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Share No Need To Die And Go To Heaven
KIyer 2018-8-8 19:28
I have often heard that someone ‘died and went to Heaven’. It came as a surprise revelation to me when I realized that, I have stayed alive and come to Heaven. I look around and find it very familiar. It looks just like the area around where I live. I was walking outside, this evening after dark. It had rained earlier in the day and the skies had cleared up. I could feel a cool and yet exhilarating pleasant dampness as I looked up and saw the stars bright ...
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Share How do you choose a pet clinic, private or public?
BeckyinYZ 2018-8-7 09:44
With improved living standard, more and more people now keep pets and take their pet as family members, so the pets are commonly named companion animals. Pet owners would be willing to spend a large amount of money for pet’s health, especially when pets get ill. This situation has spawned the rapid development of both public and private pet clinics, which are different in some aspects, such as fees, service level and attitude. In this case, many people cannot figure out which kind of pe ...
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Share What's a good recommendation for dancing robots?
AlphaLiang 2018-8-6 14:20
Holly, guys. Excuse me, is there any good recommendation for the Bluetooth dancing robot? What is the general price range?
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Share One piece of rubbish glass!
SEARU 2018-7-24 18:47
As a naughty boy, I often swam in the pond. Once a time, when I climbed up to the bank, I slipped down and the left knee was cut by a piece of brokenglass hidden in the ground with the leg bleeding!------------I hated the man who had littered the knife-like sharp rubbish here!
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Share typhoon
Captain_Cook 2018-7-23 16:15
Last week's typhoon had little effect on Hangzhou, and the rain didn't last long. I heard that Yinchuan had rained heavily and caused a lot of road damage.
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Share Traffic stagnates between the two cities
xibo.wu 2018-7-22 19:01
All the high speed trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou have cancelled today, since typhoon is coming.
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Share Icecream was not enjoyable!
SEARU 2018-7-21 18:55
Cold food against high air-temperature? About twenty years ago, we were busy on wheat-harvesting when brother bought some pieces of icecream. As soon as I had a bite of this kind of cold ice, I got a terrible toothache that drove me to tears and had to see dentist next day! Sudden temperature change is not good for the body inside organs to run on the normal way that is harmful to health!
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Share Repsot and Be Lucky!
Predestinedway 2018-7-20 21:28
Repsot and Be Lucky!
How to pass a difficult exam? How to get a handsome boyfriend? How to lose weight successfully? Bother not to make detailed plan, carry out the plan persistently and wait to see an uncertain result after a rather long period. Now, we may have a more convenient and quicker way to realize all these wishes. Let’s repost! Yes, that’s the answer I provide. Recently, I have noti ...
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Share She Would Never Respond
Predestinedway 2018-7-19 12:13
When the news came that she was gone, I was still in school, failing to go back to hometown immediately. Several days before the news, father gave a mild suggestion: “How about coming back and keeping her company for days? ”: I was then too slow to penetrate beneath the words but replied hesitantly: “You know, I’m busy with my academic work, it’s not a proper time—” He i ...
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Share it's a beautiful day
zxbbbj 2018-7-18 15:21
so beautiful everything this day old man over twenty hundred flower in full blossom midsummer water almost comes into existence heat all where glance see watch glaze stare trance nirvana background white so white as white as snow letters black so black as black as ink reminding one of kind of as black as coal holes muddy slippery urinal so red so green so yellow birds on twigs yellowbellyed singing crisscross through days and none days endless limited a dozen only only a dozen background o ...
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