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KIyer 2018-1-15 08:10
If you are not there There is spring, but colours are lacking There are flowers, but fragrance is lacking If you are not there There are songs, but sound is lacking There is food, but taste is lacking If you are not there There is life, but the zest is lacking There is everything, but just something is lacking If you are not there.. HINDI VERSION Aap Nahin To Bahaar to hai, par rang kuch kam hai Phool to hain, par khushboo kuch kam hai Aap nahin to Gaana to hai par naa ...
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Share Point Of No Reason
KIyer 2017-12-14 17:40
The point in a discussion or debate when you realize reason and logic in addressing the topic is now futile. The exchange has drifted off to other issues or going around in circles, emotions have taken over and the atmosphere gets worse the longer you continue. Time to shutdown or call for a break. Copyright (c) KIyer 2017 All rights reserved
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Share Chinese Students Will Conquer English
MichaelM 2017-11-7 09:05
Chinese Students Will Conquer English
The ancient wisdom of Confucius is timeless. His thinking has led Chinese for thousands of years. I've embedded his sayings in my own life and let them shape my character. English teaching/training seems to be one place where his wisdom is forgotten. Very few students are taught to use English. They know a lot 'about' English, but, they never master the language. They struggle. For many years they work so hard to learn, but never achieve their goal. I've met adult Chinese English learn ...
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Share The Strong Too Need Help Sometimes
KIyer 2017-10-19 08:12
Not just the weak, but the strong too can use a helping hand sometimes. Not just the poor, but the rich too can sometimes use financial help Not just the sad and suffering, but the happy people too are deserving of our empathy and understanding. All have human feelings and need to depend on others sometimes.
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Share Original comic:Negative energy comics
xiao_wo 2017-10-18 16:15
If you often read chicken soup for the soul,you could come inand read it 1. No one would care about you ,unless you suicide quietly 2. In order to give a flower to her,you give everyone a flower.In the end,you touch everyone except her. 3.With growing up,you would realize the best evaluation is that someone who haven't seen you for nearly a decade says what you look like now is the same as your youthful time. 4.Why do you hold the grudge for something happene ...
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Share The Best of Americans - Heroes and Leaders
KIyer 2017-10-13 11:18
The current political news from the USA brings to mind the above question. Every country and society has all kinds of people - good and bad, strong and weak, rich and poor, clever and foolish. It is the relative distribution of these characteristics that varies a little bit among them, but not as much as we might be led to believe from the media. However, cultural acceptance of certain traits or qualities as 'desirable' or 'undesirable' can vary markedly between different coun ...
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Share The value of higher education
Min1989 2017-10-8 11:20
The value of higher education I have been planning to write this for some time. But there is always something getting in the way. Mark this please: I am not writing to dish out suggestions about how you or any of us should live a life. The sole purpose of this piece of writing is to record my thoughts and to be used as reference in the future to examine my revolution of mentality. My determination of writing this culminated when I bumped into an article titled as “Should Every ...
1670 views|10 comments Popularity 8
Share Old Man And GenZ
KIyer 2017-10-5 10:52
I'm over the hill, but tough as old leather Right now I'm feeling, a bit under the weather Usually, from within, I am 'centered' with age Yet I am now, beside myself with rage .. I was on my daily jaunt When I heard that silly taunt And saw the young man flaunt A flashy move that I just can't .. "Be careful, old man," the young buck said Almost knocked me over, on a skateboard he sped "Old??! Old man?!! Oh, how could he tell?" It was from anger that I shook and fell .. No manners, no patience a ...
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Share The Story of Jeremy, Can Your Child Go To Harvard? Part 2
MichaelM 2017-8-12 00:19
When I arrived in Zhengzhou on August 25, 2011, I planned to stay a year. I was going to go back to my comfortable home in the USA and just chalk up another wonderful place I'd been to the more than 20 countries I'd already visited. However, after just one month, my eyes were opened to something that I didn't expect. It has caused me to stay here more than 5.5 years now. I was working with a company that provides foreign, native English speaking teachers to Chinese schools. This company had a ...
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Share A Letter to My One Year Older Self
AndrewHLi 2017-8-4 22:52
Dear Andrew: How time elapses, another year has passed by in a mere blink of an eye. In the last letter a year earlier, I told you that I would take some exams. Yes, this year I have taken two exams, the marks for both of which haven’t been released, so I have to wait for a month longer. But I know I would fail in one of them, because after I signed up, I noticed that the exam-time was against each other. Finally, I attended one exam and was absent from the o ...
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