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Share Watching The Story of Ming Lan on the first day of 2019
hmangel0129 2019-1-1 22:16
I am a fan of Actress Zanalia Zhao, who put an "official announcement" to tell people she has the family way on Chinese hot social media platform sina weibo this morning. First of all, congratulate on the blesses expectant mother. Meanwhile her new production, another acient television series was come out unexpectedly on Christmas Eve and gave all the fans a big surprise. This drama focous on the journey of a girl named Ming Lan growing to an integrity, intelligent and accountable wom ...
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Share China Consulate Attack ,Terrorist failed .pak china friendship more strong
irfantariq 2018-11-25 01:06
China Consulate Attack ,Terrorist failed .pak china friendship more strong
Pakistan and China Friendship more strong ,Because yesterday pak china enemy (Terrorist)Attack chines consulate In Karachi ,and barve two police soldier failed this terrorist Attack ,this Attack is not only on China ,its also on pakistan ,because people of pakistan and china is on same page ,question is this why terrorist Attack on chines consulate ?and who is behind ?can we say this attack target is pak china friendship and Cpec projects ,? Yes Its true .This Attack Only one Rea ...
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Share The Illusional City
Annette_Lee 2018-10-29 23:12
As the last episod of "The Illusionl City " ended,I was brooding in the last word" If i am in your dream,and who is in mine,have we waken up?" Recently a new type of the performance ,named"The Illusional City"was on the TV ,which had a shot at combining the "singing "and "performance" in the on-live show,namely there is no E.G during the preformance.It was so much unique,differing in the opera and the movie alone,yet it joined both of them to be a new ...
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Share A Heart-broken Day
hmangel0129 2018-10-26 21:06
I got a rejection letter from a periodical office just before, which stroke me a lot. It is the second time that I've received a rejection letter this year. Yeah, I have been a lazy bone for nealy two years because of my morbid characters. Sometimes, I devoted myself comprehensively into the study and professional work ,while sometimes , I got used to doing nothing at all except for sleeping or boring fantacy. I was able to get immersed into complaining others but not ...
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Share 改革开放四十年书画展,南京图书馆
LianCHEN 2018-9-21 22:54
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Share Floating Nuclear Power Plants for China
anshuwen 2018-8-30 14:26
Viet Phuong Nguyen on China's Floating Nuclear Power Plants: I dislike the above hand-wringing on China's FNPPs. Atomophobia in general strikes me as Baizuo-ism (given certain caveats about the need for strong safety and security reguations). Don't @ me with your environmentalism; I care about the environment, too, and I'm perfectly well aware of all the argument ...
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Share Mosquito bites led to the extinction of dinosaurs?
zhangguowen 2018-7-11 22:46
In the Mesozoic era, 70 million to 200 million years ago, our earth was dominated by reptiles such as dinosaurs. These reptiles were flying in the sky, climbing in the ground and swimming in the water. They ruled the earth for more than 100 million years. However, in a relatively brief period about 65 million years ago, they suddenly became extinct on earth. So what caused such a once-mighty species to suddenly disappear? Although many scientists have devoted their lives to the hunt for this ...
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Share My English Names
Joey-k 2018-6-15 15:47
As English majors, we were asked to write down our English names alongside our Chinese ones in the roll-call book back in college. My dorm mates and I went back, rummaging through the dictionary to find a suitable name. The strategy was clear: it should be similar in pronunciation with one’s Chinese name. In the end, the girl whose family name is Su chose the obvious Sue, Jia selected Jocelyn, Liang Lisa and I went for Connie as my surname is Kang. But I felt really ...
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Share Looking for Chinese to English translator
indiamesh 2018-6-10 14:08
Looking for a Chinese to English translator for a week from 25th to 30 June either in Anping (Hebei) or to travel from Beijing to Anping and return back to Beijing.
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