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Share The World Needs More Nuclear Weapons to Maintain Peace!
arabchinalover 2017-4-28 12:47
I was browsing the news this morning and I read this “ Israel shot down a target over the Golan heights, hours after it was accused of a missile strike at a military site near Damascus international airport” and they called it preventive measures . Oh seriously? Preventive measures or preparations to invade and occupy Syria? The fight in the Middle East will never end since the Forces are unequal. Now they call on North Korea to refrain from provocative, destabilizing action ...
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Share What I didn't know
Min1989 2017-4-27 17:27
In the past half year, quite a lot of emotional tumult has been witnessed in my life. For some time, I was even sightly depressed. One of my friends even suggested me to seek for professional advice. Nothing made me happy. I was utterly disappointed with myself and with my life. About two and half years ago when I was hunting for a job after securing my master degree, I wrote this blog about how harsh reality hit me in a totally unexpected way and in a way sort of dragged me ...
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Share Lets Explore This World & Finding The One Piece
Sealight1 2017-4-25 19:44
If you want to make a difference in the real world by your strength, knowledge, or power, I think being a teacher is a good way. Not only will your knowledge skill be expanded, developed and evolved, but also your mind soul will be extended and spread. At the same time, if you have other identities besides teacher, like a philosopher, traveler, explorer, geologist, that has strong interest to understand and explore each part of the world. Then, I have a good idea, 1. Country: Wit ...
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Share 170425
stander3068 2017-4-25 17:13
Today I brought my daughter to hospital again because she coughed a little more than days before. It turned out that she still had pneumonia. So we brought some medicine home. After that I went to company, studied torque logic, and felt sleepy. 170424 Monday I went to company inspiring U148C, may be the reason is driver’s wrong operation, because the driver door is open all the time. Then I went home finding my daughter coughed more than usual. So I decided to bring her ...
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Share Eating dinner with appropriate manners
renhong 2017-4-25 03:28
Ren Hong Manners and etiquette are the basic rules people should follow while they are eating dinner in a restaurant. There are different manners and etiquette for Chinese food culture and western food culture. In my view, it’s a little complicated for people to learn appropriate manners and etiquette for western food culture. If you are visited to participate in a dinner at your friend’s house, you had better to confirm the location, date and time. Arrive at your friend’s house on t ...
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Share Report of English Learning Groups on Wechat
AndrewHLi 2017-4-24 12:53
The purpose of this report is to show the current situation of English learning groups on Wechat. Findings: since now, I have joined some Wechat groups dedicated to English learning. Mainly can I put them into two types. T he first type is organized by a training centre or the alike. They usually advertise on some English learning Apps, then by scanning the code they have posted, one can get into the group. Oftentimes there is ...
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Share A Bus Story
cvprchen 2017-4-23 13:21
People are affectionate animals and can be moved by something trivial happened to ourselves or others. I am not an exception. Everyday, I go to work by bus. Yesterday morning, after the bus drove into the station, I got on it immediately. On board, I saw some seats available. When I got ready to sit down, a young guy seated nearby stopped me and motioned to me to notice the dirty mark on the seat. Feeling embarrassed and giving him my thanks, I found another one and sit do ...
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Share My grandparents
renhong 2017-4-23 08:36
Ren Hong My grandparents passed away nearly 10 years. My grandmother passed from an accident. My grandfather passed away in peace, surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, I was not in hometown when they passed away. I was sorry to hear my grandparents have passed away. Today, I would like to recall memories of the individual in order to show my condolences to my grandparents during Tomb-Sweeping Day. The old friends and relatives of my grandparents’ offered their condolences to our fa ...
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Share 170421
stander3068 2017-4-23 03:14
Today is Friday, nothing special in the daytime. But after 4:00pm, we went to a home party. We can enjoy lots of amusement there, for example KTV, pingpang, billiards, Majiang, punchboard, TV, etc. there are 10 rooms for us to rest in the night. After playing a while, I suggested to have dinner in my young brother’s restaurant. So we came there. We spent 625yuan there. After lunch, I brought my nephew there for play. We got home at about 23:40pm.
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