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Share Who is brainwashing you?
ampraxu123 2017-2-20 20:11
Have you realized that you are being brainwashed right now? Look at your glazed face! I know you have not realized it yet. Alas! But maybe this is also good for you, because you will always be happy living in the paradise. To some extent, such people are indeed happiness holders, but what I want to address today is brainwash, which happens daily or even every moment in our lives despite the fact that we haven’t even realized it. But who is brainwashing us? This needs some analysis. 1. Engl ...
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Share Those Dreadful Ten Seconds
SunnyWang2004 2017-2-20 16:55
Those Dreadful Ten Seconds
Those Dreadful Ten Seconds (恐怖的10秒钟) By Wang Yifei (王怡菲), a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School On our way of life, there could be loads of things that could do a serious impact on your confidence. If “confidence” is just some really unimportant thing, then no one should care about it. The point is, it is so crucial that it’s actually why we keep our lives going. But the “confidence” is so fragile that it could ...
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Share Diary for two days back college after the winter vacation
shehemego 2017-2-19 21:02
I have been back college after the winter vocation for 2 days. The first day I went back school,, I did the laborious thing of tidying up my desk at the dorm. I spent 4 hours long turning a place in mess into a place I haven't been in for the last three years in the university. I was proud of myself for doing the tidying. I was a little overexcited the first night. I made myself listen to the music and then fell into sleep without consciousness. But when the clock stroke 4 o'clock, ...
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Share La La Land
Min1989 2017-2-19 09:06
One of my friends had watched this movie three times cause he was so in love with it while some others had to leave during the middle of the screening as they simply didn't feel a thing. The movie was on in China on Valentine's Day which to a certain extent subtly suggested that this would be a beautifully touching love story suitable for couples. With this in mind and the awards guaranteed quality, people held high expectations for this. While things didn't quite tur ...
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Share Interesting sentences I learned from Friends0110
Kevinfly 2017-2-17 11:06
In this episode, Ross gets a monkey as his pet and live with it, a lot of funny things will happen between Ross and this monkey, we can talk it later. There is a party on the new year's day, Chandler propose that they should have a pack that only six of them to celebreate new year this year and others agree with him. But later Phoebe meet a scientific guy who thought she was the most beautiful women he ever seen in his entire life. As you all know, Phoebe is with that guy now and she ...
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Share (a novel)Heartbeat Part IV The Image of the Old Times
SunnyWang2004 2017-2-17 07:49
(a novel)Heartbeat Part IV  The Image of the Old Times
Heartbeat By Yifei Wang (王怡菲)a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School 4. The Image of the Old Times I quickly close it. Thank God it’s all in English. “The Time Machine and…what?” Akeva rushes behind me and reads the words out loud. I snap it shut and stuff it under my table. “You know, Rachel , you really should be more careful with your own private stuff though.” Akeva says in a tone full of mock. “Who did thi ...
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Share After Failing Post Graduate Exam
irisshao823 2017-2-16 21:58
The scores for 2017 entrance exam for Master’s Degree were released yesterday, and unfortunately I failed the test. First I feel very bad. I worked a lot to prepare for this exam, after all. However, this is the reality that I must accept. Then I began to think about the reasons. I realized that I did not work hard enough. In the past year, I kept thinking that there were still much time, and told myself to take it easy. When I wanted to play games or watch movies, I hinted mysel ...
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Share Me Before You
Min1989 2017-2-16 17:17
When nearly everybody on my virtual circle of friends was talking about this movie, I anticipated that it would be on in the mainland of China. But it didn't. Still, I got to see it the other day online. The storyline is simple and even a bit cliche in my very personal opinion. It reminded me of the French hit movie "Intouchables". But other than that, I love every bit of the movie: the music, the scene, the leading actor and actress. I particularly love the topic the ...
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Share Interesting sentences I learned from Friends0109
Kevinfly 2017-2-16 09:52
In this episode, Monica will make diner for the coming thanks given day. All these friends have their own plan at the beginning. Rachel plans to go to Roma with her new boyfriend. Joy plans to go home to celebrate holiday with his big family. Phoebe plans to have thanks given with her grandma. Chandler never have thanks given because his bad memory about his father and mother divorced on thanks given day when he was a child. But a lot of things happened before Thanks giving dinner. Jo ...
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