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Share Supreme People's Court Protects Spouses from Fake Illegal Debt
Women_of_China 2017-6-1 13:11
Supreme People's Court Protects Spouses from Fake Illegal Debt
Article 24 of the second judicial interpretation of China's Marriage Law issued in 2004 stipulates that debts incurred during married life must be paid off jointly by the couple, enabling both ex-spouses to be liable for debts accrued. Du Wanhua, commissioner of the Supreme People's Court (SPC), gave an interview with China Women's News on a newly-amended judicial interpretation of the Marriage Law released on February 28 to protect those who are forced to repay the debt of their spouse. ...
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Share Release Major Policies with Their Gentle Voice
Women_of_China 2017-5-31 13:40
Release Major Policies with Their Gentle Voice
Meng Wei, the first spokeswoman for the National Development and Reform Commission ( NDRC ) was making her debut at the press conference at 9:30 on May 18, whose gentle voice, intellectual temperament, and calm and quiet repartee impressed the participants deeply. First spokeswoman for NDRC unveiled "Today, I speak from this podium for the first time as a spokesperson. For me personally, a press release is a completely new job, and there is a lot to learn." At the ...
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Share How to protect our environment?
dovexu 2017-5-28 16:32
We should view the environment protection as a necessary industrial sector rather than purely a burden. It is a part of the whole industrial cycle, just as we human beings have to go to toilet regularly. It is important to nationwide enhance people's sense of this point.
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Share Landscape in ink
GreenNanning 2017-5-28 12:20
Landscape in ink
Compared with western style paintings, which take a lot of trouble traditionally by presenting the world in its original details as much as possible, Chinese paintings are more easily finished and quite different in terms of skills and even materials used. But it doesn't necessarily mean Chinese paintings are simpler and shallower than their western peer due to this factor, which could highly mislead those who do not really know what a good painting is. Here I like to share one of the ...
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Share How Thoughts and Emotions Changes
StanLi 2017-5-27 13:23
Part 1 Not too long ago I watched a video clip on Charlene Choi with her friend Laurinda Ho (何超莲) where Laurinda seemed to be testing Charlene’s math skill with a trick question. The question she asked Charlene goes something like this – when you were 6 years old, your younger sister was half your age; by the time you became 60, how old will your younger sister be? Charlene thought about it for awhile and answered, ‘30 years’. Of course, the correct answer is 57 and Charlene quite ...
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Share Die-hard Soccer Fan Granny Shares Her Secret of Happy Life
Women_of_China 2017-5-27 09:06
Die-hard Soccer Fan Granny Shares Her Secret of Happy Life
Liu Hongwen Liu Hongwen, 78, a die-hard fan of Arsenal Football Club, was featured on May 8 by Total Soccer, a sports show made by state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV). Liu used to be a high school teacher in Beijing. After her retirement, she began to take part in various interests groups related to dancing and singing, among others. But after her grandson was born, she gave up all such activities and focused herself totally on looking after him. ...
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Share 'Proud of China' Campaign Kicks Off after Controversial Speech
Women_of_China 2017-5-26 13:03
'Proud of China' Campaign Kicks Off after Controversial Speech
The spearker, Yang Shuping An online "Proud of China" campaign has been launched by students and graduates of the University of Maryland, after the commencement speech by a student representative from China was slammed for bolstering negative Chinese stereotypes. The speech, given by Yang Shuping on May 21 (local time), began with Yang's claim that "fresh air" was what drove her to pursue an education in the U.S. This claim quickly triggered outrage among netizen ...
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Share Google AI Defeats Human Go Champion!
arabchinalover 2017-5-25 22:39
Google AI Defeats Human Go Champion!
Artificial intelligence keeps defeating human, it is making countless victories against human in different fields of life and trying to push human to the corner. Google's DeepMind has defeated the world's number one player Ke Jie. Human brain somehow has been replaced by a machine and scientists are working very hard on developing a human brain by implanting a chip and connecting it to the thick neuron that connects the two hemisphere of the brain. Well, who doesn’t want to get his brai ...
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Share Sign Language Teacher Earns Title of 'Smiling Mother in Silent World'
Women_of_China 2017-5-25 16:36
Sign Language Teacher Earns Title of 'Smiling Mother in Silent World'
Zhang Yun smiles in class. Zhang Yun, 40, a teacher who uses sign language , has earned the title of a "smiling mother" from her devoted students. After passing relevant professional tests, Zhang started her tutoring career in 2005 at a special education school in the county of Xin'gan, southeast China's Jiangxi Province. "In the early years, I was not proficient in sign language. However, my students were patient enough to understand by waiting ...
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Share Young Miao Ethnic Woman Displays Talent for Playing Fire
Women_of_China 2017-5-24 09:53
Young Miao Ethnic Woman Displays Talent for Playing Fire
Xiong Fang gives a performance. A 24-year-old Miao ethnic woman has attracted a large number of tourists to enjoy her unique tricks performed using fire torches in recent years. Xiong Fang hails from Tuanjie Village, southwest China's Sichuan Province. When she turned 18, she started to learn the skill from her father. According to the traditional convention in her family, women were not allowed to learn the technique, Xiong said. Due to her great pas ...
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