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Share Overcoming Fear
ocpaul20 2018-1-18 20:43
No-one likes to have fear, it is uncomfortable. It seems it was designed to be a primal, instinctual response to physical danger. However, much of what we fear these days is not a fear of danger, of physical harm, but is often a fear of what might happen to us in our everyday life. Fear of spiders, snakes, dogs, attack, height, flying etc are all based on valid could-be dangerous situations but generally they are dangerous situations if we are living in ancient times when man was nothing ...
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Share Dennis and Shirley - The Lord and Lady Of Henry VIII Manor Eatery - Chapter 1
KIyer 2018-1-18 08:27
On the drive into Victoria’s high country - the Victorian Alps, from Melbourne, there is a scenic mountain road called the Black Spur or Black Spur Drive. It is one of the most popular rides for motorbikes, classic cars and convertibles (with their tops down), in Australia. It is also a great drive in a family car or bus. It is famous for being one of the most twisted roads with distractingly beautiful and spectacular scenery. It is tough to drive as a first-time driver if you are ...
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Share The Way to Success
sharoncuizz 2018-1-17 13:00
I remember when I was in college, “The Way to Success” was once the writing topic in one examination. Now I would like to pick it up again and share my experiences and opinions with all of you. A lot of people are wondering why others can gain success, like Jack Ma, entrepreneur of Alibaba, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, etc. Some of them are millionaires when they are very young. Most of us can do nothing but admire them and name them biggest winners. In intervi ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (20)
jinmingchen 2018-1-16 19:18
Talking about Idioms (20)
In cold winter of the north, we can still see the pine and the cypress have green leaves even though they are covered snows and ice. They are so remarkable to be noticed in the cold weather that makes people to praise them. One Chinese idiom which is often used to express such a feeling is called “岁寒知松柏 (suì hán zhī sōng bǎi)”, meaning only when the year grows cold do we see the qualities of the pine and the cypress. The idiom is often been used to describe a person ...
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KIyer 2018-1-15 08:10
If you are not there There is spring, but colours are lacking There are flowers, but fragrance is lacking If you are not there There are songs, but sound is lacking There is food, but taste is lacking If you are not there There is life, but the zest is lacking There is everything, but just something is lacking If you are not there.. HINDI VERSION Aap Nahin To Bahaar to hai, par rang kuch kam hai Phool to hain, par khushboo kuch kam hai Aap nahin to Gaana to hai par naa ...
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Share Learn English By Watching Friends0101
Kevinfly 2018-1-12 17:37
The whole story starts from the famous coffe house, central park. The first screen is Chandler, Joey, Monica and Pheobe were talking in centure park. Monica said that she does not have date with a guy, it is just a man from her work. But the other friends do not believe it. When they were talking about that, Ross came in with a really depressed 'Hi'. Ross was very depress because his wife is a lesbian, she left him and moved out with her stuff. Other four friends wants to comfort Ross but i ...
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Share Anxieties I’ve experienced recently
Mumu_Bin 2018-1-9 17:48
I took the interview for teacher’s certificate several days ago. Before that interview, I had experienced time of anxiety. Many times as I told myself that there was nothing to worry about, considering that I have more than 3 years teaching experience, I still found myself sometimes in an anxious state. According to the rules, I am eligible to take the interview in the city where I was born. I can also take the interview in the city where I work, as long as I have p ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (19)
jinmingchen 2018-1-7 21:52
Talking about Idioms (19)
It is snowing heavily these days in many place , so I’d like to talk about an idiom related to snow, that is “瑞雪兆丰年ruì xuě zhào fēng nián”. The idiom means a timely snow promises a good harvest. The idiom’s origin can be trace back to an article " On Drought and Hungry" written by 韩愈(Han Yu),an famous ancient prose writer in the Tang Dynasty. In this article we read the sentence: “今瑞雪频降,来年必丰”,(these days auspicious snow falls frequently , so next year will be a ...
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Share Ice, snow and water!
SEARU 2018-1-6 12:48
Nice photos! Among them the sixth one is the most beautiful painting that I appreciate very much! It drives me think a lot about the common liquid-----water! Chemistry science tells us water-molecule (H-O-H) is one oxygen-atom arming two hydrogen-ones who are dancing in liquid-state! The active water is quite important for life since it is said there are one-milion chemical-actions taking place inside our body per second and most of them could not go on without water! When it is freezing, wa ...
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Share Is 流 mountain-water painting?
SEARU 2018-1-4 15:56
About 流: Its first part is called ‘three-drop-water’ in Chinese;The top of its right component is changed-form of 云(clouds) and the bottom one should comes from 川 (river) which two sides symbol the banks of the river and the middle-vertical-stroke represents the water-current! So, look at the whole word: Three streams flows; Over the head the clouds are floating in the sky and it seems that it is raining hard; The current of the river is so strong that the banks are go ...
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