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Share Champion Skater Becomes Coach for 26 Children with Special Needs
Women_of_China 2017-6-8 09:52
Champion Skater Becomes Coach for 26 Children with Special Needs
During this year's 11th World Winter Special Olympics, three children coached by Zhang Jie become world champions. Zhang Jie, a retired speed skating world champion, has worked as an unpaid charity coach for two years to help some 26 children with congenital disorders improve their conditions through training. In 2015, Zhang and her husband opened a special school at her hometown, the city of Qitaihe in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. She established a short track speed ska ...
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Share Successful Idea Is Always Simple
dovexu 2017-6-7 22:08
No matter white cat or black cat, it is a good cat as long as he (or she) could catch mouses. This simple and realistic thought is now known as the "Cat Theory". It wasthe fundamental ideabased on which Deng Xiao Ping started the Chinese reform in later 1970s. The idea could be understood by everybody. As a result, Deng's reform had made a great success. In 1985, Mikhail ...
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Share 7 'Most' about Gaokao
Women_of_China 2017-6-7 13:52
7 'Most' about Gaokao
Since 1977 when China's National college entrance exam, or gaokao, resumed, it has become the most crucial test for parents and children. (Source: China Daily and Xinhua)
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Share Housing Anxiousness
dovexu 2017-6-7 10:43
Housing Anxiousness How expensive are Beijing's apartments? Feel heart-broken when you look at them. One's yearly hard working salary could not buy a bed place! May we ask the local land lord whom the apartments are constructed for? 房愁 京城房价贵,望楼客心碎。 一年苦薪水,难买一床位。 试问土地公,盖房竟为谁?   ...
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Share The Real Reason Behind Cutting Ties With Qatar!
arabchinalover 2017-6-7 07:50
The Gulf Cooperation Council was established in 1981. Saudi Arabia and Qatar both members of this council and they seemingly share many geopolitical interests. Saudi Arabia is the biggest player in the region because of its religious influence and strong economy. It shows clearly how Saudi Arabia is capable of forming coalitions and force countries to take sides. Many Arab countries followed Saudi Arabia and broke the ties with Qatar even though they are not a member of the council ...
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Share Su Lin: A Concept Artist for the Gaming Scene
Women_of_China 2017-6-6 10:44
Su Lin: A Concept Artist for the Gaming Scene
Su holds a limited-edition Iron Man doll. Being a little bit rock-and-roll, as tall as 176 cm, and a graduate from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), Su Lin left these three deep impressions initially. In fact, she is neither a model nor a fashion designer, but a concept designer for the gaming scene which sounds somewhat strange. Concept Design Concept design is an industry full of creativity and passion, which focuses on giving expression ...
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Share Minority Woman Trades Academia for Life as Rural Porcupine Farmer
Women_of_China 2017-6-5 13:19
Minority Woman Trades Academia for Life as Rural Porcupine Farmer
He Yongqun wears the traditional clothes of the Naxi ethnic group. A postgraduate student from southwest China's Yunan Province made the unusual career choice of moving back to her hometown to start a business raising porcupines years ago. Now, after years of effort, He Yongqun has grown her venture into a prosperous enterprise whilst helping numerous impoverished villagers in the local region boost their incomes. He, who comes from the Naxi ethnic group , ...
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Share The Outdoors Can Protect Kids from Myopia
Women_of_China 2017-6-4 13:00
The Outdoors Can Protect Kids from Myopia
Shortsightedness or myopia, a condition where distant objects appear blurry while close objects appear normal, is a visual defect that is becoming increasingly serious among Chinese children. The estimated myopia rate in China is 31 percent. However, among children and teenagers it is much higher. Since myopia can have health-damaging consequences if left uncorrected, it must be dealt with more effectively by parents as well as health authorities. Myopia, however, is not a China-specif ...
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Share Oxysen Search (A Chinese Poem)
dovexu 2017-6-4 08:15
寻氧 &nb ...
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Share Naxi Ethnic Costume: Exquisite Art in SW China
Women_of_China 2017-6-2 17:33
Naxi Ethnic Costume: Exquisite Art in SW China
A young woman in Naxi costume. According to people from the Naxi ethnicity in southwest China's Yunnan Province, the colorful clothes and accessories they wear represent the high point of their minority's traditional culture. Due to the Naxi's reliance on animal farming and grazing, especially among those in the local city of Lijiang, their costumes and adornments are usually made from the leather of cattle or sheep. Meanwhile, the costumes tr ...
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