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Share Rising Like a Phoenix
Women_of_China 2017-3-2 09:39
Rising Like a Phoenix
Beijing women's football team has been top-ranked in China since it was established in 1985. The team has twice won the gold medal at the National Games of China, and the team has twice won the championship of the top-level Chinese women's league. Thirty of the team's players have been members of the national squad. In November 2016, Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. (one of Beijing's largest State-owned enterprises) announced it planned to establish BG Phoenix Football Club, and patter ...
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Share Amended Chinese Marriage Law Offers Protection from Illicit Debt
Women_of_China 2017-3-1 09:38
Amended Chinese Marriage Law Offers Protection from Illicit Debt
This young woman finds herself in debt after a divorce. China's Supreme Court has made a pair of additions to Article 24 of the country's Marriage Law, reports China Daily, changing the way debt disputes are handled following a divorce. According to the new rules, 'fake debt' or debt involving illegal activities such as gambling or drugs are not to be burdened on one spouse following divorce if the debt was incurred by the other. "Fake debt" refers to a situation where a person colludes ...
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Share MWC 2017 and Leading Chinese Companies
nosherwanabbasi 2017-2-28 13:04
MWC 2017 and Leading Chinese Companies
Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 is under way in Barcelona, Spain and companies are making huge announcements related to their products. One of largest interest in MWC 17 is smartphone announcement and Apps display. Companies like Huawei, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Smasung etc. are launching their new smartphones. Some of them are quite surprising such as return of Nokia 3310 and Blackberry are large interest of people in this event. What is MWC? MWC is world's largest trade show ...
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Share do it right now
anitahooo 2017-2-28 11:54
i am a lazy person that i need to be wake up in more than 3 times alarm in the morning, especially in the cold winter. and i am a lazy person that i don't want to go to bed before 12 o'clock at mid-night. that is a little conflict. you want to sleep more, but you don't want to go to bed earlier. i want to change this situation, but i done nothing. that is what people called, a day-dreamer. you want to get improvement without any actions. that is so funny and silly ...
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Share Ju Wenjun: A Rising Chess Star
Women_of_China 2017-2-28 08:56
Ju Wenjun: A Rising Chess Star
Ju Wenjun, 26, a well-known chess player from east China's Shanghai Municipality, has gained great momentum in her performance on the international stage since she began learning chess aged 7. Under the shadow of her compatriot Hou Yifan, who won four women's world championships before she was 22, and other renowned teammates for years, Ju has never beeen jealous of them and instead concentrated her full attention upon the game. Right now, she is the second-highest rated female chess p ...
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Share **Piloting China **
B4TB 2017-2-27 23:15
Hi All, Can anyone advise how I can access/ISBN the 'new book' 'Piloting China' as indicated in Robert L Kuhn's articles re ' The Five Major Development Concepts'.. In anticipation...Thanks and best regards to all,
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Share Image Has Great Value!
Women_of_China 2017-2-27 13:53
Image Has Great Value!
Wang Yang Wang Yang established Hera Moment, a jewelry brand, in 2011. At first, Wang only offered custom-made jewelry. Now, Hera Moment is renowned within fashion circles for its high-quality jewelry with Chinese elements. Wang Yang, formerly an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, resigned her job, in 2007, and moved to Botswana (a country in Africa) with her husband. Botswana has an abundance of diamonds. "Every woman in Botswana likes gemsto ...
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Share ‘妙用’
StanLi 2017-2-27 10:55
There is a rather mysterious mental ability called ‘妙用’ which is said to be attainable by people who cultivate the Chinese philosophy in earnest. ‘妙用’ is like a kind of search algorithm which helps the cultivator search for answers in their daily lives or in furthering their understanding of the dharma. This mental ability was somewhat demonstrated in the famous Chinese kungfu novel of ‘天龙八部’ where the monk, 虚竹, successfully won an unplayable chess game (珍龙棋局) even though he ...
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Share 1969 IPI conference-Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea
Devingray 2017-2-27 04:20
Is there anyone who attended this conference? I have vivid memories.
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Share A Recommended Film – Disco and Atomic War
tradervic 2017-2-27 01:54
A Recommended Film – Disco and Atomic War
It was been a lively couple of months to the new year that is 2017 around the world. In my neck of the woods that is the U.S. – President Donald Trump has been the source of a good deal of humor and/or dread, no matter which part of the political spectrum. Europe is a buzz with the idea that the E.U. will reeling with changes in France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere that will be greater than the ‘Brexit’ of last year. P.R. China, much like Japan and Russia, are s ...
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