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Share A Bus Story
cvprchen 2017-4-23 13:21
People are affectionate animals and can be moved by something trivial happened to ourselves or others. I am not an exception. Everyday, I go to work by bus. Yesterday morning, after the bus drove into the station, I got on it immediately. On board, I saw some seats available. When I got ready to sit down, a young guy seated nearby stopped me and motioned to me to notice the dirty mark on the seat. Feeling embarrassed and giving him my thanks, I found another one and sit do ...
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Share Taste of Yunnan(Part I)
茉莉儿 2017-4-23 10:59
Binchuan County As usual, when spring breeze brings warmth into the Yunnan Province each year, everything there breaks through obstructions to approach growth stage. Without a formal declaration of coming, warmth has raised vitality and surprise among all things of creation. Especially in spring, Chinese people have a keen sense of smell and taste. Yunnanese think that flavor ingredients in spring taste delicious and they have a pleasant sensation from everything that is bursting with ...
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Share My grandparents
renhong 2017-4-23 08:36
Ren Hong My grandparents passed away nearly 10 years. My grandmother passed from an accident. My grandfather passed away in peace, surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, I was not in hometown when they passed away. I was sorry to hear my grandparents have passed away. Today, I would like to recall memories of the individual in order to show my condolences to my grandparents during Tomb-Sweeping Day. The old friends and relatives of my grandparents’ offered their condolences to our fa ...
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Share 170421
stander3068 2017-4-23 03:14
Today is Friday, nothing special in the daytime. But after 4:00pm, we went to a home party. We can enjoy lots of amusement there, for example KTV, pingpang, billiards, Majiang, punchboard, TV, etc. there are 10 rooms for us to rest in the night. After playing a while, I suggested to have dinner in my young brother’s restaurant. So we came there. We spent 625yuan there. After lunch, I brought my nephew there for play. We got home at about 23:40pm.
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Share 170422
stander3068 2017-4-23 03:03
Sometimes, I regret what I had chosen. For example, my wife had bad temper, I sometimes think, am I got the wrong person? Today, one of her classmates came. I thought this is really good thing. Because there still one classmate think of us in their minds. During the dinner, her classmate said her residential pass will be expired in late of May. But her house renter will not provide necessary document for her to resume her residential pass. So I said as a classmate, we could ...
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Share The Telephone
Tsaokuohua 2017-4-22 20:17
The Telephone If I want to use telephone, first of all, I need have a mobile phone, and know how to operate it. For a person with no normal income, buy a new mobile phone, it is unlikely. So the society seems to make me can not use the phone. Fortunately, I have long been engaged in electrical maintenance, old mobile phone share still exists. second-hand mobile phones are very c ...
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Share Life repeats
anitahooo 2017-4-21 16:28
Life repeats. Wake up in the morning. I saw CC (my little girl) sleeping still. HH (my husband) told me that he got a bad sleep last night. He had to take good care of CC through the night. He is a good father and a good husband. So luck to have him in my life. We stayed together for almost eight years. And we had been married for five years. My birth day is coming Usually we don’t celebrate it. But this year, HH i ...
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Share Paralyzed Woman Volunteers as Youth Counselor for Over 8 Yrs
Women_of_China 2017-4-21 09:39
Paralyzed Woman Volunteers as Youth Counselor for Over 8 Yrs
Zhong Qian A young woman paralyzed by severe arthritis since the age of 16 has inspired more than 4,000 people by offering volunteer mental counseling over the past eight years. Zhong Qian from the city of Jinan in east China's Shandong Province is a local volunteer. Due to the distortion of her joints she can now only move one finger. In 2001, just before she took the nation's senior high-school entrance exams, she was diagnosed with the disease. ...
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Share From Semi-Pro to Pro
HailChina! 2017-4-21 00:28
From Semi-Pro to Pro
I am from Australia and when I was a young kid in the 80s all of the athletes that played team sports in Australia were still semi-pro. In my state NSW the most popular footy code was/is Rugby League and back in the 80s even the best players all had jobs on top of their football contracts. For many of the good players their rugby league clubs would set them up with jobs that were flexible and these jobs were often token jobs of sorts but like I said, back in the 80s even the best pla ...
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Share Happy Chinese Language Day!
arabchinalover 2017-4-20 18:28
Happy Chinese Language Day!
As a foreigner who can speak Chinese language , I would like to say " happy language day" . April 20 , is the United Nations Chinese language day.
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