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Share My God! No Need For Any Miracles
KIyer 2018-4-23 07:23
I do not wish to use the concept of God to explain away what I cannot otherwise understand by my knowledge or reason. I would rather admit to my ignorance and the limits of what I know and can understand and leave it at that while trying to learn more. God for me does not have to begin where my understanding ends or as a catch-all for all the ignorance of humanity. Any concept of God that I can subscribe to does not need to have miraculous po wers (even if many inspire awe and wonder), it ...
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Share My first day
HEAL 2018-4-22 09:28
Today is sunday.i have regist my own count in the CHINA DAILY.i have lie waste my 22days in the April.later days,i have many things to do like the Teacher qualification examination and cet-6,but i have no confidence in see,how shitty my english is,what a luck is my transilation.
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Share My First Class
sharoncuizz 2018-4-22 09:26
Yesterday, I had the first English class in my lifetime. At first, I was so nervous and worried that I might screw it up, but it turned out to be OK. The nervousness was gone in a few minutes after I started the class. What’s important was that the students were all very active to respond to me. So I would like to thank them a lot. After finishing the review of the words, expressions and grammar points they learned in the last class, I divided them into two groups and asked them ...
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Share Set Out For The Day Packing A Smile, A Blessing and A Gun
KIyer 2018-4-21 20:53
From the combined stereotypical wisdom that I have acquired from the cultures I have lived in - (Indian spiritual and American practical), here is a suggested solution to reducing the problem of stressful modern life that seems to set off some individuals beyond their breaking point and explode in an act of violence against random or a targeted mass of people. This seems to be the result of a lifestyle that is associated with 'advanced' and 'developed' countries and societies today and has spre ...
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Share How could you become friend to Chinese?
SEARU 2018-4-20 23:51
First,let me make a joke about the English word ‘friend’ in this way: ‘Fri-end’ sounds like ‘free-end’ which shows that two strangers would feel ‘free’ in the ‘end’ when they become ‘friend’ to each other! In Chinese, we say ‘朋友’ as ‘friend’. How to understand it in a reasonable way? 朋 consists two same parts and each one represents ‘the moon’ but here which should symbols ‘body’. ------------Many Chinese characters related to your some organ has ‘ ...
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sharoncuizz 2018-4-15 11:14
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. This year is surely going to be a milestone in my life, because I have been planning to make a substantial change of the type of my work. I have to admit that it’s a big challenge for me. To start a brand now type of work, it calls for the great courage to say goodbye to the previous career and the frame of mind to start a new one. Early this year, I was facing a little fear, the fear of not having the courage ...
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Share To love your country
Florating 2018-4-13 22:31
Recently, I read more news from China Daily, on the one hand, for myself, I want to learn English well, on the other hand, there was a idea into my mind that everyone need to love your country., I was pround that I was a chinese people. The United states promoted import tarrif, it is bad to bilaterl trade between US and China. Everyone who knows that cooperation can take benefit. If the import tarrif was promoted , the cost of living will be increased , so th ...
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Share I am here to make friends and improve my English
Hellenma 2018-4-11 11:27
My name is Hellen. I am from Beijing. My major is computer science, but I love English. And I know English is a very important tool for me to learn more knowledge. I want to make friends with whom want to improve English and to learn more knowledge.
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Share Opened up shop at
tradervic 2018-4-8 23:56
Opened up shop at
If it has not been too apparent, I have not spent a good deal of time here at the China Daily BBS the last couple months. Not going to lie, I have grown curious about another website called, which has been quietly gathering a good amount of content creators and quite a good sized audience. It has been interesting to see the reaction of some of those there to my archive of old articles that I have published over the years at various sites, like this BBS. Suffice to say ...
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Share An ordinary road
Florating 2018-4-7 21:13
Everyone in the world who has a dream when he was a pupil , for instance, to be a scientist, to be a writter, to be a engineer and so on. At the age of eight, somebody asked me which person did you wanted to be? I told them I wanted to be a professor. That time in my mind may be the professor must be a person whose knowledge was enough. More than twenty years have passed, I did not to be a professor, b ...
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