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Share Girl, 9, Donates Stem Cell 3 Times to Help Mom
Women_of_China 2017-3-24 20:44
Girl, 9, Donates Stem Cell 3 Times to Help Mom
Zhang Yinuo takes a blood test before donating stem cells at the hospital. A 9-year-old girl from Zunhua, a city in north China's Hebei Province, donated potentially life-saving stem cells three times from March 7-9 to her mother who suffers from a serious blood condition. After a series of tests, the hospital staff told Zhang Yinuo that she had the most compatible cells to assist her parent, even more so than her grandmother. L ...
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Share Report says China's sharing economy to grow 40% annually
cicgf2 2017-3-24 15:03
China's sharing economy will maintain a high 40 percent annual growth rate in the coming years, according to estimates in a report released by the State Information Center. The report, released by the center's sharing economy research branch, predicted the sharing economy's transaction volume will account for over 10 percent of the country's GDP by 2020, and that the ratio will continue to grow to roughly 20 percent by 2025. China's fast-growing sharing economy will likely generate five to te ...
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Share Asia needs closer cooperation to deal with economic uncertainties: Report
cicgf2 2017-3-24 11:15
Asian economies need to enhance the sense of community and sign more cooperative strategies to deal with the rising economic uncertainties in the region, a report said on Thursday. The study, Progress of Asian Economic Integration Annual Report 2017, said the possible overheating of the US economy, the uncertainties of US President Trump's protectionist policies, the long-term impact of Brexit, and the forthcoming elections in Europe could pose challenges to Asia's economic prospect this yea ...
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Share Chinese investors move in, take large slice of Latin American pie
cicgf2 2017-3-24 10:04
Chinese companies are forming the mainstay of foreign direct investment in Latin American and African markets as globalization suffers setbacks elsewhere, an international law firm has said. In an interview with China Daily, Juan Picón, global co-chairman of DLA Piper, said he still thought the trend would continue, based on feedback from his clients. He said: "A growing percentage of our clients who are investing directly in Latin America are from the Chinese mainland, from sectors includin ...
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Share Sick and depraved western leaders exploit terror attack
HailChina! 2017-3-23 18:12
Sick and depraved western leaders exploit terror attack
Like most people I really really hate western politicians. In my opinion every last one of our western politicians are part of a class that is against the people. These western politicians work for the western elite and their job is to keep western populations enslaved to these 'elites' that own pretty much everything. I do not believe in so-called 'democracy' in any way shape or form and I with how angry western populations are since the GFC I think that my hate of western politic ...
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Share China Releases 1st Female Naval Promotional Film
Women_of_China 2017-3-23 14:17
China Releases 1st Female Naval Promotional Film
China's female naval crew stands in a line to salute an officer. China recently released its first female navy soldier promotional film to inspire more people to learn about the training spirit and dedication of these outstanding young women. Female Navy Forces on Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning The carrier hosts around 100 women naval officers from nine ethnic groups who all have to pass strict tests to prove their professional qualifications after being trained in 35 speci ...
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Share New rule on ODI is in the pipeline
cicgf2 2017-3-22 13:11
Regulation will draw a clear line on areas to be encouraged, forbidden China plans to introduce its first regulation on making outbound direct investments later this year to clarify and define the range of overseas investments, as well as listing prohibited areas and other essential factors, according to a report by Beijing-based newspaper the Economic Information Daily on Tuesday. The Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic watc ...
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Share Good Blood Circulation Crucial for Health
Women_of_China 2017-3-22 10:25
Good Blood Circulation Crucial for Health
You must make a special effort to invigorate blood circulation if you want to be a healthy, beautiful woman. Are you aware the main cause of not-so-fair skin and/or not-so-glossy hair is poor blood circulation, blood stasis and/or some other blood disease? You must make a special effort to invigorate blood circulation if you want to be a healthy, beautiful woman. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory stresses the strengthening of qi and ...
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Share Li to focus on trade while in Australia, New Zealand
cicgf2 2017-3-22 10:18
Premier looks to expand economic relationships, strengthen cooperation China said it is willing to work with Australia and New Zealand to push for an early agreement on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, as Premier Li Keqiang kicks off a visit to the two countries on Wednesday. The eight-day trip, the first by a Chinese premier in 11 years, will send a positive signal that China, Australia and New Zealand will promote the liberalization of trade and investment amid the risin ...
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Share Rockefeller family's connection with China
cicgf2 2017-3-22 09:29
David Rockefeller, the billionaire businessman and philanthropist who was the last in his generation of world- famous philanthropic families, died Monday at 101. The life of David Rockefeller also witnessed the Rockefeller Foundation's century-long connection with China that saw investments in China's science, medicine, and higher education. The Rockefeller family's connection with China date back to 1863, when John D. Rockefeller sold his first kerosene to China and presented his first gift ...
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