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Share Schoolchildren Enjoy Lessons in Traditional Chinese Performance
Women_of_China 2018-1-25 10:38
Schoolchildren Enjoy Lessons in Traditional Chinese Performance
Pupils from Changchunjie Elementary School in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, attend a traditional opera class. Officials in central China’s Hubei have taken multiple measures in the past few years to promote traditional culture and revive the province’s reputation as a hotspot for theater and performance. Local campaigns have so far included Traditional Culture Goes into Campuses and Traditional Chinese Opera Goes into Campuses, focusing on pupils and young chil ...
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Share Kindergarten Teachers Crucial for Children's Growth
Women_of_China 2018-1-25 10:32
Kindergarten Teachers Crucial for Children's Growth
Kids at a kindergarten in Jiangsu province play a game of "standing spring eggs" with their teacher on Spring Equinox. Being a kindergarten teacher is not an easy job for Zhang Wei, 22, who works for a private institution in Chaoyang district, Beijing. She arrives at the kindergarten before 7:30 am and has a tight schedule every day. Besides teaching classes and organizing outdoor activities for nearly 30 children, she also prepares teaching plans, attends meetings and ...
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Share Life Is Just An Experience !
arabchinalover 2018-1-22 21:43
People always care about these two things: winning and losing. It's true that we are living in a tough competitive world that requires hard work to achieve unique things. However, comparisons decrease the rate of happiness and make a person lives someone else's life. The increase of the zeroes in your bank account will not necessarily elevate your satisfaction and happiness; it doesn’t really make you feel better. Accumulating more wealth will not make you feel satisfied and content. T ...
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Share How are you friends ?
arabchinalover 2018-1-22 16:05
It's been a while since I stopped writing blogs here , and a lot of things happened since I left . I am back to blogging and will read your awesome articles too .
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Share is the us weakening?
vhs 2018-1-22 10:22
frequently in the media, we hear that the us is weakening, but this may not be the case. when examining the expansion of us inperialism, we need not talk about nato expansion, where the us swallowed all of the eastern european states, because thats 20 year old news, but what has happened in the followed 20 yrs indicates that the us is ambitious. although the us has recently lost traditional vasals like the filipines, and turkey, the us has also made gains in recent years. before we continue, l ...
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Share The truth from the phrase ‘左右’
SEARU 2018-1-20 13:50
左 means ‘left’. Its part 工 is ‘work’ and the remaining component looks like ‘head, shoulders plus arm’. Do you often use the ‘left’ arm or hand to work? Maybe, our ancestors believed that the left hand was for the main labor job in daily life. Then the 右 (right)hand is used to serve the mouth at the dining table. In general,the structure of 左右 tells us that our hands work hard for food! (Human beings could make a living with our own hands!------In other words, “ Lazine ...
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Share Is professor superior than pupil?
SEARU 2018-1-20 10:47
When I was little, I worshipped that big-brother scholar so much that I imitated his walking-style after him in silence! Needless to say a professor would be a fairy who knows all things in world. Now I have realized we adults are not surely wiser than child! To the opposite side, in some degree kids are more clever on language-leaning and other aspects since they have pure mind to sense the outside! How many Chinese professors do feel shameful when that farme ...
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Share What is wrong with our academic atmosphere?
SEARU 2018-1-20 09:25
We could find or make many keys to unlock the same iron-lock! As a routine work, that teacher may offer many crosses in red ink to the poor child the latter would loose the precious natural instinct for exploring the new world! The frequent exams often mean that there is only one set of the so-called standard-answers to the problem-paper! ---------I notice that different English dictionaries could show you colorful explainings to the same word! So why do Chinese teachers always ask children to e ...
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Share 2018-01-19
SEARU 2018-1-19 23:01
强 isa commonly used character which shape is interesting! Its first part looks like 'bow'that is as same aswhatthe left of my avatar shows; The upper component of the remaining is 口 which is ‘mouth’ and 虫 means ‘worm’. -----------In China, some people call tiger as ‘big worm’ with which adults often frighten kids by shouting ‘The tiger is coming up!’ --------In my hometown, the locals name snake as ‘long worm’; -----Even for tinny worms ...
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Share The direction of our education reform!
SEARU 2018-1-19 13:03
Chinese teachers and students work hardest in the world who harvest poor or bitter fruits!It is urgent for us to improve the situation that is the demand of the new era! But it is not simple solution to the problem since our education system is really complicated than you expected!Now I think we must throw away some outdated schooling concepts first! a. --------------Knowledge is not as important as we thought before! It is said only twenty percent of university-knowledge could ...
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