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Share  A gem rediscovered----Hainan.
cwdy 2018-7-9 01:36
The new policy of hainan free trade zone brought my meomory back to a bilingual poem I composed a few years ago:  A gem rediscovered《珍宝重现》   Far back into ancient mystery,追溯到神秘的远古   a people lived humbly,一群人民简朴地生活   in the shadows of the green.在郁郁的绿荫下   No desire for conquests绝无征服的欲望   or luxury belongings, 和奢侈品的渴求   friendly as ever,一如既往友好地   they trea ...
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Share Quarreling is not worth one pence!
SEARU 2018-7-8 20:10
Now let me tell you a story: That America President invited one folk ‘artist’ into the White House where the master offered the actor two-thousand dollars as reward for the performance that calling the leader names without any repeating for more than two hours! I think none of us can break the record! So let's cease fire on quarreling and shift energy on meaningful discussion if you like!
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Share Try to active every muscle and joint of your body for physical training!
SEARU 2018-7-7 22:21
I had learned two sets of different Chinese martial art which go in strict way in university. But now I have forgot all of them. But I would like perform in a free style as I wish when on the playground. I think the principal of the traditional exercise is that we must relax and train every muscle and joint through musical movement of the body!
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Share Forum is great business on the mental!
SEARU 2018-7-7 16:40
Chinadaily is nation-level media that is run by the government with the Forum-website going like folk newspaper where we forumites can do some exploring work on sensitive or important topic.I always try to post more threads on education which would be helpful for the development of our civilization! I appreciate those ‘comrades’ who can contribute constructive comments to my writings. Such discussions are meaningful which value can not measured by banknotes. Time can tell it is tr ...
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Share We need further deep analysis into the education!
SEARU 2018-7-6 20:34
The college-entrance-examination has ended and people are talking more about scores their children have got and what kind of university they would choose! Just now I have read an article on Gaokao and made such a comment as the following: "This is only phenomenon in appearance! But what is the bottom reason why China is poor on education? We must have a detailed analysis on what is going on inside class and out of school and what differs from our foreign counterparts!We ...
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Share Drug is poison for everyone!
SEARU 2018-7-6 16:39
Say No to drug forever! Drug is one of special kinds of chemicals that would badly hurt your nerve system and you will no longer live as a normal man once you take it in! I saw that man sitting over there who suddenly fell into sleep with tears coming out! It is said he often had bitter quarreling with mother even beat her for money! I feel painful for him since he is one of my remote relatives in law!
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Share Obesity in China
Swifty55 2018-7-6 16:20
Obesity in China is not a major problem like in the USA in almost every age group yet. Since 2006 when I first visited China I have seen more and more obese people. My first day in China I felt fat compared to living in the USA. I was considered thin by USA standards for I only was over weight by 10 KG's. I remember actually sitting on a bench counting how many fat people I had seen in about 2 hours of watching people, I counted 3 people I figured that would be considered obese. Every year since ...
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Share Trump seems like silkworm!
SEARU 2018-7-6 15:50
In 1988 or so, there was a special house in the school-yard where some sheets of silkworms were raised for teaching. My colleagues and I take care of the special creatures in turns day and night! This kind of small animal is as greedy as pig who always eat and eat day and night till one day it would refuse to take in anything and then begins to make silk-thread for warm quilt against the upcoming cold ‘Winter’!....... It seems that Mr. Trump is weaving closed quilt as silk-wo ...
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Share Take a closer look at Gaokao
Songlunchen 2018-7-5 20:39
Recently, the results the college admission test, Gaokao, of China has released, and the western medias have left quite a few comments on this annual test. The economist remarks that the test is “notoriously tough” and requires “undistracted preparation.” The Newyoker is surprised at the scene where parents streaming into the vermillion gates of the temples, burning incense and praying for good scores. Why is Gaokao so that difficult and important? Aren’t Sat and CIE challenging as ...
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Share Chinese Female Tailor Shines at Savile Row
Women_of_China 2018-7-4 13:33
Quan Yingmei (L2) poses a picture with other friends. Savile Row, a street in London, capital of the United Kingdom, is best-known for bespoke tailoring. After having worked her way up from the bottom, Quan Yingmei is now director and business partner at Welsh and Jeffries, a tailor to the Prince of Wales, at 20 Savile Row. She is Savile Row's only business partner from China, and also the only Chinese woman to win the Savile Row Golden Shears Awards, or the Oscars o ...
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