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Share Ge Garden
dovexu 2020-1-15 10:42
Ge Garden It is located in the northeast corner of the ancient city Yangzhou. I was designed based on the theory of Chinese landscape painting. The varieties of bamboos in the garden are as many as stars and the bam ...
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Share The farming sense is diminishing in China
SEARU 2020-1-12 16:23
Traveling around the suburb of the Dong-ying City in last Summer Holidays, I met with a strange old man with a spade on his bike whom I mistook as a farmer. In fact he was a retired worker from a big oil company. The man had been a farmer in the commune before becoming a worker who had special deeper loving to farmland than his colleagues! For this reason after retiremet he worked hard to develop some waste land into fertile fields where he growed crops and vegetables. His words left me a de ...
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Share How to deal with foreign textbooks in China
SEARU 2020-1-8 10:38
Recently officials banned directly using foreign textbooks in primary schools. I made a reply as comment to that post: "The introduction of this regulation has something to do with the Hong Kong crisis. As a teacher I have posted many writings on the textbook issue. I feel that there are many problems with our current textbooks for kids. The bottom reason is that we are poor on telling children a definite explaining to a certain concept if compared with our foreign counterparts. In English you c ...
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Share Stable meat supply for the new year
SEARU 2020-1-3 22:01
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Share Education Methods
J.E.Overington 2020-1-2 23:04
Teachers need not be sworn to secrecy about classroom methods. If there is a secret about a classroom method, there is probably an improvement available. The issue is almost always student motivation. Some students are internally motivated to learn well. However, some students need extra motivation supplied, and the age-old method we all know is rewards and punishments. How many people remember learning the multiplication table by having a ruler smacked on their fingers for wr ...
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Share Chinese Soccer Digs Itself into a Hole
tatata69 2019-12-27 13:29
Some Chinese sports reporters covering soccer were left slack-jawed yesterday after attending a press conference, at which the head of China's Football Association announced that a Chinese head coach would be chosen to be the next national team manager instead of a foreigner like Lippi, who quit his job in a huff after his team lost out to Syria. China's Football Association also unveiled another plan aimed to resuscitate the moribund Chinese soccer industry, which h ...
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Share Harbin Sophia Church
dovexu 2019-12-24 10:23
Harbin Sophia Church It was originated from an army accompanying church of Czarist Russia. A Russian business man invested to build a wooden church at the same place after the army withdrew. The number of the Orthodox Christians in Harbin increased rapidly. The city authority rebuilt a large Byzantium style church des ...
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Share With Truth To Speak
peakwang79 2019-12-22 16:22
With Truth To Speak
As we all know that China has been taken a key strategic target by Act of National Strategy Interest of the United State. To contain the emerging power, the great dream of rejuvenation of China, US triggered the trade war in economy between the two great power in this domain area. But following phase I scenario in economic trade discussion solution between the two countries coming up, it likely has to put aside provisionally by US in its containing method one selection . Thought the Act of Ho ...
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Share Good art sense for leading role
SEARU 2019-12-12 14:18
That text from The New Concept English told me: Politics is a dirty game in which no politicians are as perfect as beautiful jade without any spot! It is impossible for the leader to satisfy everyone no matter how hard he tries. But for one truth just as that former Japanese Premiere said: A good politician should be an artist first who can play leading role in a musical way so that the public follow him in a delighted mood. Last evening from the CCTV news program I learned that Trump was goi ...
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Share English Grammar Battle
MichaelM 2019-12-12 10:40
As much as schools and English training centers focus on grammar, I'm shocked by how little most know. Even the teachers' grammar is often quite bad in writing and in speaking. Most of what native English learners consider 'basic grammar' seems to be difficult for students here in China. I'm going to give you some basic word endings that every student should know about English. If you already know these, then, you might not find this article beneficial. If you don't, then, learn them. The ...
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