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Share Best Leaders
twa 2017-9-8 21:39
Best Leaders
10. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa) The one thing you will find in common with this entire list is that they don't bow down to bullying from inperialists. The west was hoping to use Mbeki to destabilize Zimbabwe, but Mbeki resisted, thereby allowing independence, and dem0cracy to flourish. 9. Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe) Mugabe has allowed Zimbabwe to be one of the most independent and free countries on the African continent, while most others are in chaos while under ...
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Share BRICS Host Gulangyu Islet Receives World Heritage Site Certificate
Women_of_China 2017-9-8 15:58
BRICS Host Gulangyu Islet Receives World Heritage Site Certificate
View of the Gulangyu Islet from the dock. The director general of UNESCO has issued a world heritage certificate for BRICS host Gulangyu Islet in Xiamen, China. Gulangyu Islet is China's fifty-second World Heritage site, and China has the largest number of World Heritage sites. A series of pictures of the site BRICs world heritage exhibition is also being exhibited on this island. A World Heritage Site is a landmark or area which has been ...
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Share Survey: Over 60% Say Housewives Make 'Great Contributions' to Society
Women_of_China 2017-9-8 15:57
Over 60 percent of those that are married believe full-time housewives make a great contribution to society, according to a latest Chinese survey. The survey, conducted by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily and online survey platform, polled about 2,000 married people. Among them, 29.7 percent said they or their partners were full-time housewives. Despite the positive outlook, the authors say, the country still needs to enact preferential policies to support such ...
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Share This May of Beijing
dovexu 2017-9-7 15:24
This May of Beijing On this May 4 of youth holiday, a sand storm came to Beijing. The air smelled dust and the people felt uneasy. China roses shrunk to protect themselves from being destroyed. Rosebushes shook their heads on the heavy pollution. The storm lasted a few days and ...
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Share Can Computers Enhance the Work of Teachers?
Women_of_China 2017-9-7 12:37
Can Computers Enhance the Work of Teachers?
Using computers to do homework and study has become a routine for students in cities all over the world. In middle school, Junior Alvarado often struggled with multiplication and earned poor grades in math, so when he started his freshman year at Washington Leadership Academy, a charter high school in the US capital, he fretted that he would lag behind. But his teachers used technology to identify his weak spots, customize a learning plan just for him and coach him thr ...
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Share Woman Takes Good Care of Paralyzed Centenarian Mother-in-Law
Women_of_China 2017-9-7 12:16
Woman Takes Good Care of Paralyzed Centenarian Mother-in-Law
Yu Genhua and her mother-in-lawHuang Fengjiao A 74-year-old woman from a rural village near Shanggao County in east China's Jiangxi Province has won lots of praise from local people for her dedication to caring for her paralyzed centenarian mother-in-lawaloneforthe last few years. When she was 18, Yu Genhua married her husband Luo Jianzhong. In the following years, some unexpected changestook place in her family. In 1983, her ...
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Share Family Letters: To Parents in Youth
Women_of_China 2017-9-6 11:19
Family Letters: To Parents in Youth
Cover of the book 'Family Letters: To Parents in Youth' Family Letters: To Parents in Youth is a new book by famous Chinese writer Qiu Shanshan. The book was created on the basis of more than 500 personal letters written by her family members. The awarding-winning writer recently shared her writingexperience with readers in Shanghai. Qiu said her father passed away in August 2013. Two years later, she and her family members found an old c ...
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Share Massages Help Relieve Chronic Neck, Shoulder Pain
Women_of_China 2017-9-6 11:18
Massages Help Relieve Chronic Neck, Shoulder Pain
Do you realize many people suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain? The cause of such pain might, very likely, be cervical spondylosis, a disorder in which there is wearing of the cartilage (discs) and bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae). Medical studies have proved that massage therapy is a simple, effective way to treat the disease. Jiang Miao recommends some simple massage techniques to help you relieve pain in the neck and/or shoulders. All you need to do is press, rub and ...
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Share UK Journalist's Alternative Interpretation of BRICS Acronym
Women_of_China 2017-9-6 09:29
UK Journalist's Alternative Interpretation of BRICS Acronym
Bentley's interpretation of the letter 'B' China-based UK journalist Helen Bentley recently made a video to present her alternative interpretation of the first 10 years of the BRICS economic group, ahead of a major summit. The summit takes place in Xiamen City, in southeastern China's Fujian Province, from September 3-5. Bentley says her inspiration came from a statement by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said that trade and economy, fin ...
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Share Vision-impaired Tibetan Woman Pursues Musician Dream
Women_of_China 2017-9-6 09:26
Vision-impaired Tibetan Woman Pursues Musician Dream
Deqen Yuzhen As the sun casts a layer of golden light on the prairie of northwest China's Gansu Province, 19-year-old Tibetan woman Deqen Yuzhen stands in the wind, proudly singing her favorite folk song. Though she is vision-impaired, with her persistent efforts and help from people around her, Deqen – daughter of a herdsman family from Maqu County in the province's Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture – has realized her dream of becoming a folk singer ...
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