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Share 6 of China’s Best Regional Foods — You’ll Love These!
Grace222 2018-2-12 15:09
6 of China’s Best Regional Foods — You’ll Love These!
Food has a special meaning to the Chinese people. With thousands of years of history and development, there is a remarkable diversity of cuisines and food in China, which will take ages if you want to taste them all. China Highlights has listed the following must-taste Chinese food in major tourist destinations for your reference. 1,Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing A saying that is often heard is: "There are two things you must do in Beijing: eat Beijing Roast Duck and see th ...
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Share Taiwan, your motherland is bigger than your expectation
qingchris 2018-2-10 23:07
Recently, the governor of province Taiwan – many press agencies would refer her as the president of Taiwan, has stirred a strong discussion on Chinese internet, which says if Governor Cai Yingwen takes office for another term, it will help China to reunify. It has listed two main reasons: the first, if Taiwan is getting better under Cai’s government, she definitely will cross the red line that mainland has confirmed strictly and robustly, which will cause mainland to take over Taiwan ...
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Share Hi
AndrewHLi 2018-2-8 16:21
It’s been days, and even months since I last wrote about in this place. I have left for quite a while I know, but I am uncertain if I should resume blogging. Many friends I have known from here are no longer here, and the website itself is not well managed, which can been found out through its blog front-page, a key page not been updated for months. Worse, it may imply that the official editors have given up on this zone. With a large proportion of blogs being moved from ot ...
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Share Firewood and axe
SEARU 2018-2-7 22:28
This winter I often split log into pieces for firewood! ----------Living in the village with my old mom, I have to burn coal to warm up the house against the cold weather. The job of making firewood let me think more about 柴---------止 shapes like your two feet; 匕 is ‘knife’(to me it is an axe!); 木 means ‘wood' or ’tree'. ----------I fix the tree-branch with one foot while raising up and dropping downthe axe, wood easily becomesburning-material! &n ...
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Share What is 达?
SEARU 2018-2-5 23:13
In ancient Chinese, 走 meant ‘running’ while 步 was ‘walking’,the shape of the ‘walking component’ could show that someone is running in a hurry! You may sense such atmosphere through 达 in which 大 is big man(人) with arms stretching out who is running, 达 means ‘get to'!
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Share Plum blossom
lovelywinnie 2018-2-5 17:20
Plum blossom
Two months ago, my friend gave me several plum branches. She picked it on the ground when gardeners trimmed the plum trees. She asked me to fill a bottle with some water and put the branches in the bottle. After several days, there would be flowers. I put the branches on the balcony and forgot the thing. Several weeks later, she posted a photo of the plum flowers. They were really beatiful! It reminded me of my plum branches. I found them and put the ...
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Share Old Chair under Winter Sunshine
Lindsay2192 2018-2-4 15:48
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Share Hong Kong: hard border NOT is hard heart
qingchris 2018-2-2 16:35
A less than two minutes video has slurred widely on the Internet of China, including mainland and special administrative region - Hong Kong. It shows two male students from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) break into the office of language center, allege Pu Tong Hua (standard Chinese) is too hard and prevents them from graduation. They claim the college and teachers should serve them, with some dirty words in local speaking to ask teachers to stay back. This scenario is not stra ...
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Share The Inevitable End
Min1989 2018-2-2 11:38
Step by step, we are all approaching the inevitable end of life-mortality. Nobody escapes it, but it seems that not many people actually realize it's existence. Mortality itself is frightening. I don't know whether it is only because the fear towards death is programmed into our gene in the long course of human history so that we will have the best rates of survival. No matter what, I am personally exceedingly afraid of death partly because it means my existence will be wiped cle ...
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Share Total Super Moon Eclipse - The Moon Blushed or Flushed?
KIyer 2018-2-1 10:34
Super Moon Total Eclipse! The word was on everyone's lips Millions of upturned faces 'Round the world, of all races It was truly a marvelous sight So many looked up with awe The moon turned red last night Because of the things _it_ saw A pause for some from petty fights They'll get back to it soon For just a moment in their sights Will be that blood red moon For others who stealthily love Its one witness from above Just watching, nothing said Its face blushing red For those who fought In a ...
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