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Share Factors That Affect Happiness!
arabchinalover 2017-5-24 09:08
Me: to work and to love. only these two things add meaning to your life and brig happiness. Money and possessions are not the onlt means that lead to happiness, they are not the end. The increase in the GDP will not necessarily make the GDH-gross domestic happiness higher. Many surveys showed that countries with lower GDP enjoy a higher GDH compare to those who have a higher GDP but still more dssatisfied with their current life. Highly productive people seem dissatisfied while less produc ...
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Share 170523
stander3068 2017-5-23 12:58
1.1.1 170523 Today is Tuesday, in the morning I drove my daughter to AnTing community hospital. This is the first time my daughter got an injection of vaccine and got a comprehensive physical check after her leaving hospital due to cough and pneumonia. Everything went well until it was time to get physical check. Because I registered in MaLu community hospital, so I should transferred my daughter’s informa ...
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Share Is Money Everything To You ?
arabchinalover 2017-5-22 22:52
Is money the most important thing in your life ? How money and possessions vital in your life ? Can you be poor and happy ? Are you richer now than than before but less happy and blissful? What makes a delightful life in your opinions? According to countless surveys: your healthy bank account and the number of your fans can't bring you happiness and satisfaction.between 1950 and 2000 american GDP grew from 2 trillion dollars to 12 trillion dollars. real per capita income doubled. the new ...
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Share Thank You China!
arabchinalover 2017-5-22 09:30
As a foreigner who has been living in China for over ten years I owe a lot of things to China. Thank you China for giving me a full scholarship that allowed me to peruse my higher education. Thank you China for teaching me Chinese. Thank you China for giving me the opportunity to meet with my life partner. Thank you China for giving me the chance to broaden my horizons. Thank you China for allowing me to make best friends in my life. Thank you ...
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Share Follow up to My "Observation" Articles - Then a Question to the Reader
tradervic 2017-5-22 01:46
Follow up to My "Observation" Articles - Then a Question to the Reader
As you can see from the attached graphic below - the official election results for the County of Cook for the April 7, 2017 elections ( )have recordedthat the 4th position for the Hinsdale Library Board was elected with only23 Votes. While I did predict that the position would be had for less that 400 votes in my previous article - I am not too happy to see the threshold t ...
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Share Human's Hope for Eternal Youth !
arabchinalover 2017-5-21 07:13
Defeating death has always been the dream of human being. Well, most people want eternity while some people think immortality is a horrible thing, especially those who are not leading a happy life and don't want the miserable life to continue and bring them more suffering. The hope of eternal youth doesn’t seem far-fetched in the foreseeable future. Human has deciphered much mastery regarding life and death, modern medicine invaded the cells in the human body and the neurons trying to ...
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Share 170518 accumulation makes a big change
stander3068 2017-5-18 21:12
There is a little game named ant forest in Alipay app. The game aimed to enhance people’s environment sense. It encourage people to use Alipay to pay for their daily life expense, so as to minimize CO2 generation. For example, you can use it to pay for your household electricity fee, water fee, your shopping fee, etc. if you doing so, the system will give you hundreds of scores. It also encourage you to walk instead of driving. If you doing so, the system will give you some score ...
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Share Forex Trading is a long march to your dream of financial freedom
zhanggli2010 2017-5-18 11:29
From December, 2016, I started a tes t for Forex trading based upon a kind of self-designed algorithm. And this version was already updated from that applied around 2011 t0 2012. To my surprise, this newly upgraded qusi-robot trading system worked very well and within 4 months the profit rose up to over 30%. And just before I initiated preparation for celebrating the success, the market ripped up all my dream within one week after Mr. Macron won his presidency. ...
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Share something about dragon boat
Guo'er 2017-5-17 13:23
our village owns one dragon boat which was made about four years ago. Last year, it was lifted out of the Xijiang River and moved into a long house nearby after the dragon boat race. Generally, people will do something to protect their boats. In some areas in Guangdong, people would like to sink the boat at the bottom of a small river, then cover it with mug when all the dragon boat races can be well protected in this way. Because it can prevent the boat from damaging caused by the s ...
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Share 170517
stander3068 2017-5-17 12:43
170517 Today is Wednesday, Meng and I continue to make some wiring harness. 170516, Tuesday, It appeared that I had done nothing. I read the document Power Off but did not finished it. In the afternoon, Meng and I want to make some wiring harness, which wasted us a whole afternoon and we did not finished it. 170515, Monday, Kai said to me that some calibration should change to the original one, so I changed my counterpart calibration too, mainly in definitio ...
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