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Share Taste of Yunnan(Part I)
茉莉儿 2017-4-23 10:59
Binchuan County As usual, when spring breeze brings warmth into the Yunnan Province each year, everything there breaks through obstructions to approach growth stage. Without a formal declaration of coming, warmth has raised vitality and surprise among all things of creation. Especially in spring, Chinese people have a keen sense of smell and taste. Yunnanese think that flavor ingredients in spring taste delicious and they have a pleasant sensation from everything that is bursting with ...
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Share The Telephone
Tsaokuohua 2017-4-22 20:17
The Telephone If I want to use telephone, first of all, I need have a mobile phone, and know how to operate it. For a person with no normal income, buy a new mobile phone, it is unlikely. So the society seems to make me can not use the phone. Fortunately, I have long been engaged in electrical maintenance, old mobile phone share still exists. second-hand mobile phones are very c ...
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Share Paralyzed Woman Volunteers as Youth Counselor for Over 8 Yrs
Women_of_China 2017-4-21 09:39
Paralyzed Woman Volunteers as Youth Counselor for Over 8 Yrs
Zhong Qian A young woman paralyzed by severe arthritis since the age of 16 has inspired more than 4,000 people by offering volunteer mental counseling over the past eight years. Zhong Qian from the city of Jinan in east China's Shandong Province is a local volunteer. Due to the distortion of her joints she can now only move one finger. In 2001, just before she took the nation's senior high-school entrance exams, she was diagnosed with the disease. ...
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Share From Semi-Pro to Pro
HailChina! 2017-4-21 00:28
From Semi-Pro to Pro
I am from Australia and when I was a young kid in the 80s all of the athletes that played team sports in Australia were still semi-pro. In my state NSW the most popular footy code was/is Rugby League and back in the 80s even the best players all had jobs on top of their football contracts. For many of the good players their rugby league clubs would set them up with jobs that were flexible and these jobs were often token jobs of sorts but like I said, back in the 80s even the best pla ...
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Share Happy Chinese Language Day!
arabchinalover 2017-4-20 18:28
Happy Chinese Language Day!
As a foreigner who can speak Chinese language , I would like to say " happy language day" . April 20 , is the United Nations Chinese language day.
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Share Powerful Lives Impact Others
Women_of_China 2017-4-20 16:50
Powerful Lives Impact Others
Dr. Hailan Dr. Hailan has 20-plus years of experience in trauma healing , and she teaches courses to show people how to improve their ability to achieve happiness . In recent years, she has been promoting peer education (the teaching of information, values and skills so recipients can give advice to their peers who are coping with problems in their lives). She hopes everyone will become his/her own psychological consultant, and she hopes everyone will have a ...
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Share My Chinese Dream As a Foreigner
arabchinalover 2017-4-19 14:56
I have been asked repeatedly by Chinese friends why moving to china and what made me settle down here. My answer is always, I myself don't know how and why. After graduating from high school, I was sent to china as a full scholarship student to attend my undergraduate studies. Because I believed that for every human there is not but one home. I have never thought about spending the rest of my life in china or envisioned that I will set up a family and settle down. As they say that everyt ...
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Share Aidi International School – A First Year Teacher’s Perspective
aidi365 2017-4-19 14:25
I had been out of college for close to a year, and like many young graduates, I was wondering what I was going to do for employment. I was also looking for an adventure, and a chance to add some international experience to my resume. That is where my adventure began to take place. I wanted to try something new, go somewhere different, somewhere exciting. I got online and started searching. Eventually I hit Ch ...
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Share Heat transfer processing attention problems
xiaoyupang 2017-4-19 13:35
What is thermal transfer processing? What is the problem of thermal transfer processing, we have a brief look below. Thermal transfer processing is a process of transferring a thermal transfer film onto the surface of the substrate. Thermal transfer processing is a production service, or packaging printing services. Thermal transfer process, how to better guarantee the transfer effect of the product, need to pay attention to the following questions. Heat transfer processing attention pr ...
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Share Young Woman Guards Shared Bike Scheme by Rewriting IDs
Women_of_China 2017-4-19 09:58
Young Woman Guards Shared Bike Scheme by Rewriting IDs
Li Dongyu uses her smartphone to work out the missing ID number of a shared bike on April 14. A native of Beijing has recently dedicated herself to re-identifying shared bikes that have had their numbers scratched off, hoping to offer convenience to other users. Li Dongyu, 24, found a number of shared bikes last month had been vandalized, preventing her from taking them for a ride. After spending much time guessing their number, Li finally figured it out. ...
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