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Share Train Attendants Give Passengers Special Performance
Women_of_China 2018-2-11 11:45
Train attendants perform on the train K8500 from Ningbo, Zhejiang province to Fuyang, Anhui province, on Feb. 7, 2018. As the traditional Spring Festival falls on February 16 this year, many migrant workers are heading home. Fuyang, a city with lots of migrant workers in other cities, arranged special trains to offer workers free homeward trips again. The city started arranging special trains for free trips last year. Train K8500, which set off from Ningbo on Wedne ...
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Share My reply to friend‘s comment
SEARU 2018-2-10 14:25
After senior middle school I entered the Qvfu Teacher College one year later which was promoted as ‘university’! It iwas said the former had been controled by the Provincial Education Department and the later would be directly led by the State-level one! One university may own many colleges as child-company! Needless to say our trade education has developed rapidly as the government has invested more on the cause! In 1989, the headmaster asked me to buy one sec ...
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Share My memory on university education
SEARU 2018-2-9 22:56
That was a special class on mechatronics within the physics department of the Qv-fu Teacher University where is Confucius' hometown. During the period we were taught on theory with some physics tests and some professional practice, such as how to make a radio-set, camera-using and film-washing for perfect photo. That was wonder that our headteacher lead us to visit some famous university-labs and factories! But to tell the truth, most of the college time was not ideal as I had expecte ...
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Share Many Chinese Have Become Rich Before They Have Become Civilized!
pnp 2018-2-8 12:51
The Reform and Opening Up Policy has opened the door to many Chinese to get rich quick, and some became extremely rich!But their newfound wealth has not made them behave any better than their poorer compatriots! The rich, with access to modern gadgets, tools and machines, but without the civliized mentality,is a public nuisance and a danger to society. Whereas previously they rode around on bicycles, today, they zoom around in fast cars, beating r ...
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Share ACWF's Major Work in 2018
Women_of_China 2018-2-7 16:39
The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) held its 7th plenary session of the 11th Executive Committee from January 15-16 in Beijing. At the conference, members deliberated and approved a work report titled Sticking to the Guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Uniting and Mobilizing Chinese Women to Dedicate Themselves to the Building of the New Era, and Striving to Achieve Goals Set at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of Chin ...
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Share On the interpretation of love
renhong 2018-2-7 16:21
When we talk about the danger of romantic love, we don't want to express the obvious heartbreak, such as ashamed betrayals, the broken promises, we want to point out the potential risks under the dogmatic idea, romantic love is the final goal for the modern women,which will be trusted as the truth by sensible, educated women. For this group of women, they are good at observing the real case around their friends and colleagues. Their empirical side plays the major role when theyf ...
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Share Become a truly educated student
renhong 2018-2-7 15:29
When high school students entered university, they will be required to learn the specific knowledge within four years. That's a quite challenging task because most of them have to take lots of efforts to completely finish all compulsory courses. However,the oppositeopinion is that the universities should require students to take optional courses outside their field of study, they hold that the best way to become a truly educated student is to acquire knowledge in different academic ...
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Share Hackers gear up to target Winter Olympics
Grace222 2018-2-7 14:23
Hackers gear up to target Winter Olympics
By Ian Barker With the 24th Winter Olympics due to start in Pyeongchang, South Korea in a few weeks, athletes are not the only ones preparing for the event. A report from security analytics platform Cybereasonshows that hackers and cyber criminals are gearing up too, the scale and cost of the event making it a prime target. The greatest cyber risks are likely to come from the third-party ecosystem and the access to networks that TV stations, journalists and sub-contractors requi ...
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Share Boxer indemnity scholarship
renhong 2018-2-7 14:18
In 1900, Chinese Boxer Troupebecame the most serious conflict in parts of northern areas, the Qing Empirehad to combatwith the foreign aggressions, unfortunately, the allied forces of eight foreign nations defeated Qing Empire and occupied the Forbidden City. In 1901, the year of Xin Chou,the final Protocol, the settlement of the unrest of 1900 wasreachedby China and 11 countries,that is"Treaty of Xin Chou." Based onthe treaty, Th ...
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Share Cultural Difference of Confinement between China and Germany
Women_of_China 2018-2-7 13:01
Cultural Difference of Confinement between China and Germany
Professional babysitters look after babies in a postpartumconfinement center in Shanghai. A German-Chinese writer, Zhang Danhong, also a well-known media professional, recently wrote an article on her experience of postpartum confinement. In China, yuezi (confinement) is a term used to refer to the period following childbirth, during which time many women are expected to stay in bed without showering, whilst others look after them, typically f ...
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