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Share The necessity of doctoral study
renhong 2018-1-4 23:56
Nowadays, most of young people have to finish doctoral study within 3 or 4 years. Some people hold that it's definitely beneficial for their further development in the future. They must find awell-paid job and live a satisfying life. However, some people argue that it's unnecessary for young people to finish their doctoral study. Because the current education system in not good for students to develop their potential ability. They are restricted by many useless regulations and courses. Af ...
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Share The Mistress-dispelling Business
Joey-k 2017-12-28 11:49
I learned of the mistress-dispelling business in China from a recent BBC podcast. Behind this industry are mostly wives in distress, who decide to resort to the so-called love detectives to get their cheating husbands back. It’s an uncomfortable 30 minutes, listening to the documentary. Some of the contents haunt me. First, this company and its employees believe that while they are fighting a moral cause (to separate the husbands from their mistresses), they c ...
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Share world needs justice
lem 2017-12-14 13:56
Last night i was deeply touched by adocumentary called Zhang Chunru- the rape of Nanking. I still remembered somebody refered this name to me in the middle schoolbut i ignored it because i knew nothing about it at that time. Zhang Chunru,an American-Chinese, putmost of her life inexploringtheastonishing history and make it clear to people around the world. The minute she saw some horrible pictures and words simply describing som ...
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Share Auld Lang Syne -- to the Sister Relationship Between Shandong and South Australi
宁檬 2017-12-1 18:03
I received the cultural delegation from South Australia in the first half of this year, a pleasurable routine that has lasted for 3 consecutive years. This year’s event featured a painting exhibition “Sights and Impressions from South Australia”, which included 10 paintings from 5 visiting artists from South Australian Living Artists Association and dozens of works created by Shandong artists after they paid a visit to South Australia in September last year, a small discussion between cult ...
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Share As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era
Captain_Cook 2017-10-19 12:48
Overnight, an important topic in childhood memory has changed. The principal contradiction facing Chinese society in the new era is that between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life. ​​​​
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Share Our brain as an energy source?
mperach 2017-9-22 09:49
Note: Later, other explanation to "eat" was thought of, simpler and therefore, is preferable. The option suggested in this post is not likely to happen. But the post is so madly beautiful, that I left it as is, only added this note. What If : - Other dimensions are existed in our universe, different from those we see (1), - A jump between dimensions has an energy toll (2), - "They" are in some type of existence, not mathematically and/or physic ...
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Share A book about China
mperach 2017-9-16 09:42
I saw on Chinadaily's website, ~2 days ago, an invitation to writers who are under process of writing a book about China from objective point of view. When decided to live in the far east, China was my first praiority. Went to the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, to ask for an apropiate visa. No visa for staying in China for writing a book, but I picked 2-3 options out of the visa's type available. The woman at the embassy asked if the book were to be about China. (No). So she said no such o ...
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Share Adjustment in language
mperach 2017-9-13 09:20
When the (known) world exchanges, come a need for language modification to follow. Words, then, may need tuning to different/slightly-different meaning and/or (missing) words need to be added in order to describing the new reality. Since the time my world has changed, I see inconsistency in phrases, idioms, everyday saying, and in words I lack for using in that new world. As: *(I translate from Hebrew) we live only once ! (Maybe, but how do you know? Or, how can you be ...
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Share One multiple-answer-question quiz
mperach 2017-9-10 10:06
What is the essence of art? a) Massage to the brain. b) I do not know. c) Nobody knows. d) Other. Yossi Banai's style.. ( The right answer will not be given ).
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