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snowipine: What is your purpose in life
4 DayEarlier Reply
55555terry: What's on your mind...
6 DayEarlier Reply
shehemego: I have never noticed this moduel here. This is the first time I write in here. Have a nice day!
7 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: What will be the topic of the day?
2018-6-7 03:41:19 Reply
Guo'er: ten years ago today, I was preparing for the college entrance exam. now, I just want to say if god offer me another chance, I still would like to take it one more time. wish all students the best!!! ...
2018-6-5 14:20:43 Reply
luckyann: People can not always be in children's age but he could always have child-like innocence . Keep innocent just like a child ! !
2018-6-2 08:54:16 Reply
snowipine: They certainly know how to performe their duties!
2018-5-31 23:16:15 Reply
snowipine: You know how to get lots of money over night, it doesn't mean you know What's the foundations of being a healthy man.
2018-5-31 06:41:37 Reply
snowipine: Donnot repeat yesterday's stories you've experienced, no matter it is good or bad.
2018-5-29 21:34:33 Reply
snowipine: Heatbeats at the same rhythm.
2018-5-26 20:32:53 Reply
snowipine: Made a fancy encounter, when I was heading to that place the secret was discovered.  I decide to jump off the cliff while   suddebly recalling the reminder by sb. Woken up, sweating, a nightmare.
2018-5-26 04:05:52 Reply
SEARU: Try ro use simple words for teaching and communication in daily life that is essential to the success of our education!
2018-5-25 22:19:08 Reply
snowipine: Just waiting for a good meal, Ihave well prepared for the feast
2018-5-20 11:07:50 Reply
snowipine: I know what you have said, but I still have difficulty to keep up with the time. Just go ahead, you!
2018-5-16 22:08:41 Reply
snowipine: I donnot know how to say what I am thinkibg about.
2018-5-15 20:17:55 Reply
snowipine: Confidence building is a project, a system engineering.
2018-5-10 13:44:18 Reply
snowipine: Know your limits. Currently I am finding my new limits.
2018-5-8 20:56:01 Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind... Get out of the comefort zone, walk into sectors that are relevated to your works for advices, you may find lots of surprises beyond your knowlege.
2018-5-8 13:08:23 Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind... Knowledge comes from experiences. Pay more attention on the details, bit by bit you got the know how in your fields.
2018-5-1 09:04:53 Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind... Who am I
2018-4-30 19:59:36 Reply

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