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Share Elderly Lady Becomes Ambassador for Pole Dancing
Women_of_China 2017-8-14 13:44
Elderly Lady Becomes Ambassador for Pole Dancing
Jiang Zhijun (R) studies pole dancing with her daughter (L). Jiang Zhijun, 67, a pole dancer from northeast China's Jilin Province, has become an ambassador for pole dancing, trying to lead more elderly people to participate in the sport. According to Jiang, she did not engage in any jobs related to sports or dance before. She did not start to dance until the age of 63 at her daughter's newly-opened dance training class. Her daughter not on ...
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Share Talented Chinese Girl Enters Top Music School in NY
Women_of_China 2017-8-14 13:42
Talented Chinese Girl Enters Top Music School in NY
Zhao Zitong A talented seven-year-old girl has recently been admitted by Manhattan School of Music, one of the world's top music academies, becoming its youngest student. Zhao Zitong will leave for the U.S. to begin her preparatory course at the end of this month and will study both piano and violin. The young girl has already won many awards in Chinese and foreign competitions. In addition to showing a keen interest in music, she is obsessed with ...
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Share English Teacher Need To Show Your Value
Sealight1 2017-8-12 13:46
Since English is a worldwide language, so there are so many children who want to learn English in all countries. And as an English Teacher, it will be a regret that haven't taught foreign students in foreign countries. How imperfect it is if you can't teach English in China. Its not only for your teaching skill, teaching philosophy, teaching theory, but also for your life, your teaching life. ---Jilin Younovo Education
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Share North Korea's Nuclear Program
mrbobwang 2017-8-11 18:40
North Korea has every right to defend itself from The International Bully, that is The United States of America. However, North Korea should abide by the United Nations' instructions and stop its nuclear program, instead North Korea could invest its energy in conventional weapons. China, its big brother will come to the rescue when war breaks out as China did in the first Korean War. North Korea is a strategic military buffer zone for China and China will never let North Korea fall into the han ...
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Share Report: China's 'Gen-Z' Seek Like-for-Like Values When Choosing Partners
Women_of_China 2017-8-11 16:11
Report: China's 'Gen-Z' Seek Like-for-Like Values When Choosing Partners
The chart indicates that when finding a spouse, China's 'Generation-Z' prefer to choose people with the same views on life, a good personality and a great appearance. Most young adults in China want to find partners who share the same values and views on life as them, according to the latest survey on the country's so-called "Generation Z" (people born in and after 1995). The term refers to those around 22 or younger, who grew up against the background ...
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Share Chinese-US Fashion Designer Wins Acclaim at NY Festival
Women_of_China 2017-8-11 16:07
Chinese-US Fashion Designer Wins Acclaim at NY Festival
Gemma Hoi A young, up-and-coming Chinese-American fashion designer recently won praise at New York Fashion and Lifestyle Festival (NYFLF) for her attention-grabbing collection, Metamorphosis . Gemma Hoi's works were later featured in the influential fashion magazine Women's Wear Daily , and were displayed in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, one of the biggest luxury shopping malls in the world. Gemma was born in Macao, south China. She sai ...
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Share Even so, black color most likely are not people's matter
lillyli 2017-8-11 14:15
Even so, black color most likely are not people's matter, although recall, if it's nights, they have for being black. That's why, stay away from using light-colored meets. Wear it having proper shoes―nicely polished―and you need to, you need to, you need to possibly be fresh shaven with the gathering, if you undoubtedly are a lookalike connected with Johnny Depp, and check great that has a goatee! Ultimately, many tresses solution could finish your thing. Tend not to allow it to ...
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Share Tattoo's
Swifty55 2017-8-11 02:34
A warning to young Chinese. Tattoo's are the coollest thing with young people in the USA. Kids in America see sports stars,actors in movies all with cool looking tattoo's and think Wow I want one. The problem is if you want a good paying job and you have tat's that people can see when you wear clothes to work, you will find that CEO's want people who look professional when they work for them and tat's look cheap. You can get all the Tat's you want but if your work clothes can not cover them up H ...
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Share Mr Dentist
Swifty55 2017-8-10 20:01
If your city in China has a " Mr.Dentist" I would not use them if I were you. I spent 3,000 RMB to get 4 new teeth, they made a mold ,took measurments etc. When I went to get them, they completely messed up. Did noy fit proper, hurt to use , even breathe. I gagged as soon as they put them in. When I explained that they needed to redo them or return my money. The boss said take them as they are for we do not fix problems even if our fault. After I complained again they said the only thing we will ...
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Share An Extraordinary Woman
dovexu 2017-8-10 16:12
Qingzhao Li was called a leading poet of her generation in Song dynasty. Having carefully read her poems once again ,my mind was so touching that I wrote t he following poem . An Extraordinary Woman In the poems by Qingzhao Li, a famous poet in Song dynasty, every word is vivid and every sentence is signifi ...
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