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Share The Changbai Mountains
AndrewHLi 2017-6-2 15:31
The Changbai Mountains, source of Yalu river, Songhua river and Tumen river, are the cradle of Manchu and its culture. Changbai, by its name, has a wonderful implication of perfect marriage in which a couple stay in love of each other throughout their entire life, even when their hair turns grey, giving the will and praise of the loyalty and perfection of love people wish to have. With 1964 square kilometres of its total area and 758 square kilometres of core ...
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Share Open Letter On Einstein's Fake E=mc2
ChanRasjid 2017-5-25 03:29
Open Letter To the World Physics Community: The Fake Physics of Einstein's E=mc2. Dear scientists, For almost a hundred years, Einstein's formula E=mc² (the famous energy mass equivalent equation) has been the cardinal equation of physics as it introduced the concept of total energy of matter; all dynamics involves energy of particles and matter. The author has discovered very recently (April 2016) that the formula E=mc² is invalid; energy is fictitious in the formula. The proof is sim ...
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Share Would North Korea's nuclear threat China's Belt & Road Strategy?
river9363 2017-5-15 10:00
Belt Road peak conference is holding in Beijing while North Korea test its missile yesterday morning. Some expertsclaimed that DPRK want toshow itsindependent from China. Prof. ZHU Feng, the chief of South China Sea Research Center,analysed thatDPRK selectedthe moment when China launchingsuch a international conferenceto test its missile couldbe too badly.However, other experts began worrying that whether DPRK's ...
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Share Lord of the Flies
Min1989 2017-5-9 15:27
Lord of the Flies I noticed this must be a classic years ago as it was always on the recommending list of books sent to me by Amazon. But I never thought that I would get hold of it and finish reading it to know the mystery of the story. I decided to read it mainly because of the conversation I had with one of my students. She told me that her English teacher asked them to read this book and analyze the characters depicted in this novel and then write an essay about ...
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Share The Sun is Also a Star
Min1989 2017-5-9 15:25
The Sun is Also a Star This book was on the top 20 books in 2016 recommended by the editor of Amazon. According to the brief introduction in the post, this book is about a love story. Generally, love stories don't deserve that much applaud as even though love has always been considered an eternal topic, love is too universal to inspire or to enlighten people on different levels like some great books dealing with more serious topics do. I know normally this sort of b ...
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Share my love is come to me
zzxxll 2017-5-5 14:46
My Love Is Come to Me by Christina Rossetti My heart is like a singing bird Whose nest is in a watered shoot; My heart is like an apple-tree Whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit; My heart is like a rainbow shell That paddles in a halcyon sea; My heart is gladder than all these & ...
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Share A brief Version Of My Thesis !
arabchinalover 2017-5-2 22:31
Iris recognition under unconstrained conditions Biometric recognition refers to an automatic recognition of individual based on a feature vector derived from their physiological or behavioral characteristic. Iris recognition is regarded as the most reliable and accurate biometric identification system available. Iris texture pattern can be used for biometric verification and identification of a person from a large dataset. With an increasing emphasis on security, the need for ...
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Share The Hinterland of City Competition Strategy 城市竞争战略中的腹地因素
LianCHEN 2017-5-1 22:32
The Hinterland of City Competition Strategy 城市竞争战略中的腹地因素
Also at: ; ; ;
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Share Bully
Si-Chong 2017-4-18 21:02
“You sure Oak Woods would be the place to have it, Sir?” I took a glimpse at SK and answered with slight contempt: “ Yes, it is. Isn’t that barren and chilly Oak Woods the perfect encompassing to teach him a lesson? What would you say, SK?” “Then I will pass the word as you wish.” SK vanished swiftly, with not even a crunch of a leaf. SK had always be ...
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Share Most meaniful Poem
arabchinalover 2017-4-15 16:38
Most meaniful Poem
recently I have been reading poems of the muslim poet . a persian sunni muslim poet who influnced transendents national borders and ethenic divisions, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi. I like the feeling I find between the lines of his poetry. It gives me a deep connection to my inner self. Today , I feel the need of sharing some of his beatiful poems with friends on chinadaily. 1. Only Breath Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any r ...
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