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Share It’s Father’s Day – Got to Hold that Sky
tradervic 2018-6-18 00:19
It’s Father’s Day – Got to Hold that Sky
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 What is the old quote from Mao that has been misconstrued by a good deal of ‘Progressives’ over the years? “Women hold up half the sky.” I am reminded of this after seeing articles about the ‘humorous’ t-shirt from an American store called ‘Old Navy’ (picture included with this article). As the picture implies, there is an attitude with a good deal of progressives in the western world tha ...
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Share The Sick Old Man
KIyer 2018-6-15 11:50
Wisps of hair, like streaky clouds Gathered 'round his head He lay under a tattered quilt Reclining on his bed The musty air smelled, Oh! so foul As I manfully held the bowl He struggled so noisily with his breath I feared he just might cough to his death A spoon of soup I tried to feed him Some dribbled down his chin He looked at me with his rheumy eyes ...
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Share How to Discuss Hobbies in Mandarin Like a Native Speaker
BellyKather 2018-6-12 21:01
How to Discuss Hobbies in Mandarin Like a Native Speaker
“爱好” (Hobbies, àihǎo) is one of the first topics covered in beginner Mandarin textbooks. It’s a nice entry lesson, but it’s arguably rather too formal and stiff for daily conversation in any language. Can you remember the last time you asked a fellow English speaker their hobbies?! I know I can’t. It turns out that it’s not so common in Mandarin either. According to the Chinese teachers at Lingo Bus, for native speakers, it’s too formal to ask others the following, unless perhap ...
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Share Poem: Questioning the World
shehemego 2018-6-11 14:37
The poems below are written on my own in English and in Chinese. Please pick one for reading or both if you know these two languages. Questioning the World What a Universe, Milky Way and Star-covered Sky! You together made a cradle for the Earth, Embracing this blue water ball. Dating from when, billions of years of love Has been paid to bring up the child. Oh, my mysterious world, please tell m ...
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Share Cardiovascular Diseases Big Worry for Bangladesh
Ashikujaman 2018-6-10 02:03
Nowadays in Bangladesh, cardiovascular diseases are the common problem. If we cannot control, it will be very dangerous able to our health, life, economy, and everything. The WHO NCD (Non-Communicable Disease Alliance) Warns South Asian Countries including Bangladesh about the ‘aggressive’ spread of the diseases such as heart problems and diabetes affecting people mostly in younger age. “They should be earning money for the family but they are impacted by diabetes and cardiovascular d ...
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Share the coming College Entrance Exam
Guo'er 2018-6-5 16:52
In front of the high school I used to study, Someone videoed the students who were going to the county to take part in the coming college entrance exam, which is going to be held two days later. I saw this video just now, it really gave me a shock and reminded me of the exam I took ten years ago. the memories of my high school life started to reappear in mind, so clear, concrete and vivid, just like watching a movie in which I was the main character. Ten years ago today, together with many ...
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shehemego 2018-6-4 12:13
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Share The Things NEVER Overcome
shehemego 2018-5-31 10:58
To begin with, I AM PUSHED to say out my new motto first: What U Make makes What U ARE. That's a powerful motto, giving me lots of optimistic ideas. YET, it is only a motto by my mouth if it is not imprinted on my heart, if not being a unwashed belief, or not directing me to live a productive life. When it is just a motto, it is nothing to be talked about with pride. So don't believe in it, if you don't want to try. It's your choice, of course, mine as well. HOWEVER, bad parts always s ...
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Share Thoughts on the speech “My dream is to make fortune” by a schoolboy
GreenNanning 2018-5-27 10:34
There has been heated discussion online about a recent speech delivered by a schoolboy of Hangzhou in a classroom activity before his classmates and his and their teachers and parents. Dressed in school uniform and especially the flashy red scarf, a symbol of the successor to the great socialist revolutionary cause, the boy surprised the audience with his dream, which is about making fortune, an obvious goal of life of capitalists or the object to be revolutionized in normal cl ...
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Share Success is an Iceberg
sharoncuizz 2018-5-24 13:11
Success is an Iceberg
I found this picture on the Internet by chance and I like it. Here I'm sharing it with you. It is always this case that we see the success on the surface, but have no idea how much we have to do to gain it.
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