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Share Turning Children' Inventions into Reality
Women_of_China 2017-5-7 09:49
Turning Children' Inventions into Reality
Launched by British artist and designer Dominic Wilcox, "Little Inventors" isturning children'screative ideas into reality. The project in collaboration with educationalists, designers and curators has been hailed by children in many countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Since September, "Little Inventors" has received creative ideas and drawings from about 3,000 Chinese children. Around 100 fun ideas have been brought to life, such as a dancing hat, ...
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Share how many provinces are in china
PAPAI 2017-5-7 08:50
The following is a list of China's provinces ordered by land area. Capital cities of the provinces have also been included for reference. 1) Qinghai Area: 278,457 square miles (721,200 sq km) Capital: Xining 2) Sichuan Area: 187,260 square miles (485,000 sq km) Capital: Chengdu 3) Gansu Area: 175,406 square miles (454,300 sq km) Capital: Lanzhou 4) Heilongjiang Area: 175,290 square miles (454,000 sq km) Capital: Harbin 5) Yunnan Area: 1 ...
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Share Dystopia has arrived. The DPRK issue.
TedM 2017-5-6 19:57
Dystopian “1984” has arrived Many years ago George Orwell wrote “1984” as his vision of a possible future that was based upon fear and dis-information; a very small ruling party enjoying extreme wealth and power at the expense of the people. Such situations arise as a consequence of revolution or wars. For Orwell it was a Russian revolution and a world war. In countries like Russia, Cambodia and China extreme ideas about changing society and politics by extreme action ...
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Share Spend 1 Year To Teach And Taste China
Sealight1 2017-5-6 17:44
As a teacher, if you haven't been to China, will you feel regretful? Now, put down all the fuss, start to prepare your trip to China. And if you want to stay longer like 6 or 12 months, please get a work visa. How? Contact us. We will show you step by step. Its never too late to chase your dream. PS: I am Albert of Jilin Younovo Education that recruiting Foreign ESL Teacher My email:
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Share europe- liberal to reactionary in 30yrs
PAPAI 2017-5-6 11:03
On first impressions the ideal of multi culturalism was "thriving" in central Kopenhagen 30yrs ago. At the Nore Ale ethnic minority comunity center a small group of middle-aged, fair skinned Danish ladies linked arms with imigrant friends and danced to a rusty recording of Greek folk music. In the rapidly-filling hall men born in Somalia, Gambia, Jordan, Algeria and Turkey chatted over cups of subsidised coffee. This, after all, is Danmark, Europe's shining light of "liberal" values, as famous ...
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Share imigrating to the west
PAPAI 2017-5-5 13:41
racism- it's a problem in every western country from canada, usa, all of europe, to australia. they have so much hatred for muslims, and arabs. they probably hate muslims more in europe than they do in america, but there is an epidemic against asians, blacks, and hispanics there too. this is why hollywood actors are often recomended to change their names. the logic behind that is americans have little tolerance for foreigners. in europe, the racism is so bad that many arabs in denmark ended u ...
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Share Experts Propose 'Chinese Mother's Day' in E China
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 11:02
Experts Propose 'Chinese Mother's Day' in E China
Cultural experts suggest setting up a Chinese equivalent of Mother's Day, during a forum in eastern China's Shandong Province. Cultural experts have suggested setting up a Chinese equivalent of Mother's Day, during a forum in eastern China's Shandong Province. Academics with the Chinese Academy of Mencius (CAM) proposed setting April 2 on the Chinese lunar calendar as "Chinese Mother's Day" at the forum that started Tuesday in Shandong's Zoucheng city, hometown of Me ...
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Share TV Series 'Ode to Joy 2' to Hit Screen in May
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 11:00
TV Series 'Ode to Joy 2' to Hit Screen in May
A new still of the TV series Ode to Joy 2 is released. Ode to Joy series tells of a friendship among five young women who live on the same floor in an apartment building also called "Ode to Joy" in East China's Shanghai municipality. The five main characters have different backgrounds including their age, social status, personality and careers among other differences. Their relationships were initially rocky, in the earlier episodes, but eventually th ...
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Share Businesswoman Commits to Development of Cross-Strait Ties, Promotion of Traditio
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 10:59
Businesswoman Commits to Development of Cross-Strait Ties, Promotion of Traditio
Xiao Yongrui speaks with reporters during an interview at her office in Wuhan. Xiao Yongrui, a successful real estate developer from southeast China's Taiwan Province , has dedicated herself to the peaceful development of cross-strait ties and the promotion of traditional Chinese culture since she opened her business in the Chinese mainland under her father's requirement 25 years ago. During a recent joint interview with Xinhua New Agency a ...
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Share Ancient Townships: Popular Tourist Destinations in Zhejiang
Women_of_China 2017-5-5 10:57
Ancient Townships: Popular Tourist Destinations in Zhejiang
To welcome the arrival of the three-day Labor Day holiday , which fell on April 29-May 1 this year, and help tourists from home and abroad learn more about destinations in east China's Zhejiang Province , here is a collection of 15 picturesque ancient towns showing the natural beauty and abundant cultural heritage in the region. Canal • Tangqi Ancient Town Canal • Tangqi Ancient Town The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which is the earliest and longes ...
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