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Share Smartphone-our everyday buddy
hoper_chou 2019-4-2 08:40
Smartphone-our everyday buddy
when we talk about Smartphone, what exactly comes to us? The answer maybe that there is more that we could list in an instant –listening to music, watching video, do some readings, some chats……So how can we imagine the lives of us without it. In my view, I wish it could have become popular when I was a college student. You see, consulting reference is hard work when you search answer in the Internet where there are f ...
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Share A strange explaining about economy
SEARU 2019-3-31 18:45
That English dictionary told me 'economy’ means "How the government collect money from the public and then spend those coins on social affairs or projects.” But our Chinese version of the same term (经济) goes much complicated than the former! Here I would like tell you my personal understanding to the concept as the following: 经 originally refers to the vertical threads of cloth that mother used wooden machine to weave. This character should represent ‘clothing’ for peop ...
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Share Misdeed may lead
财神 2019-3-25 10:54
I've been pondering over my name and fame that why I am not being such a popular personality since 15 years I've been soaring my voice around the surround. I have written a lot of news stories about social and unsocial issues and raised my voice throughout radio media. 15 years is not a few day to be counted. I suppose some people may know me but that might be just for a while. I have seen some journalists who have been joining the battlefield at the same time, they have been notice ...
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Share Do you want to read a good book about World War II?
mauriciomunhoz 2019-3-25 08:49
Do you want to read a good book about World War II?
I wrote a book, published in English, which tells the story of an ultra-secret Nazi intelligence service that was known only to Hitler himself and some officers, as the main character of the book, Andreas Spinger. Through this structure, Hitler invests his own ministers, including Himler. Also through this structure, Hitler prepared a scheme for an eventual defeat of the Nazis in the war, with the formation of a large financial reserve, for the escape route to Argentina. The book recoun ...
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Share Failures in America society,government
Swifty55 2019-3-21 09:26
Today in the USA Rap and Hip Hop and violent gangs have taken over the youth of the USA. Rappers mostly come from the inner city, they promote the use of drugs non legal ones, use of rape,murder,disrecpect of parents,teachers,police etc. Promote use of racial terms, hate, covering body with tat's. They think this type of so called music is great, so called stars of Rap are doing great harm to society in the USA. They use gang signs in their acts and their dress style is sick. Kids think al ...
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Share Have moderate expectation about your future spouse
SEARU 2019-3-20 16:52
If you want to do some sewing, it is Ok when you have got a sharp needle for the job. And that is impossible and unnecessary if you try hard to find the sharpest needle in the world for your task! This principle is full of philosophy and also fit for you to look for your spouse for life! I wish more young people take my advice. The world will become paradise for all of us!
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Share Half-鲁 banquet
SEARU 2019-3-18 14:43
I really feel delighted to see that every day about two-thousand friends can read my this post! I imagine that more and more people will join us to sit on the ground-mat for warm sun-bath specially in Spring! This reminds me one Chinese ancient folk story that goes like as the following: Tom invited his closed friend Smith to banquet of half-鲁 on which only one dish of fish(鱼)was served! In fact Tom had been intended to make a fool of the guest! As gift for returning, one month later Smit ...
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Share Consumer Rights Day (3.15) Program Exposed Shocking Malpractices!
pnp 2019-3-17 13:27
Millions, if not billions, of Chinese were glued to their TV sets on 15 March to watch the consumer rights program on CCTV.And what a revelation; malpractices in business which normally consumers would not be exposed to!For instance,recycling hospital used and discarded plastic surgical syringes bottles, tubes, etc;dirty recycled materials used to manufacture adult and chidren diapers in abhorrent conditions;businesses providing fake p ...
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Share Western 'democratic' hypocrisy
12dream 2019-3-13 15:57
Indeed, it is an interesting time to read, listen and see what is meant by the meanings of western propagated ' National Security Threats ' .Western 5-Eyesand Japan embarked on such drummed upthreat by firstly hitting ZTE China Telecommunications with hefty finesin the USA and then followed by banning businesses of Huawei China ( not just telecommunications hardware but included its solar equipment as a supplier ) . Another western criti ...
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