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Share Can Your Child Go To Harvard? Part 1
MichaelM 2017-6-12 18:33
Victoria (her English name) was just 14 years old. When I met her, she looked older. She certainly acted more mature. She came to the Binhe Park English corner where I taught free lessons every Sunday morning for 3 hours. She always stood in front. She took in everything I said. She took notes on every word that proceeded from my mouth. One day, her mother showed up. I'd seen Victoria there for almost 2 years. I'd never met mom or dad. They asked if they could talk to me. Of course, Victoria' ...
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Share Experts Appeal for Fairer University Admissions for Rural Students
Women_of_China 2017-6-12 13:54
Experts Appeal for Fairer University Admissions for Rural Students
Gov't should delegate recruitment power to universities: experts Despite being touted as a second chance for more disadvantaged rural students to get into top Chinese universities, education experts have criticized independent college recruitment tests for still favoring already privileged urban students. Ninety colleges across China on Sunday conducted independent recruitment tests just after last week's rigorous national college entrance examinations, or gaokao was held, which many still f ...
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Share Great News For Foreign Teachers
MichaelM 2017-6-12 09:59
Perhaps I should say, 'Great news for foreign teachers who can tolerate the pain of getting their visa.' The visa requirements in China for foreigners is becoming intolerable for many. I hear from young teachers or, teachers who have been in China a short time, the nightmare they are facing getting their visas renewed. The new policies don't make much (or any) sense to us, but, you have to follow them if you're going to stay here in China. Last year almost finished me off as a teacher in ...
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Share How to be a sociable person?
renhong 2017-6-12 00:56
Ren Hong How to be a sociable person? That’s a popular question. People skills is an important aspect for others to judge your ability. Actually, only a few peopleare born in an eloquent speaker in front of a lot of audience. There are four tips for people to become a sociable person. First of all, know your strengths and weaknesses. Set your communication style and goals to practice it. Don’t be shy and stay clam to talk with different people. Secondly, Be yourself at any time! Don ...
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Share Boy Helps Mom Nap on Subway, Touching Netizens
Women_of_China 2017-6-11 11:10
Boy Helps Mom Nap on Subway, Touching Netizens
A boy stands beside a handrail as his mother takes a nap with her head supported by his hand. Images of a boy who used his hand to support the head of his sleeping mother on a subway train has gone viral on social media, Chongqing Morning News reported. On Subway Line 2 in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province, a boy was pictured standing beside a handrail as his mother took a nap with her head supported by his hand. The boy was also carrying her bag. An eyewitness sai ...
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Share Create an effective advertising campaign
renhong 2017-6-11 10:29
Ren Hong How to create an effective advertising campaign? It’s a critical factor to promote the products. Basically, there are four element for the advertising agency to think about the most effective advertising campaign. First, it’s essential to concern about the target demographic. After we identify it, we can choose an appropriate position to hit them with the influential media. Therefore, identifying customers is the key elements of creating an advertising campaign. Second, positioni ...
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Share China Can Avoid Financial Crisis
dovexu 2017-6-10 10:14
A few days ago, Moody's Investors Service downgraded China's sovereign debt and speculated that China might break up financial crisis caused by bursting housing bubble. Some well-known international economists also predicted the crisis. Will the crisis really take place? My answer is no. In terms of Chinese government debt level, the financial crisis should have happened at the end of 2015 according to the western economic theory. But i ...
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Share The summer Chinese classes of MEI ZHI MANDARIN will open soon! You can sign up n
meizhishanghai 2017-6-9 21:09
The summer Chinese classes of MEI ZHI MANDARIN will open soon! You can sign up n
The first period is from July 10 th - July 28 th, and each day from 09: 00-12: 30 . Each day it will take your 4 hours to have the lessons, so you will spend 15 days on the courses. The second period is from July 31 th - August 18 th , the tuition and time are the same as what of t he first period .
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Share Free Reading and Learning Rooms for You
meizhishanghai 2017-6-9 20:56
Free Reading and Learning Rooms for You
Are you interested in language(Chinese) learning? Do you don’t know how to spend your spare time? Why don’t you come to MEI ZHI MANDARIN? We provide you with free reading and learning rooms throughout the day, we have rich variety and different languages books here. Especially, we have many Chinese books. In addition to this, there are teachers to explain and resolve problems for you at any time. Welcome you! From Monday to Friday, we open the library from 9:00 am. to 21:00 pm., and on ...
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Share Why Chinese Scholars Are Less Original?
dovexu 2017-6-9 16:02
Comparing with American scholars, Chinese scholars are less original. It has been a hot dicussing topic for a long time in Chinese society . The following poem shows my point of view: Scholars & ...
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