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Share How to read books and write a paper
renhong 2017-12-13 00:24
Ren Hong Today Itook a class which taught by Professor Zhu. He has retired but still teach history and Western Civilization in Peking University. The theme of his class is about reading and writing. That's helpful for students to complete their paper and learn writing skills. He introduced the process of writing that is divided into four parts. Firstly, create a small topic and reflect the deep meaning. Secondly, find your own original ideas. Thirdly, do it with scientific way and sti ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (16)
jinmingchen 2017-12-11 20:51
Talking about Idioms (16)
The Chinese idiom “业精于勤”,mandarin pronunciation yè jīng yú qín, means excellence in one’s studies is from diligence. The idiom comes from Han Yu’s essay Advice on Learning (《进学解》), which says “业精于勤,荒于嬉;行成于思,毁于随”. (Excellence in one’s studies is from diligence while indulging in much fun desolates one’s learning; success is achieved through deliberate thought but ruined by casual attitude ). The author Han Yu ( 韩愈)(768-824)was a great writer, ...
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Share your effort is not ignored but worthless.
tonysong2000 2017-12-11 20:16
as you are a manage members, your responsibility is organization, plan and arrangement. you likely prefer to do by yourself but you can't finish all tasks, you should plan good time and materials. you should arrange team members to do along with your scheme. you are organize team to finish according to your initial plan. if you want to do everything by yourself, it is no possible. too many things will be completed. you are just one person, you just have one b ...
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Share which is more importent between action and plan?
tonysong2000 2017-12-11 20:08
Before you select one from these two, you firstly know your function of your position. you should arrange and plan if you are manager, but you should do and act if you are an engineer. you both service for a company but tile of yours are different and the function of yours are different. good manager is a perfect planer, she/he probably can't act, but plan anything step by step. good engineer should a good player.
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Share health
tonysong2000 2017-12-10 23:04
yesterday I read an article about the top 10 commodities from Tianmao in 2016. my most impression is fitness clothing. from teens to elders, more and more people are ware the importance of the health. then this fitness clothing became the popular commodities.and there are some photos which show a girl taking a yoga on the top of cliff.and another picture showed a woman was practicing Chinese gongfu. this ...
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Share after busy
tonysong2000 2017-12-7 19:28
you are certain to pay all energy and spirit for this goal which you purse. then, you are quite busy with it, you want to achieve it and you look for all kinds of resource to realize it. day and night you put your brain, eyes and attention for it. this is most phenomena. most people want to reach this target as soon as possible. but it is not easy to realize their dream and it must take some time. but how long you can keep your high passion? ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (15)
jinmingchen 2017-12-5 10:36
Talking about Idioms (15)
People often praise those who are diligent. The Chinese idiom “勤能补拙qín néng bǔ zhuō” is used to indicate such persons. The idiom “勤能补拙”comes from the ancient poem entitled Chanting Pen (弄笔吟),written by Sao Yiong (邵雍),a philosopher in the Song Dynasty. We read in the poem: “弄假像真终是假,将勤补拙总轮勤” ( Pretending to be true is eventually not true; a clumsy person with diligence will finally win.) People later use the words “ 勤能补拙” as an idi ...
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Share sadness.
tonysong2000 2017-11-30 21:27
I had read this article which describe one young woman with cancer, finally she had died. although she was optimistic and she fought against her illness. she still died. people was like glass, and life was the most important. she donate her corneas in her last wish. and she donate all donation from society to those in need. she was nice and she is beauty. but these can not remove her disease. she wrote a diary what she recorded how to fight against this cancer. cherish what you possessio ...
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Share Talking about Idioms (14)
jinmingchen 2017-11-29 16:52
Talking about Idioms (14)
Lin Zexu (1785-1850), a statesman, thinker and poet in the Qing Dynasty, had a reputation of national hero in China for his strictly banning opium in 1840 ( see the movie Opium War). When he was the governor of Guangdong Province, he wrote down an antithetical couplet“海纳百川有容乃大 ;壁立千仞无欲则刚 ”(the sea is big as it is willing to accommodate every river; cliffs rise thousands feet as it is unwilling to lean against.) The couplet has since been used to describe the noble charact ...
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Share Axe in hand searching for shade
KIyer 2017-11-29 05:34
Got this nice saying from someone... Original in Hindi. English Translation: We search for the good life in the countryside when our home the city we've made, It's strange we go around an axe in hand while searching for some shade. English Translation Copyright (c) KIyer 2017 All rights reserved
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