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Share Organize a party
renhong 2017-6-28 19:55
Ren Hong Today I’m so happy to be here. There are all young parents and students. For all of us, we should know how to organize a party in order to celebrate different festivals, host company parties and family gatherings. I’m going to demonstrate the steps to organize a party. A successful party can demonstrate your ability and courage, also, help you develop your communication skills. I wish all attendees can grasp the skills to hold a family party and annual meeting. To organize a succ ...
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Share The Origin of Life
waterdroplets 2017-6-28 18:40
The Origin of Life
The Origin of Life If the history of Earth is compared to a 24-hour day, all of human kind's earliest skeleton to the invention of the i-phone, occurred in the last 4 seconds, dinosaurs roamed the earth just 20 minutes earlier, and earth was created more than 23 hours or 4.5 billion years ago. Earth's history can be described by 6 stages of color representation. Stage 1 is "Black" earth. 4.6 billion years ago, rocks and dust in space formed a molten planet thousands of degrees in temper ...
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Share Do OUR own part well, then wait...
liu5222512 2017-6-28 18:31
Do OUR own part well, then wait... Posted on June 28,2017 We all need to remember at times that miracles DO happen, and sometimes the littlest blessing can turn out to be a big one, and just what we needed. There are always challenges we all are obliged to face—-and the things that frighten, sadden, and discourage us at times, whether the loss of a loved one, or a disappointment of some kind. We ALL always find ourselves i ...
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Share 170627
stander3068 2017-6-28 12:50
America is a beautiful country, even in las vegas, these are lots of green plants. We test our car in the death valley, the lowest place in America continental. The ambient temperature is very hot, 54 degree centigrade. My car’s AC conditioner is broken, so after the test, my back was wet. Then we went to a nearby desert, which is very small, but from the desert, you can see that the living condition is limited here. Then we went home. We also did test in Mt ...
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Share Is China The Land Of Copycats ?
arabchinalover 2017-6-27 13:40
I have heard countless times that China is imitating western technologies and innovation. Well, China's boycat copmanies are mimcing western products in many fields . Some experts also say that china is no longer a copycat and that it is heading to stnatch a piece of the cake and become the center of inventions and innovations as it was thousands of years ago. I see China is better off today , it's true that there is a lot of imitations but all technologies and imitated and i don't ...
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Share Surveilling students in schools, is it appropriate?
renhong 2017-6-27 13:32
Ren Hong It was reported that more than 70% of Chinese schools had surveilled students by installing cameras in the schools. The parents said that it interferes the students privacy and cause negative impacts to student’s performance. The board of the schools said that it is beneficial for the administrator to manage and supervise the students. In my view, there are advantages and disadvantages about surveilling students in schools. One good aspect is that it’s helpful for schools ...
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Share Teaching In China
Sealight1 2017-6-27 12:22
Teaching In China
Now the world is becoming more and more complex, as a teacher, we need to know the problems, the phenomenon, and then find the ways to solve all these things, and then teach the student how to do and what should do. And only teaching in a sole country is far from enough. You need to be involved, and teaching aborad and then get a broad view. Whats your opinon?
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Share What kind of movie do you like to watch?
renhong 2017-6-27 10:52
Ren Hong As a popular activity, watching movie is the best way to relax and know a different culture in 120 minutes. During the limited time, the audience can experience culture shock and interesting plot. The director would like to choose the script that is created by renowned screenwriter. Also, adapting screen is an appropriate way to find good story. There are various movie genres, romance, chick flick, thriller, horror, western, war, science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, animation, d ...
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Share long migration again
stander3068 2017-6-26 16:04
long migration again
Sunday, I got up at 6:30am, eating breakfast, checking out, setting for gallup at 8:30am, we stop by the little Colorado River Gorge, which is splendid and amazing. The river cut up the mountain for 100 billion years and a gorge formed. Then we stop by the Grand Canyon National Park, which charged us for 30 dollars, the scene is gorgeous, amazing, awesome, etc. the mountain was cultivated by water to form a great gorge, the rocks are colorful. We are nothing when we compar ...
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Share What is YOUR deram??
Sealight1 2017-6-26 11:00
What is YOUR deram??
In this world there are more than 700 billion people. How many have you met? Do you want to have coonection with all of them? Only add them on Facebook is not enough, you want to see them face to face, right? So, you may need to go abroad. And which country has the most population? China! Which country is the center of the world, the safest one that welcome all the good foreigners? China! PS: To have a stronger relation, teaching here is a good way. And teaching here is super easy. All you ne ...
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