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Share Adrenaline rushing, heart pounding
renhong 2017-6-18 11:09
By Ren Hong I am so excited about extreme sports. I always imagine that I can fly in the sky and jump from a mountain like a kite. In the modern times, people are more likely to challenge themselves by doing extreme sports. It’s a test for your courage, confidence and wisdom. There are different kinds of extreme sports for people to choose and play. In general, they don’t need to practice for a kind of extreme sports. Once they decided to join in the activity, theinstructor will teach ...
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Share Please Don't be a Part of Yulin Festival 2017
7181tina 2017-6-18 02:49
P.S please share this To, The people, Who take part in Yulin festival or tolerate it. Only Chinese Citizens can take the best stand in stopping the Yulin Festival. Please speak for those thousands and thousands of dogs - all you have to do is deny to be a part of the festival and take a strong stand against it. Dogs are our best friends. Torturing them till death just so that the adrenaline will make the meat softer is inhumane and monstrous. I can't even imagine my friend on the pla ...
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Share How to give a presentation?
renhong 2017-6-17 10:23
By Ren Hong To give a brilliant presentation, many people come up with constructive suggestions. There are some key features for all of us to deliver a good presentation. First of all, one point to consider is that use template, which can be used for work report, graduation, wedding, birthday, farewell and recruitment. Choose a model you like and match the theme of your speech. Next, be familiar with the environment and location where you should give a presentation. M ...
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Share 2017 Newest Fidget Spinner Hand Toy in America/China/Germany/England-App Control
MEIMEI564 2017-6-16 16:12
2017 Newest Fidget Spinner Hand Toy in America/China/Germany/England-App Control
I now have a new, cool and really fun led hand spinner that can dispaly your customization words or images when spinning. I believe you will like it. Below is the picture.
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Share Female Footballer Wows Audiences with Impressive Kicks
Women_of_China 2017-6-16 11:28
Female Footballer Wows Audiences with Impressive Kicks
Wang Shuang (R) and a Finland footballer A 22-year-old female Chinese footballer recently won much praise online for her impressive skills with some saying she is the "nation's most talented person in the sport." On June 11, during a friendly match in which China beat Finland 4-2, Wang Shuang wowed audiences with two no-look passes. A "no-look" or "blind" pass is a sports term referring to the case when a player looks in one direction but passes the ball to his o ...
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Share newborn
MurphyG 2017-6-16 11:06
Hi,I'm new to come here to get more knowledge. And make life more beautiful.
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Share An announcement of corporate restructuring
renhong 2017-6-16 09:03
By Ren Hong I’m aware of the bankrupt news that have been going around the office in the recent weeks. I wanted to say something sooner but, my hands were tied and It wasn’t really possible to make any announcements. However, corporate restructuring have been finalized, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. That’s the time for all employees to think about the solutions and the problems. First off, I think everyone will be happy to hear that, despite what you might ...
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Share Be more energetic under subhealthy environment
renhong 2017-6-16 01:21
By Ren Hong Nowadays, the modern people always feel uncomfortable and stressful under subhealthy environment. There are several reasons can be used to explain this problem. But the main reason is imbalanced work and life. One point to consider is that most of the employees are lack of morale in the workplace, they can not focus on the job, because they didn’t solve the problems around their family members. For instance, they need crèche facilities for caring their kids and game center to re ...
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Share Prohibiting heresy, againsting terrorits
renhong 2017-6-16 00:06
Ren Hong Heresyis a kind ofillegal religious cults group that don't get permission to advocate cult doctrines to the public. There are thousands of religions in the world, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are the three major religions. Normally, the religions promote positive principles, love, mercy, peace, humble and other good spirit as the common goal for believers to learn and enrich their life. However, heresyis related to the rebellious doctrine and extreme be ...
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Share On Love, Marriage And Children
arabchinalover 2017-6-15 18:17
On Love, Marriage And Children
Gibral Khalil Gibral On love When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he asce ...
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