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Share Online Emojis Champion Gender Equality in Internet Era
Women_of_China 2017-4-18 09:26
Online Emojis Champion Gender Equality in Internet Era
A row of contrasting emoticons showing different jobs in both genders Emoji designers these days are challenging career stereotypes and redefining the concept of gender equality by allowing users to fully express their thoughts online, according to a recent report. Some 76.8 percent of respondents said they regularly use such emojis, dubbed the language of the internet, in their posts and messages on social media. An increasing number of emojis now feature ...
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Share I'm a freelancer right now, and I feel great!
hedgehog_run 2017-4-17 15:49
It's April now. I'm sitting at a table in a cafe called "85 degree". The willow catkins are fluttering in the air, to my screen through an window opened by someone. Severalboys and girlsfrom colleages in this neighhood are reading, chatting around. I quit my last job three and a half months ago, for a lot of reasons, one of which is themost importancethatI just can not let myself waste one more minute ofmy lifein chaos of personnel disputes. I ...
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Share What is Fluorescent Ink?
xiaoyupang 2017-4-17 14:28
What is Fluorescent Ink? Fluorescent ink is a special ink, mainly made of fluorescent pigments, this pigment can absorb light energy, and in the form of visible light to its absorption can be released.Fluorescent ink is mainly used in printing window furnishings, billboards, star posters, album leaflets, notepad, signal flags, magazine covers, invitations, notes, notes, advanced alcohol and tobacco packaging, cosmetics, standard cloth and so on. Fluorescent ink features: security, hidden, spe ...
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Share Do We Need a Third World War to Maintain World peace?
arabchinalover 2017-4-17 13:54
A friend here commented on my previous blog“china and America should walk hand-in-hand into peace” HailChina! 2017-4-13 11:58 WW2 could not be solved by diplomacy. I think that the world needed to have WW2 for a new world order to be established which made a long period of peace and stability possible. This period of peace and stability has now come to an end so the world needs a new final war to make the establishment of a new ...
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Share Youth Blaze Trail All the Way to China
Women_of_China 2017-4-17 13:52
Youth Blaze Trail All the Way to China
Harriet Kariuki "Coming to Yenching Academy was one of the best decisions I have made," says 22-year-old Harriet Kariuki, from Kenya . Last September, Kariuki joined the ranks of other outstanding young men and women from 42 countries and regions when she officially became a member of Yenching Academy (YCA), an elite international program at China's most prestigious university, Peking University . As a young adult living in a small village in Kenya, Kariuk ...
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Share The Dark Side of Hollywood
arabchinalover 2017-4-17 09:23
The Dark Side of Hollywood
Most of Hollywood movies are either about nuclear weapons, picturing Russia as a force for bad in the world and a threat for human kind, or about terrorism. Some movies don’t have any meaningful message, others with hidden political agendas. Yesterday, I watched the movie fast and furious 8. It is a violent movie without any reasonable message. The total cost of the damage in the movie could feed millions of the people that are dying out of hunger every day in the dessert of Afric ...
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Share Village Teacher Strives to Preserve Precious Indigenous Culture
Women_of_China 2017-4-16 14:18
Village Teacher Strives to Preserve Precious Indigenous Culture
Teachers exchange views on Yao language teaching materials. A studious teacher from China's Yao ethnic minority has been editing local language materials in order to protect the group's rich indigenous culture for the past 27 years. Pan Qiongyu, the first female Yao graduate to have come from a Yao ethnic group town in Guiyang County, central China's Hunan Province , returned to her hometown in 1990 after resigning from her post as a senio ...
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Share how the west spreads its prapaganda
QIBENYU 2017-4-16 09:27
how the west spreads its prapaganda
they highlight comments on youtube to give it a louder voice. this screenshot is taken from youtube comments section where pro capitalist, and anti comunist prapaganda is given the spotlight through a feature known as "highlighting" where comments made by paid comentators are highlighted, giving it exclusive visibility, and influence. this highlight feature can be utilized when making political comments to brainwash its audience, and does not appear to be utilized in non political discussions. t ...
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Share Championship Aims to Lift Square Dancing Reputation
Women_of_China 2017-4-15 08:41
A group of 500 female enthusiasts dance to pop music as a show during the launching ceremony for the 2017 Mighty Square Dancing Championship on Wednesday in Beijing. A national square dancing championship aims to help the exercise craze among senior citizens shake off its poor reputation by organizing competitions in more than 500 cities over six months. About 2,500 teams from 25 provinces have signed up to compete in the local preliminaries of the 2017 Mighty Squa ...
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Share Trade with US to rise as strain eases
cicgf2 2017-4-14 13:02
Trump statement that Beijing does not manipulate its currency boosts ties China is willing to push forward the development of more balanced economic and trade ties with the United States, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday in response to US President Donald Trump's decision to not label China as a currency manipulator. "We have no intention to stimulate exports by devaluing the currency, and there is no basis for a continuous devaluation of the renminbi," ministry spokesman Lu Kang said ...
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