26 14:00
Qingyang Sachets Impress World with Fragrance, Needlework
Qingyang sachets The "fragrant sachet ," with embroidered patterns, was created by rural Chinese women during the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD). For millennia, Qingyang, a city in Northwest China's Gansu Province, has been known for its exquisite "fragrant sachets." In 2006, China added the "fragrant sachets" to the list of the country's items of intangible cultural heritage. The Book of Rites, one of China's Confucian classics (composed by D ...
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Share Chinese Musician Speaks to the World Through Erhu
Women_of_China 2017-7-26 13:57
Chinese Musician Speaks to the World Through Erhu
Ma Xiaohui , one of China's top folk musicians, insists on communicating with the world through her erhu , a two-stringed, traditional-Chinese instrument. Ma, who has toured Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa, has performed with renowned orchestras in hundreds of concerts. She has performed and promoted her "Erhu Dialogues," a musical conversation that encompasses Oriental and Western civilizations, during many of her recitals and lectures. Artistic ...
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LaoshiDan 2017-7-26 12:21
IMF - GET OUT OF CHINA! Wherever you have been, you have left a trail of looting and destruction. China is strong now and will not stand for your bullying and plundering. Here is a summary excerpt exposing how you, the IMF (and its Director - Mme Christine Lagarde - Destructor in Chief) have devastated countless countries and have plundered and impoverished citizens of every country you have set foot in: The Real IMF (International Monetary Fund) Backgrounder: According to its ...
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