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Share Public education in the USA
Swifty55 2017-8-8 06:02
I went to public school in the USA when the USA was number one in the world in the 50's and 60's. Then I went to the University to actually become a school teacher. I started teaching in the early 70's and continued until I finally had enough and retired at age 60. I taught middle school,high school and at the university level for a total of 37 years. Watched when they did away with high school final exams,(So minorities could pass),watched them when they started "social promotion" for grades K- ...
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Share Remembering China's First Batch of Female Pilots
Women_of_China 2017-8-7 12:20
Remembering China's First Batch of Female Pilots
Six female pilots discuss flying skills. China first began admitting female pilots into its air force in the 1950s, recalls Ding Wei, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). These outstanding pilots flew planes all over the country, completing major tasks including air transportation, air-drops, rescue and relief work, artificial rainfall, aerial surveying and scientific research flight tests. ...
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Share Top Uni Lowers Admission Score to Recruit Famous Aerobics Champion
Women_of_China 2017-8-7 12:14
Top Uni Lowers Admission Score to Recruit Famous Aerobics Champion
Zhou Mengjia Zhou Mengjia, an 18-year-old aerobics athlete, who enrolled at Peking University in July by virtue of her sports achievements, has become a hit on the Internet in China. The college lowered its admission score for her by 219 points to allow her to join. Meanwhile, Zhou has practiced aerobics for four hours every day since she was seven. In 2012, she attended the 2nd Sports Meeting of east China's Zhejiang Province on behalf of her h ...
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Share Everybody desires their own special day to become
lillyli 2017-8-7 11:30
Everybody desires their own special day to become distinctive, however should you love some the big event, wait around two months and get with regard to ideas to produce some thing comparable, although not a similar. Uncover sixteen don'ts with regard to guestsand every thing participants ought to know prior to the wedding ceremony. Starting picture through Maya Myers Pictures; Preparing DesignbySterling Events Although some present wedding dresses for evening developments stress colo ...
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Share From a Single Tree to a Forest -- Saihanba's Story
Women_of_China 2017-8-6 12:53
Tourists visit Saihanba national forest park in Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County in Chengde, north China's Hebei Province, July 11, 2017. Saihanba is a combination of Chinese and Mongolian meaning "beautiful highlands". About 400 kilometers north of Beijing lies a large swathe of trees that is critically important to water and air quality in the capital. It is an environmental shield which reduces sandstorms. The Saihanba forest purifies 137 mi ...
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Share China's Online Population Reaches 751 Mil
Women_of_China 2017-8-5 09:51
China's Online Population Reaches 751 Mil
China's online population reached 751 million in June, up 2.7 percent compared with the end of 2016, according to a report on China's Internet published Friday. A total of 724 million Chinese now use mobile phones to go online, accounting for 96.3 percent of the online population, according to the 40th China Statistical Report on Internet Development. Mobile food delivery services saw the biggest rise in users, reaching 274 million, a 41.4 percent increase from six months ago, ...
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Share It is a great day!
SEARU 2017-8-4 22:15
In my home-village, it is difficult for me to do some blog business here on the CD with my cellphone, since the Internet wireless single is very poor! Now, I have installed the formal Internet line into my house. It was enjoyable to watch the news program at 19 o'clock on the LED screen! I post this writing for celebration! Of course, I will become active in the forum from now on!~
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Share At this time anytime lots of individuals happen
lillyli 2017-8-4 14:04
At this time anytime lots of individuals happen to be negative related to spousal relationship, highlighting a pair having stood any experiment of the time adds up to a good offer and your gathering. Honour any 50-plus year or so spousal relationship to your grandma and grandpa by giving him or her their own personal exceptional point in time over the move carpet. Meant for even more recommendations, have learned to comprise friends and family snap shots in your own big event ve had; corand ...
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Share Creative Mom Makes Unique Drawings for Son to Understand Ancient Poems
Women_of_China 2017-8-4 10:33
Creative Mom Makes Unique Drawings for Son to Understand Ancient Poems
Two pages of ancient poems with Zhu Qidan's illustrations An imaginative mom from Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province, has made more than 100 drawings for her young son to help him understand ancient poems . Zhu Qidan is an office clerk. As her work is not quite busy, she said she devoted all of her spare time in the past two years researching children's books, hoping to inspire her boy's love for reading. A year ago, she taught her son an ancient ...
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Share 'I Can Protect Mom While Dad Defends World Peace in Liberia'
Women_of_China 2017-8-4 10:30
'I Can Protect Mom While Dad Defends World Peace in Liberia'
My name is Cao Shuwei and my nickname is Duoduo. When my mom told me that I was the only man at home while dad performed peacekeeping tasks in a foreign country, I was very happy because I would take on the responsibility to take care of my mom and my newborn little sister Weiwei, even though I was only five years old. Now, I am glad to tell you something about my great father Cao Xuefeng, a member of the fifth group of Chinese peacekeeping police in Liberia. Sin ...
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