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Share Young Miao Ethnic Woman Displays Talent for Playing Fire
Women_of_China 2017-5-24 09:53
Young Miao Ethnic Woman Displays Talent for Playing Fire
Xiong Fang gives a performance. A 24-year-old Miao ethnic woman has attracted a large number of tourists to enjoy her unique tricks performed using fire torches in recent years. Xiong Fang hails from Tuanjie Village, southwest China's Sichuan Province. When she turned 18, she started to learn the skill from her father. According to the traditional convention in her family, women were not allowed to learn the technique, Xiong said. Due to her great pas ...
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Share Factors That Affect Happiness!
arabchinalover 2017-5-24 09:08
Me: to work and to love. only these two things add meaning to your life and brig happiness. Money and possessions are not the onlt means that lead to happiness, they are not the end. The increase in the GDP will not necessarily make the GDH-gross domestic happiness higher. Many surveys showed that countries with lower GDP enjoy a higher GDH compare to those who have a higher GDP but still more dssatisfied with their current life. Highly productive people seem dissatisfied while less produc ...
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Share Our faces glow
cwdy 2017-5-24 03:45
Our faces glow 《我们的脸容光焕发》   You read, you searched the unknown, 你阅读,你曾探索未知   discoveries came along as you grew, 你的成长路上布满发现   hopes and good wishes in your heart bloomed.希望和好愿在你心中开放   And then unexpected events exploded, 意想不到的事件发生   many times they dealt you a blow, 许多次给你沉重打击   silently you found in your heart a hole.沉默中你发现心上是一个伤洞   The nights had gone and the sun shows,黑夜过去 ...
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Share 170523
stander3068 2017-5-23 12:58
1.1.1 170523 Today is Tuesday, in the morning I drove my daughter to AnTing community hospital. This is the first time my daughter got an injection of vaccine and got a comprehensive physical check after her leaving hospital due to cough and pneumonia. Everything went well until it was time to get physical check. Because I registered in MaLu community hospital, so I should transferred my daughter’s informa ...
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Share Is Money Everything To You ?
arabchinalover 2017-5-22 22:52
Is money the most important thing in your life ? How money and possessions vital in your life ? Can you be poor and happy ? Are you richer now than than before but less happy and blissful? What makes a delightful life in your opinions? According to countless surveys: your healthy bank account and the number of your fans can't bring you happiness and satisfaction.between 1950 and 2000 american GDP grew from 2 trillion dollars to 12 trillion dollars. real per capita income doubled. the new ...
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Share Popular Scholar Yu Dan Advocates Boosting Positive Family Virtues
Women_of_China 2017-5-22 17:46
Popular Scholar Yu Dan Advocates Boosting Positive Family Virtues
Yu Dan A best-selling author and academic recently proposed a set of personal suggestions on how to rebuild China's cultural heritage system as a way to promote positive family virtues . Yu Dan is a media studies professor at Beijing Normal University and carries out research on behalf of the country's State Council. For her project in 2016, she led a Beijing-based team to visit three provinces: Zhejiang in east China, Guangdong in the south and Shan ...
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Share Thank You China!
arabchinalover 2017-5-22 09:30
As a foreigner who has been living in China for over ten years I owe a lot of things to China. Thank you China for giving me a full scholarship that allowed me to peruse my higher education. Thank you China for teaching me Chinese. Thank you China for giving me the opportunity to meet with my life partner. Thank you China for giving me the chance to broaden my horizons. Thank you China for allowing me to make best friends in my life. Thank you ...
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Share 2017-05-22
55555terry 2017-5-22 05:16
BAME referee delegates during the FA referee networking day at St Georges Park on May 7, 2017 A day to remember @SRTRC_England @LCFC with England Manager Gareth Southgate among others supporting the event
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Share Follow up to My "Observation" Articles - Then a Question to the Reader
tradervic 2017-5-22 01:46
Follow up to My "Observation" Articles - Then a Question to the Reader
As you can see from the attached graphic below - the official election results for the County of Cook for the April 7, 2017 elections ( )have recordedthat the 4th position for the Hinsdale Library Board was elected with only23 Votes. While I did predict that the position would be had for less that 400 votes in my previous article - I am not too happy to see the threshold t ...
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