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Share some comment on the field parade on Zhurihe training base
Fidel 2017-7-31 10:21
we have know that a parade was hold on last Saturday on Zhurihe training base. Xi , the present of People's Republic of China, inspected the parade. He said a lot to the commander of the military ,the soldier, Expected that out troops to be the most mightiest army in the world to prtoect our country's sovereignty , the people's safe and the country's development. He urged that the military must practiced more offen and more harder, then we will have a good environment to develop our ec ...
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Share Lantau Island Tian Tan Buddha (转识成智)
StanLi 2017-7-30 12:22
Actually my tour in Hong Kong did not end in the visit to ‘黄大仙’ but it sure felt like a very long but detour from then to now, maybe I was distracted by some old karmic forces to learn some new knowledge, or maybe knowledge gave rise to more new knowledge. Now that it is over, I can continue writing about my journey to the Po Lin Temple (宝莲寺) and The Tian Tan Buddha (天坛大佛) on Lantau Island (大屿山). It was a late November morning in Hong Kong and it was drizzling lightly a ...
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Share 20170729 The topic from IELTS to practice the writing skill
chushunzhou 2017-7-29 23:26
Some people think individuals are more and more dependent on each other. Some people think idividuals are more and more independent. Discuss and give your opinion. People hold divergent opinions about whether we rely on others than usual. As I see it, the pressure of increasing living cost and the development of specialization make people more dependent on others. Probably the most obvious reason why people believe we are more independent i ...
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Share A Poem on 2016 US General Election
dovexu 2017-7-29 23:02
2016 US General Election American democracy could be called a canonical example of the world, but it deformed as the mind of the people changed. A black swan flew out from the real estate sector, and indeed a political outsider was surprisingly elected as the president. Remark: It was written on January 15, 2017. &nb ...
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Share Rocky Cliffs
dovexu 2017-7-29 21:04
Rocky Cliffs
This is mycollege classmate's painting. I wrote the following poem for it. Rocky Cliffs ...
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Share Mohammed bin Zayed; The Key Strategist of Qatar Crisis
TariqAlShammari 2017-7-29 14:31
Mohammed bin Zayed; The Key Strategist of Qatar Crisis
Few months ago the email account of the UAE’s ambassador to the United States Yousef Al-Otaiba was hacked . The emails contain noteworthy information of the dialogues between this influential ambassador and major American figures in the U.S foreign policy, such as Robert Gates and John Hannah . HuffingtonPost and The Daily Beast confirmed that Al-Otaiba’s email account has been hacked and part of its content was leaked. Al Otaiba is a recognizable figure ...
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Share Students Selected as 'Museum Guides' to Popularize Scientific Knowledge
Women_of_China 2017-7-29 13:23
Students Selected as 'Museum Guides' to Popularize Scientific Knowledge
Fan Tongxi, 8, a young guide, watches as a visitor sticks a thumb-up sign to appraise her work during a public session in Chongqing Science Museum July 27, 2017. A number of school students are selected as guides in a campaign organized by the museum to popularize scientific knowledge to the visitors. Peng Qixuan, 9, explains to the visitors during a public session in Chongqing Science Museum July 27, 2017. A number of school students are selected as guides ...
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Share What you say is your life
lesslybuy 2017-7-29 11:45
We find that the more powerful people tend to have such a thinking, that is, the time to be convincing, not to say nothing at the time. At a conference, a lecturer said a passage, and then the applause for ten minutes. That's why. Because of intentions. In fact, what your mouth says can determine your life. So what do those who are good people often say? " ok" " I must do it" " no problem" " worth trying! "! Such people are positive and non - changshunli. Some people will say that " t ...
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Share Happiness
lesslybuy 2017-7-29 11:43
Time may be the best medicine. Whether you're injured or injured, whether you're disappointed or at a loss. Time will heal your wounds. As someone says, the best way to forget a person's feelings is time and love. If you can't remember, you can only say that you don't have enough time, or that your lover is not good enough. Maybe every relationship starts with a bang, we think this is what we want, I am very happy. Can be in the time hourglass of the ceaseless flow, the unforgettable ...
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Share the fourth day for writing training
chushunzhou 2017-7-28 23:19
Today i continue to carry out the plan. Unexpectly, there are too many chances for my to broaden my horizons in the capital Beijing. I will attend a feast at Chaoyang District. I think i can find my party there. Everyone should recognize his or her place, and i feel confused about mine. Considering the situation in my family, i need to make more money after i graduate in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. When compared to the location, I should stay close to my parents' house as i am the only ...
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