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sharoncuizz 2018-4-15 11:14
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. This year is surely going to be a milestone in my life, because I have been planning to make a substantial change of the type of my work. I have to admit that it’s a big challenge for me. To start a brand now type of work, it calls for the great courage to say goodbye to the previous career and the frame of mind to start a new one. Early this year, I was facing a little fear, the fear of not having the courage ...
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Share To love your country
Florating 2018-4-13 22:31
Recently, I read more news from China Daily, on the one hand, for myself, I want to learn English well, on the other hand, there was a idea into my mind that everyone need to love your country., I was pround that I was a chinese people. The United states promoted import tarrif, it is bad to bilaterl trade between US and China. Everyone who knows that cooperation can take benefit. If the import tarrif was promoted , the cost of living will be increased , so th ...
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Share I am here to make friends and improve my English
Hellenma 2018-4-11 11:27
My name is Hellen. I am from Beijing. My major is computer science, but I love English. And I know English is a very important tool for me to learn more knowledge. I want to make friends with whom want to improve English and to learn more knowledge.
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Share Opened up shop at
tradervic 2018-4-8 23:56
Opened up shop at
If it has not been too apparent, I have not spent a good deal of time here at the China Daily BBS the last couple months. Not going to lie, I have grown curious about another website called, which has been quietly gathering a good amount of content creators and quite a good sized audience. It has been interesting to see the reaction of some of those there to my archive of old articles that I have published over the years at various sites, like this BBS. Suffice to say ...
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Share An ordinary road
Florating 2018-4-7 21:13
Everyone in the world who has a dream when he was a pupil , for instance, to be a scientist, to be a writter, to be a engineer and so on. At the age of eight, somebody asked me which person did you wanted to be? I told them I wanted to be a professor. That time in my mind may be the professor must be a person whose knowledge was enough. More than twenty years have passed, I did not to be a professor, b ...
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Share EVIL or STUPID - Which is worse?
KIyer 2018-4-7 11:26
Which of the two is a greater danger to life in general and humans in particular? I have often pondered this question. I tried to figure this out using an approach of determining for myself which has caused more suffering and loss - Evil or Stupidity? It seems impossible to come to a definite conclusion. Just as I think there is evidence of conclusive evidence, I am surprised or reminded by a counter evidence. It would certainly be useful in determining which of the two is worse. Whi ...
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Share Lucky Oldies, no social media growing up. Now is the time to have it.
KIyer 2018-4-5 07:17
In some ways I am quite thankful we did not have social media in my youth. Saved me from embarrassing myself in public when I would have also been more affected by how others viewed me. Probably true for many others of my generation. These technologies have come at the right time now for us. Even if we embarrass ourselves now we don't need to care too much about how others feel about our views and opinions. Youngsters, you have it tough! Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 Al ...
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Share Short-term Interest vs. Long-term Interest
AndrewHLi 2018-3-26 15:04
He who laughs last laughs best. Short-term interest and long-term interest are both sides of a contradiction. More often than not, long-term interest is undermined while short-term interest is pursued, vice versa. For example, why do we need to hurry our children into finishing homework? Someone treats this conduct as misfortune to the kids. For the first time when a child is old enough to be sent to kindergarten, what should parents do to the one with tears in the eyes unwilling to leave th ...
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Share a new day
Florating 2018-3-25 14:38
Yesterday I was so tired, so got sleep earlier than every day . From 21 o'clock to 06:30 o'clock, the whole night my dormancy was rather good. When I waked up, I felt I was full of energy. First I cooked porridge and boiled an egg which was my mother took to me for my breakfast. Second I weared makeup, I used cosmitics which were toner for the first layer, moisturizer for the second layer and sunblock for the last layer, at last I weared eyebrow, painted my lip with lipgloss when I had b ...
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Share The Wind Rises With My Dream
UpWithYourHand 2018-3-25 10:24
The Wind Rises With My Dream
The posts in Moments of WeChat, our Chinese version of instant messenger on smart mobile phones, recently were about an ear-pleasing song, The Wind Rises, with very nice melody though the lyric beyond the understanding of usual listeners. The music TV accompanying this song is done in cartoon or manga, with scenes of war that I assumed to be those seen in China’s TV dramas set in the anti-Japanese war period. Turns out it is the work of the Japanese great master ...
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