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Share Things You Might Not Know About Lantern Festival
Women_of_China 2018-3-2 13:00
Lantern Festival, the Chinese celebration which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month, traditionally marks the end of the New Year period. There are many traditional activities relating to the festival. Eating Dumplings During the Lantern Festival, people across the country eat small dumplings called yuanxiao or tangyuan, made of glutinous rice flour and stuffed with a variety of fillings, as a symbol of family reunion. Watching Lantern Shows The biggest attract ...
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Share "Tanghulu" Snack Festival Held in Houlihua, N China's Hebei
Women_of_China 2018-3-2 12:59
"Tanghulu" Snack Festival Held in Houlihua, N China's Hebei
A tourist takes photos of "tanghulu", a traditional Chinese snack made of sugarcoated haws and other fruit or vegetable on a stick, during a "tanghulu" festival in Houlihua Village of Renqiu City, north China's Hebei Province, Feb. 28, 2018. Over 100 snack makers participated in the annual "tanghulu" festival that kicked off on Wednesday. A man takes photos of "tanghulu", a traditional Chinese snack made of sugarcoated haws and other fruit or vegetable on a stick, ...
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Share Knowledge, technique and thinking ability?
SEARU 2018-3-1 21:31
Searu has posted many writings on education. I think teaching should be to help kids improve thinkingability through the so-called knowledge-learning and technique-training. ----------If we stick to this principal, students would become more interested in the physical world including books and do exploring work by themselves! -----------That would be the sweet fruit for our nation! (Any knowledge or skill from school is limited for you to deal with real problem afte ...
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Share The First Cash Money on Blockchain ICO is Coming.
wj3235 2018-3-1 20:09
The First Cash Money on Blockchain ICO is Coming. Start of a New Financial Revolution? 区块链ICO的首笔现金货币即将上市。 新一轮金融革命的开始? The project of the first global private money is planning an USD 200 million ICO (initial coin offering). 全球第一笔私有资金项目计划投资2亿美元ICO作为初始硬币供应。 The new currency will be used both for cash and electronic payments, will be 100%-backed by gold, will provide fast and cheap crypto currency and f ...
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Share Casual Composion of a little Chinese poem
shehemego 2018-3-1 14:46
作于元宵 春花烂漫固然好, 花未谢时人去了。 何时闲庭赏闲月, 年华虽逝人不老。 written on the 15th of the first lunar month of China Spring brings flowers blosoming, but leaving off home comes before their withering. When sitting around the gardon with a tranquil moon above the head, Aging shall come but youth is evergreen in the heart.
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Share Their 10 abroad amateur in the Runescape gold
limmzhou 2018-3-1 11:49
West Ham played at Upton Park and The Boleyn was the pub on the corner. The club started advertisement the use of the NBA Live Mobile Coins aboriginal name for Upton Park, the Boleyn Ground, because they could cast that in a way they couldn’t Upton Park, as it was aswell a tube station. Anyway, I digress. I anticipate there are authentic criticisms of arrange at the new stadium, it’s far from perfect, I know. But appropriate now it is accepting acclimated as an alibi ...
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Share Learn form mom
SEARU 2018-2-28 22:06
Eight years ago I had to built new house for my mom since the old one is too shabby for living. It cost me about 60000 RMB that meant a lot if compared with my low salary! In the past several years, my eldest-brother would come here from that city to tend mom while I only occasionally visited home-village with some good food or medicine. Last year my own house in the town was demolished for new building-construction. But I couldn't rent a house in the local area because I must take care ...
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Share The art of war in the new era
SEARU 2018-2-28 17:27
We Chinese hate war and try to avoid it! But none of us is not afraid of fighting! I believe words could cease fire since a possible battle could be canceled by your smart tongue andany war is endedwith peace-agreement!
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Share Things you can do or get in USA easy.
Swifty55 2018-2-27 16:47
1. Buy cocaine,weed,etc in any ciity and any school no problem. 2. Buy guns legal or not legal any where you find a seller. 3. Get 300 points on a SAT test if black only. Others start at ZERO. 4. Sneak into USA from Mexico or Cananda without Visa and stay forever. 5. Pass grades K-8 with failing grades. Public school has social promotion. 35% of kids in 9th grade can not read,do simple math, etc 6. Can pay someone to take college entrance exam for you. Very easy. 7. Sue your parents when yo ...
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12dream 2018-2-27 11:41
VISIONS, CHALLENGES AND THREATS FIND US A MORE VISIONARY CHINESE LEADER TO LEAD CHINESE PEOPLE A great visionary Chinese leader is such a welcoming goodie for all the Chinese folks and overseas born Chinese fellows too in this world, not just local Chinese folks in the Chinese mainland. Being able to uphold the values of Chinese people and sovereign territories in a very disturbing and challenging world scenarios ( which are caused by jealousies and failures of others ) ...
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