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Share Are search engines practicing self censorship?
MAN_UP 2017-2-23 16:39
Are search engines practicing self censorship?
Recently, there has been an infamous hk judge who's been in the news. He handed out harsh sentences to hk cops who beat a rioter (probably on the payroll of ngo). There's been a lot of talk that the infamous judge, david dufton, when handing out the sentence, was more interested in promoting western interests (in other words inperialism) in the city, than justice. If you are curious about the judge, and wanted to look him up, however, nothing can be found about him. Essentially, the big se ...
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Share Eating out or ordering take-out food
renhong 2017-2-23 16:22
Ren hong I’m not a foodie. But I really enjoy delicious food. I love both Chinese and Western food. It stands for the food culture of each country. Chinese people enjoy cooking at home by boiling and steaming. The vegetables are finely chopped and match with various flavors. In different areas, there are different food, because of the differences of weather, location, personality and minority. Foreigners cook food with simple way. They often toast or grill meat with potatoes and ve ...
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Share Go shopping!
renhong 2017-2-23 15:47
Ren Hong Women always like shopping. Because it makes us feel happy and confident. When you are shopping in the stores, you should know some words and phrases. That would be helpful for you to choose clothes. Normally, there are pants, jeans, socks, shoes, shirt, jacket, dress, skirt, T-shirt, blouse, suit for people’s daily life. If you want to choose some clothes for yourself, you can use What about this shirt? to ask for a try or a discount. Use How about those shoes? or What do ...
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Share The legend of Goddess Mazu
poetic_phoenix 2017-2-23 14:25
The legend of Goddess Mazu
Hailing from a multicultural heritage, I grew up listening to all kinds of stories about legendary heroes and Goddesses. Over the years, my love for legends never ceased. I was always curious to discover new heroes and heroines who gave a sense of hope to millions of people through barriers of time and geography. Six years ago, when i embarked upon my journey to China, I knew that my destination was a treasure trove of legends as old as the skies and thus began my quest of unearthin ...
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Share A Good Day
flytt 2017-2-23 11:42
Today, the weather is great.But,even a little cold. Ok,to the first my article in the China daily forum, i don't know how to begin. I worry about someone say "his said is stupid" , "it's boring" and so on.Maybe,my heart is sofragile. When i firstly browses through the website, my feeling is "wow, can i talk with them,can they leave a message to me".Although i'm a English lover, to be honest, my thought is influenced by Chinese cultural.the way of daily conversation have difference with Eng ...
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Share The proposals for two sessions in 2017
renhong 2017-2-23 10:40
Ren Hong The two sessions is approaching soon. To build a harmonious society, we should think about several proposals in order to improve people’s living conditions. First, update the individual information in the public system and provide more convenient service for people. Second, make policies for special people, such as disabled people, divorced people, orphans and retired people, give them life guarantee and opportunities to enjoy life and contribute to the country. Third, focus ...
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Share Chinese Language Learning and the Brain
Gayle 2017-2-23 10:19
As a teacher and educator and linguist (having a degree in Linguistics, the science of language) I have long been interested in how the brain learns, and especially how the brain learns language. Of course, one can learn a lot about this subject by observing one's own learning and thinking processes. Many years ago, in college, I took one year of Chinese. Although the Chinese I learned was limited, it gave me the opportunity to experience how differently the brain processes ideographic an ...
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