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Share As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era
Captain_Cook 2017-10-19 12:48
Overnight, an important topic in childhood memory has changed. The principal contradiction facing Chinese society in the new era is that between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life. ​​​​
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Share Our brain as an energy source?
mperach 2017-9-22 09:49
Note: Later, other explanation to "eat" was thought of, simpler and therefore, is preferable. The option suggested in this post is not likely to happen. But the post is so madly beautiful, that I left it as is, only added this note. What If : - Other dimensions are existed in our universe, different from those we see (1), - A jump between dimensions has an energy toll (2), - "They" are in some type of existence, not mathematically and/or physic ...
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Share Get Rid of the China Bashers and Foreign Failures on CD
JohnV 2017-9-20 12:30
Hi all, I’ll leave this up for a while before removing it. As a relatively new poster, I’m already on my way out and will leave just a few of my old blogs here. If they start to get damaged in any way, or the abuse continues, I’ll wipe my whole board clean. This is a dangerous place to those of us with nothing to hide and willing to come out into the open with full profiles and personal photos . I’m now reverting to anonymity, like the vast majority here. ...
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Share A book about China
mperach 2017-9-16 09:42
I saw on Chinadaily's website, ~2 days ago, an invitation to writers who are under process of writing a book about China from objective point of view. When decided to live in the far east, China was my first praiority. Went to the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, to ask for an apropiate visa. No visa for staying in China for writing a book, but I picked 2-3 options out of the visa's type available. The woman at the embassy asked if the book were to be about China. (No). So she said no such o ...
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Share Adjustment in language
mperach 2017-9-13 09:20
When the (known) world exchanges, come a need for language modification to follow. Words, then, may need tuning to different/slightly-different meaning and/or (missing) words need to be added in order to describing the new reality. Since the time my world has changed, I see inconsistency in phrases, idioms, everyday saying, and in words I lack for using in that new world. As: *(I translate from Hebrew) we live only once ! (Maybe, but how do you know? Or, how can you be ...
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Share One multiple-answer-question quiz
mperach 2017-9-10 10:06
What is the essence of art? a) Massage to the brain. b) I do not know. c) Nobody knows. d) Other. Yossi Banai's style.. ( The right answer will not be given ).
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Share 吉图丹青
LianCHEN 2017-9-5 09:14
More at: ; ; ; ;
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Share Free English teacher,mentor
Swifty55 2017-8-20 20:03
I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my thoughts these past few weeks. I hope you gained something. I am 66 too old to get a paying legal job in China now. I have taught 4 full years at the Universiity level. Teaching graduate level courses and under graduate courses. The University offered me a position again but, I could not get a work visa because of my age. Well since I have had so much success with my students, retired from the USA and can stay with my new visa. ...
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Share Pooyan order , my son
lavyjan 2017-8-3 21:27
By the order of Pouyan Khan, all of us, I and BabaJooni, and Pouyan Khan, should be at my house, I'll be messing up, and he will say, "Why are not we and I are not, even if it is not so much, it should be dressed with Babai, at least one should be The particle also has the color of their clothes, so that they can be satisfied with it For example, if my wife and my wife are dressed in their clothes, they will taste a lot of sweet things and try to go to her clothes, wearing one with us.
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Share Recipe for success - things to consider before starting ecommerce in China
ChesterHo 2017-7-24 19:44
Recipe for success - things to consider before starting ecommerce in China
Setting up an ecommerce website is probably the single most important thing to consider if you’re a brand building a strategy for doing business in China. But what tools should you use? Can hosted ecommerce platforms such as Shopify support Alipay or WeChat pay? Should you go with Tmall instead of building a standalone ecommerce website? When it comes to ecommerce in China, it’s always complicated. Tmall is not enough There is a huge population in China wh ...
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