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Share Chinese Universities Launch Phone-free Classes
Women_of_China 2018-3-29 13:52
Several universities in northeast China's Jilin Province have introduced phone-free classes to improve academic results. When students enter the classroom, their smart phones must be placed into a bag and hung on the wall. "We are given a bag with a student ID to hold our cell phones," said Jia Qi, a freshman at Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages. "One student is appointed to supervise students to hand in cell phones in every class." "The move can help reduce students' re ...
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Share A visit to the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan Park)
lovelywinnie 2018-3-9 10:59
A visit to the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan Park)
A few days ago I went to the Summer Palace. After entering the park, we can either go north or south to see the scenery. I used to choose the north route and go through the Long Corridor and by the Stone Boat. This time I wanted to make a change, so I went south to see the17-Arch Bridge and the West Dam(Xi Di). A few miles from the gate, there was a very small island. Standing on the island, I saw the Longevity Hill(Wan Shou Shan), and I heard some people sing ...
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Share What is wrong with our education?
SEARU 2018-3-7 10:29
Chinese students fix their eyes on blackboard, focus the ears on listening to teacher‘s lecture, tire the hand on writing and sums, with brain working hard to repeat others‘ words without their own real thinking! ----------They are the most diligent learners in world who often sacrifice sleeping hours for written homework! I feel pity for the cold phenomenon that our schooling really goes in a strange way which is unfit for the new era! We must do some reforming to set free kids from the low- ...
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Share To Live or to Survive
sharoncuizz 2018-2-25 12:18
To Live or to Survive
I spent half a day reading the famous book “To Live” which is one of the master works of Chinese writer Yu Hua. The movie shot based on this book is a classic movie in China reflecting life philosophy and social changes. Reading the book is like watching a movie. It seems that we have witnessed the experiences of the protagonist and the transformations of Chinese society with our own eyes. The first scene of an old man driving an old ox caught my attention. The man named Fu Gui ...
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Share China's Gun Control Laws Make It A Very Safe Place To Live!
pnp 2018-2-23 11:07
Many people in China, including foreigners living here, seem to take China's gun control laws and the resulting safety, for granted! We hardly hear anyone expressing a desire for gun control in China;certainly no students marching down the streets demanding gun control, as is happening in the US now.Credit must be given the Chinese Government for its tough gun control laws.The reverse situation is true in the US where powerful gun lobby like the N ...
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Share 21 February International Mother Language Day
Ashikujaman 2018-2-22 16:55
21 February International Mother Language Day
Languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, are of strategic importance for people and planet. Yet, due to globalization processes, they are increasingly under threat, or disappearing altogether. When languages fade, so does the world's rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Opportunities, traditions, memory, unique modes of thinking and expression — valuable resources for ensuring a better future — are also lost. ...
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Share Is it worth having a PhD degree?
renhong 2018-1-29 15:01
Doing PhD research is a quite hard work. The students should take lots of efforts and time to get it. Generally, at least 3 years, at most 8 years. Considering the fact that the process of doing research is difficult and challenging, most of the students will give up. Moreover, a PhD costs you a houseor a fancy car. In my opinion, it's worth getting a PhD degree, especially if you want to be a scholar or professor in the universities and institutions. Doing research is beneficial for ...
1358 views|7 comments Popularity 4
Share The Way to Success
sharoncuizz 2018-1-17 13:00
I remember when I was in college, “The Way to Success” was once the writing topic in one examination. Now I would like to pick it up again and share my experiences and opinions with all of you. A lot of people are wondering why others can gain success, like Jack Ma, entrepreneur of Alibaba, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, etc. Some of them are millionaires when they are very young. Most of us can do nothing but admire them and name them biggest winners. In intervi ...
636 views|4 comments Popularity 3
KIyer 2018-1-15 08:10
If you are not there There is spring, but colours are lacking There are flowers, but fragrance is lacking If you are not there There are songs, but sound is lacking There is food, but taste is lacking If you are not there There is life, but the zest is lacking There is everything, but just something is lacking If you are not there.. HINDI VERSION Aap Nahin To Bahaar to hai, par rang kuch kam hai Phool to hain, par khushboo kuch kam hai Aap nahin to Gaana to hai par naa ...
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Share Point Of No Reason
KIyer 2017-12-14 17:40
The point in a discussion or debate when you realize reason and logic in addressing the topic is now futile. The exchange has drifted off to other issues or going around in circles, emotions have taken over and the atmosphere gets worse the longer you continue. Time to shutdown or call for a break. Copyright (c) KIyer 2017 All rights reserved
757 views|4 comments Popularity 4

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