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Share TV Series 'Ode to Joy 2' to Hit Screen in May
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 11:00
TV Series 'Ode to Joy 2' to Hit Screen in May
A new still of the TV series Ode to Joy 2 is released. Ode to Joy series tells of a friendship among five young women who live on the same floor in an apartment building also called "Ode to Joy" in East China's Shanghai municipality. The five main characters have different backgrounds including their age, social status, personality and careers among other differences. Their relationships were initially rocky, in the earlier episodes, but eventually th ...
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Share Businesswoman Commits to Development of Cross-Strait Ties, Promotion of Traditio
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 10:59
Businesswoman Commits to Development of Cross-Strait Ties, Promotion of Traditio
Xiao Yongrui speaks with reporters during an interview at her office in Wuhan. Xiao Yongrui, a successful real estate developer from southeast China's Taiwan Province , has dedicated herself to the peaceful development of cross-strait ties and the promotion of traditional Chinese culture since she opened her business in the Chinese mainland under her father's requirement 25 years ago. During a recent joint interview with Xinhua New Agency a ...
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Share Ancient Townships: Popular Tourist Destinations in Zhejiang
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 10:57
Ancient Townships: Popular Tourist Destinations in Zhejiang
To welcome the arrival of the three-day Labor Day holiday , which fell on April 29-May 1 this year, and help tourists from home and abroad learn more about destinations in east China's Zhejiang Province , here is a collection of 15 picturesque ancient towns showing the natural beauty and abundant cultural heritage in the region. Canal • Tangqi Ancient Town Canal • Tangqi Ancient Town The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which is the earliest and longes ...
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Share Wa People, Tourists Celebrate 'Monihei' Carnival in SW China
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 10:46
Wa People, Tourists Celebrate 'Monihei' Carnival in SW China
People of Wa ethnic group and tourists take part in the "Monihei" Carnival in Cangyuan County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, April 30, 2017. As a tradition, Wa people throw and smear muddy water onto each other to express their wishes for health and happiness during the "Monihei" carnival. People of Wa ethnic group dance during the "Monihei" Carnival in Cangyuan County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, April 30, 2017. As a tradition, Wa people throw and s ...
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Share Bike-sharing Companies Are In a Big Trouble !
arabchinalover 2017-5-5 08:34
Technology is bringing us back to our traditional mean of transportation. Bike-sharing is becoming more and more popular nowadays and making our commutes greener. It seems to me that the time machine has been invented and allowed us to travel back in time to where bikes were the most widely used transportation mean. the price is also reasonable. Therefore, making it easier for people to afford. Yet, a lot of uncivilized acts have been carried out by some users or probably by those ...
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Share China Scam Blacklists Helps Save You Time, Money & Grief-Beware or Be Sorry!
ChinaScamPatrol 2017-5-4 22:52
Imagine walking barefoot through a cow pasture on a moonless night. You can smell the danger all around you but you can't see it until you suddenly step in it. At this point it is too late for you but you can at least warn the others following in your path. Thus you can now understand the purpose of this monthly blog. For the last 7 years we have been warning people ar our website and at City Weekend Magazine but its time to spread the message to every Province of China to save you all ...
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Share A poem
zzxxll 2017-5-4 13:56
Fog Carl Sandbury The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then, moves on.
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Share Show Your Best Value As A Teacher
Sealight1 2017-5-3 21:51
If you want to make a difference for this world, I think teaching in China is a good way, for that China is one of the world's centres. You will not only expand knowledge skill, but also develop your mind soul. Whats more, if you are a philosopher, traveler, explorer, geologist, that has strong interest to understand and explore each part of the world. Then, Come to China to taste its culture and scenery. And, Come to Changchun to touch this city's every corner. But which ...
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Share Managing People In Your WeChat Group Successfully
MichaelM 2017-5-3 08:02
A lot of people have asked me lately how I manage so many WeChat groups and get my message out to so many people. I'll share a few of the secrets I've found in getting your message out to a lot of people. Presently, I have more than 6,200 people subscribed to my public account and at least 10,000 more in various groups. Some of the groups are my groups. Others are English language learning groups where I've been invited to share my free English lessons. I also create short videos that are viewed ...
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Share things china does right
PAPAI 2017-5-2 21:05
1- build island in south china sea. this is essential for defense, especially since the west plans on blockading the south china sea. 2- currency. china has kept the rmb low, and pegged to the dollar, despite pressure from the west. japan on the other hand, caved in to western pressure, and went into a 20yr recesion. keeping the rmb low has helped china's exports. 3- steel production- china is one of the highest producers of steel in the world. the west does not want china to produce so ...
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