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Share An Innocent Chinese Girl Goes to India for a Week
LaurenLiao 2018-10-11 16:09
An Innocent Chinese Girl Goes to India for a Week
New comer Before getting on the plane to India, I became hesitant. Suddenly I felt like not going because I was envisioning mayhem in temples, strange smells, no public toilets, unsafe water, diarrhea, abandoned cows, and of course, the heat. But my mind struck that thought away like the way I would smash a mosquito against the mud-brick wall I grew up with in Sichuan. Four hours later, I landed in Singapore. ‘Getting closer’, I again became excited. After all, traveling in Indi ...
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Share New University and college students.
Swifty55 2018-9-2 01:09
Welcome to a experience you can make the most of or not. If you come in like most students thinking you have made it because you got into college and think you have it made you will fail. Think again.What you learn in college will make you employable or not. In my 40 years in education in the USA and China I have seen many who thought they were smart but they failed. College just offers you a chance to think, grow, make friends and learn if you want to. If you just rely on your pro ...
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Share Is the Chinese football doomed to fail?
Chevalerie 2018-7-23 09:23
Nowadays, Chinese people are generally optimistic. In their mind, there is a strong belief in great days ahead. The fact is that China is embracing the future at a very fast pace, building on technologies and a strong-willed policy. But there is one issue on which they sense deeply and perhaps unanimously that the prospect isn’t promising. That is: Chinese football is lousy and hopeless. There is no shortage of epithets to voice the discontent. As I have talked with people from every re ...
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Share No world cup clamor in China?
财神 2018-6-26 14:41
No world cup clamor in China?
The world cup football is drawing the entire world's attention. we can see many interesting events and records have been being around the world. i have been here in Beijing since 2012 but this time feeling almost a silent China ..Are Chinese not paying attention towards football or my analysis is wrong? Even not met/interacted any football team supporters too...its disgusting for me
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Share Love my walks in China.
Swifty55 2018-6-25 20:35
I love my daily walks everyday since I have been living in China. I have lived fulltime in China for 10 of my 16 years being in China. The 6 years I was not in China fulltime I spent 3 months a year here when school was out in the USA. From my very first walk I learned many things about Chinese people and their daily life. I have known enough Chinese since year 3, because I learned Chinese from my wife. I, she says " am about like a 6th grader in Chinese." My first 2 years I ne ...
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Share Is Chinese language as colorful as English?
SEARU 2018-6-10 06:53
I think English is the most colorful language in the world since it owns the powerful vocabulary with which you can describe any thing with a fine picture in detailed way with more image element points just as you could see on the computer screen! We Chinese should learn from western friends on writing style.---------Only in this way, Chinese could be as attractive as English!
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Share Love can prevent a child's suicide
Swifty55 2018-6-8 18:35
Parents need to spend time every day talking to their child. If you set goals for your child that they can not meet in school you may cause problems with depression when they fail to meet your standards. With the college entrance exam in China many students fail to reach that magic score to get into a top university every year. Most students in China spend many years, many hours preparing for this exam. It is not possible for every student to reach the score their parents want them to reach ...
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Share A star blogger here asked me. How do you ever "teach" anything?
Swifty55 2018-6-7 23:59
A famous foreign" blogger" here asked me in a message. How do you "teach" anything? Well first of all my job tittle was "teacher"and the word "teacher" is not correct. If you can really teach someone then everything you "teach" them by the meaning of the word "teach" they will learn. Since everyone knows this is not possible. I like to use the tittle, "I am your guide" for I can show you, explain to you, give you all the reasons "why" you should learn whatever it is the course objecti ...
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Share the coming College Entrance Exam
Guo'er 2018-6-5 16:52
In front of the high school I used to study, Someone videoed the students who were going to the county to take part in the coming college entrance exam, which is going to be held two days later. I saw this video just now, it really gave me a shock and reminded me of the exam I took ten years ago. the memories of my high school life started to reappear in mind, so clear, concrete and vivid, just like watching a movie in which I was the main character. Ten years ago today, together with many ...
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Share Success is an Iceberg
sharoncuizz 2018-5-24 13:11
Success is an Iceberg
I found this picture on the Internet by chance and I like it. Here I'm sharing it with you. It is always this case that we see the success on the surface, but have no idea how much we have to do to gain it.
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