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Share China Releases Textbook for Implementing State Policy of Gender Equality
Women_of_China 2017-7-25 14:00
China Releases Textbook for Implementing State Policy of Gender Equality
China's People's Publishing House recently released a textbook elaborating guidance on President Xi Jinping's keynote remarks about sticking to the State policy of gender equality . Implementing the State Policy of Gender Equality was written by a team of experts organized by the National Working Committee on Children and Women under the State Council. The in-depth book elaborates on practical pathways and specific initiatives relevant to foll ...
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Share Female Honor Guards: Representing China at Home, Abroad
Women_of_China 2017-7-25 13:58
Female Honor Guards: Representing China at Home, Abroad
Members of the female honor guard from the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) naval, air and land forces have attended several key events in recent years, proudly representing their country's soldiers. Women were made part of the honor guard for the first time in 2014. They are even trained to apply make-up within 10 minutes, and do their hair in a bun at a strict length, width and height every time. ​ China's V-day Parade The female PLA ...
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Share CBCGDF's Delegate Discussed GGBN Membership Possibilities with GGBN Executives
CBCGDF_1985 2017-7-25 11:45
CBCGDF's Delegate Discussed GGBN Membership Possibilities with GGBN Executives
During the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) event, delegates of CBCGDF had the opportunity to learn from great minds on their work on genetic conservation on different variety of species. This event also created the opportunity to meet the executives of GGBN including their executive members from all around the world. During a meeting between CBCGDF’s representatives and GGBN executives such as Dr. Ole Seberg of the Natural History Museum of Denmark who is also the GGBN Executive Com ...
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Share OBOR success Story
akramsaqib 2017-7-25 03:25
One Belt, One Road (OBOR) ,China’s ambitious initiative unveiled in 2013 is very near to its success. It consists of two plans combined to form a larger framework of new trade routes. The first of these is One Belt (the orange line in the above map). It refers to the development of new infrastructure—particularly railroads and highways—to connect China’s interior provinces with world by way of Pakistan ,Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. It’s a tall order, and expe ...
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Share Recipe for success - things to consider before starting ecommerce in China
ChesterHo 2017-7-24 19:44
Recipe for success - things to consider before starting ecommerce in China
Setting up an ecommerce website is probably the single most important thing to consider if you’re a brand building a strategy for doing business in China. But what tools should you use? Can hosted ecommerce platforms such as Shopify support Alipay or WeChat pay? Should you go with Tmall instead of building a standalone ecommerce website? When it comes to ecommerce in China, it’s always complicated. Tmall is not enough There is a huge population in China wh ...
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Share American Radicalism Is As Bad As Radical Islam !
arabchinalover 2017-7-24 17:11
President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned Americans of what he called “Radical Islam “but that term disappeared from his dictionary during his first visit to Saudi Arabia , and he never uttered his favorite name of Islam. It’s true that Islamic fundamentalism is a threat to human existence but all kinds of extremism are unacceptable despite of their shiny names and forms. Donald trump , like all American leaders say one thing on TV and act differently after they ...
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Share 170724
stander3068 2017-7-24 12:54
Today after I drove my dad to a nearby subway station and my wife to work, I drove my daughter to get a physical check. I thought my daughter should be got a physical check, since she is 9 months old. But in reality, her last physical check data is 6/22, theoretically, her next physical check should be 3 months later, exactly is 8/22. So doctor told me to come here next time. The weekend, my dad came here, but my house is very hot, so he does not feel comfortable here too. ...
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Share The Coup Domino Plot of Trump for the GCC
TariqAlShammari 2017-7-22 21:18
The Coup Domino Plot of Trump for the GCC
After King Abdullah died of lung cancer, King Salman ascended to the throne and this was the beginning of some serious changes in the game of throne of the Al Saud. King Salman reformulated the structure of power through some series of royal decree and changed the order of succession in the royal family in a way that his son is expected to be the king of Saudi Arabia in near future. This change will also pave the way for Salman family instead of Abdulaziz family to take over the ...
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