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Share Go shopping!
renhong 2017-2-23 15:47
Ren Hong Women always like shopping. Because it makes us feel happy and confident. When you are shopping in the stores, you should know some words and phrases. That would be helpful for you to choose clothes. Normally, there are pants, jeans, socks, shoes, shirt, jacket, dress, skirt, T-shirt, blouse, suit for people’s daily life. If you want to choose some clothes for yourself, you can use What about this shirt? to ask for a try or a discount. Use How about those shoes? or What do ...
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Share A Good Day
flytt 2017-2-23 11:42
Today, the weather is great.But,even a little cold. Ok,to the first my article in the China daily forum, i don't know how to begin. I worry about someone say "his said is stupid" , "it's boring" and so on.Maybe,my heart is sofragile. When i firstly browses through the website, my feeling is "wow, can i talk with them,can they leave a message to me".Although i'm a English lover, to be honest, my thought is influenced by Chinese cultural.the way of daily conversation have difference with Eng ...
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Share The proposals for two sessions in 2017
renhong 2017-2-23 10:40
Ren Hong The two sessions is approaching soon. To build a harmonious society, we should think about several proposals in order to improve people’s living conditions. First, update the individual information in the public system and provide more convenient service for people. Second, make policies for special people, such as disabled people, divorced people, orphans and retired people, give them life guarantee and opportunities to enjoy life and contribute to the country. Third, focus ...
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Share Chinese Language Learning and the Brain
Gayle 2017-2-23 10:19
As a teacher and educator and linguist (having a degree in Linguistics, the science of language) I have long been interested in how the brain learns, and especially how the brain learns language. Of course, one can learn a lot about this subject by observing one's own learning and thinking processes. Many years ago, in college, I took one year of Chinese. Although the Chinese I learned was limited, it gave me the opportunity to experience how differently the brain processes ideographic an ...
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Share Preparing for Two Sessions
renhong 2017-2-23 09:52
Ren Hong Two sessions is a pivotal channel for Chinese people to get involved in the national politics and give suggestions about national affairs. The national People’s congress (NPC) of the People’s Republic of China and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) are quite important for the operation of China. CPPCC is the country’s top national advisory body and NPC is the top legislative body. There are almost thousands of officials, business leaders, ...
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Share Female Grad Student Triumphs at World Kung Fu Contest in S China
Women_of_China 2017-2-23 09:39
Female Grad Student Triumphs at World Kung Fu Contest in S China
Chen Minghui shows her medal. A uni graduate from south China's Guangdong Province recently claimed the championship of the women's 60kg category during the 3rd World Competition of Wing Chun held in the province. Chen Minghui started learning the ancient, traditional martial art whilst at high school, and later in 2016 graduated from the College of Economics and Management, South China Agricultural University. "In the very beginning, I just learned some easy movements from a senior ...
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Share Saying hello and introducing yourself
renhong 2017-2-23 08:51
Ren Hong When you first meet somebody, you should say Hello and introduce yourself. After saying hello, give names and ask for others’ names. Then, introduce yourself. For Chinese and foreigners, they should ask how to spell their names, because the spelling is totally different, even make a letter wrong, it will be a new name. When you spell your name, be sure to say each letter clearly. More importantly, don’t forget to ask for a telephone number or cellphone number. Exchanging phone nu ...
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Share Woman Helps People Share Love, Stories Through Customized Photography Service
Women_of_China 2017-2-22 09:45
Woman Helps People Share Love, Stories Through Customized Photography Service
Yue Hua, founder of Extop Photography Club The Chinese Dream belongs to each Chinese person. Women of China (WOC) has been interviewing Chinese women, from various sectors, and sharing their stories of pursuing their dreams. In this edition, WOC interviews Yue Hua, founder of Extop Photography Club. Yue Hua began showing an interest in business at an early age, as her parents were both business people. After she graduated from a business school, in her hometown, Mudanjiang, a city in N ...
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Share La La Land
EricPei 2017-2-21 23:04
Idetemined to name thefirst blog of China Daily as the La la land ,which is the first blog I browsed the forum. Stay hungry, stay foolish, which ismy favorate motto.
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Share Still in Fashion
Women_of_China 2017-2-21 09:15
Still in Fashion
At Li Fangyuan and Bai Yunze's shop In this fast-changing era, many people think most of the traditional crafts , which were commonly used in life, are out of date. As a result, some crafts are on the verge of being lost. Some young Chinese, however, have been showing a deep and sincere love for traditional crafts. Some of those young people have even inherited the crafts, and they have done their part to develop and promote the crafts in creative, fashionable ways ...
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