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Share Forum is not quarreling
SEARU 2018-6-24 06:31
Yes, forum should mean ‘debating’ through that hot discussion all forumites and reader-friends would benifit from the logical-fighting on thinking! It is boring if there are too many unnecessary personal attacks among us those have little to do with the author‘s main topic! Maybe this is a common phenomenon in the blog-website! and for this reason the thread had been under verification three times and the latest re-check had lasted almost one day that worried me a lot! (The above is ...
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Share "Gaokao" Taken by Stanford Grad students
Swifty55 2018-6-23 20:05
A Chinese exchange professor and a old co-worker Professor friend of mine worked together to give the actual "Gaokao" college entrance exam to 100 of their grad students working on their Masters degree in Chinese Language. Stanford has the number one rated Chinese Language program in the USA. I taught there for over 10 years and stay friends with many professors at Stanford and also some in China. First of all remember everyone of these students is excellent in Chinese and a ...
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Share Lipstick may be poison!
SEARU 2018-6-23 19:36
Yesterday in the classroom I saw a girl student who looked quite attractive since her lips were blood-red! To my surprise she has a basket of cosmetic products handy who cares too much about beauty instead of lessons! ---------I feel sorry for the poor girl since she does not know that there is poison in lipstick as well as other cosmetic chemicals some of which would get into the stomach as she has meal without totally cleaning up the unnatural thing!:o All humans are the most beautiful creatu ...
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Share English Enlightenment
MichaelM 2018-6-23 02:58
Seven years ago, I was sitting in Texas (USA), semi-retired while hosting a syndicated radio program called, 'Success In Living.' I would rise up at 4 a.m. to go in and prepare for the day's show. It would start at 6 a.m. and focused on getting people inspired and motivated for their day of work. At that time, I had been featured on the back cover of SkyMall magazine, which was found in the seat pocket of nearly every American airline (Delta, American Airlines, etc.). I was featured for my su ...
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Share Trees would naturally become straight!
SEARU 2018-6-22 16:34
Your words remind me a story happened at least 45 years ago: Before the film was shown in the street of our village, the Secretary of the Party Branch made a speech through the ‘modern’ electric speaker. In which he criticized some naughty children who had damaged some crop-plants! He worried that the future generation would be out of control if parents were not strict with them! There is a local saying: Trees would naturally become straight when they grow up! Besides schooling education, ...
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Share Excellence In English Education
MichaelM 2018-6-21 15:36
I led a school in Texas, USA, for 15 years before coming to China. It was a very successful school of several hundred students. Graduates excelled in major universities and colleges. I sold the school and property and took semi-retirement. That's how I finally landed in China in 2011. Since coming here, I've experienced far more success than I expected. I didn't plan to stay here more than a year, but, was compelled to due to the lack of quality English education that I observed. Students an ...
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Share How to Qualify for the World Cup?
tatata69 2018-6-21 14:09
Tellingly, soccer buffs around the world are over the moon now, since they happen to be going through the biggest sports event, the World Cup, which kicked off in Russia last week. Yet for most Chinese soccer fans, who are supposed to be jubilant people as well, , their moods are adumbrated by the fact China failed to quality for this year's World Cup, having failed to beat out South Korea, Iran and, alas, Syria, which is torn by civil war and financial difficulties. ...
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Share Sweet memories in China
Saptarshi420 2018-6-21 13:55
Sweet memories in China
I will miss you my country mates Richi, Surai, and my brother from Bangladesh Ashikujaman Syed, and my respected professors and beloved lab mates. Wishing you a happy and prosperous in life.
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Share Expats Learn How to Make 'Zongzi' at Guangzhou Restaurant
Women_of_China 2018-6-20 19:51
Expats learn how to make zongzi from a Guangzhou Restaurant chef. A group of overseas students and expats working in Guangzhou gathered in Guangzhou Restaurant on June 13 for special festivities related to the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. During the festivities, the foreigners were briefed about the history of zongzi (or rice dumplings, a traditional snack for the Dragon Boat Festival) through videos and were taught how to make the ...
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