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Share Trade Issues
BRView 2018-4-10 18:57
Trade Issues A great deal of rhetoric has been aired over the last few weeks by US the over the trade issues with China. China economy is much more open than Japan Korea at similar state of development. Foreign automobiles in both countries are negligible. In China foreign automobiles are omnipresent. Both Korea Japan placed non-tariff protection measures against foreign imports. The case of an agriculture minister in Japan ...
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Share First Air China flight arrives in Panama and creates a new Era
Toogood 2018-4-8 00:34
The first Air China flight that arrived in the country April 5, coming from the city of Beijing, is already a reality and marks a milestone in the new chapter of the national aviation and tourism between Panama and the People's Republic of China. This was announced by the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela during the welcoming ceremony at the Tocumen International Airport, where he was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Him; Qiang Wei, Ambassador of the People's Repu ...
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Share ICBC, China's largest Bank, will open branches in Panama
Toogood 2018-3-27 00:24
The Panamanian Government said today that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), considered the China and the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, will "soon" open branches in Panama. The Secretary of State Communication explained in a statement that the "next" establishment of the banking institution in Panama is a "demonstration of China's confidence in the soundness of the Panamanian financial system." The bank, which is listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong, h ...
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Share David-Panama Railway Project
Toogood 2018-2-6 04:50
02/05/2018 Representatives of the governments of China and Panama held a meeting to define the steps to follow in the feasibility study of the Panama-David train. With the beginning of diplomatic relations between both nations, this has been one of the projects that the Asian giant would support in the Isthmus. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, members of the railway company, officials from the Panamanian Ministry of ...
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Share Is 'research‘=‘研究’?
SEARU 2018-1-7 22:50
Now let's discuss if the word ‘research’=‘研究’ in Chinese?!!! In English 're-search' should mean ‘looking for something again and again with great patience’. 研=stone(石)+open(开)----------‘try to break one hard thing’; 究=cave(穴)+ nine(九)----------‘To dig many holes for something’?Maybe!But I think '九‘ should represent 'more higher or deeper in degree’, another example is ‘九天’ which means 'the top layer of the sky”.------So 究&n ...
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Share Panama's President will travel to China to sign Commercial and Cultural Agreemen
Toogood 2017-11-13 21:38
Nov. 13, 2017 Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela announced that on November 14 he will travel to China to meet the first official visit of a Panamanian head of state to the Asian giant in order to sign trade integration and bilateral cultural agreements. "There are already enough consensual agreements and closed for signature by the competent authorities in Beijing on November 17 that will bring air connectivity, a greater presence of companies in the country, greater tourism, cultu ...
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Share Free Trade Agreement, the contract between Panama and China
Toogood 2017-9-21 04:39
Free Trade Agreement, the contract between Panama and China
Tue, 09/19/2017 Free Trade Agreement, the contract between Panama and China More than three months after the establishment of first bilateral talks, Panama and China officially began last weekend an agenda of almost 20 trade agreements that will benefit both nations. However, the agreement of greatest expectation for the Panamanian government lies on the negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that assures the trade between the countri ...
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Share Panama 5.6% growth projection leads region
Toogood 2017-8-17 23:02
Panama 5.6% growth projection leads region Canal transits on the rise PANAMA continues to lead the region in growth projections with The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), raising its previous forecast for 2017 to 5.6%. The projection for the region as a whole iss 1.1% boosted by the moderate recovery of the world economy, a slight rebound in trade and a higher price level of commodities. The &nb ...
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Share Environmentalists Are Feeling Like Jon Snow Right Now
Si-Chong 2017-8-15 13:29
The trend of climate change doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In 1988, climate change was first presented as a scientific fact and was widely acknowledged by the public, as exemplified in the front page story of The New York Times reporting on Dr. James Hansen’s testimony before Congress. More than half of all industrial carbon emissions have been released since 1988 despite the fact that the Industrial Revolution started more than 250 years ago. Flash back all the way to ...
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Share HELP! An Ipoh business icon is closing down after 71 years in operations....
jaseminsibo 2017-7-14 21:14
HELP! An Ipoh business icon is closing down after 71 years in operations....
Chan Sam Lock, Malaysia's biggest wedding studio and an Ipoh icon is planning to cease operations after 71 years in operations. The reasons mentioned include failure to find successors and intense pressure from new digital technologies. As a Master's holder in International Business, I know it takes a lifetime to build and sustain a good business reputation. It would be such a pity to see this symbol of Chinese perseverance, sacrifices and wisdom fade away from our memories, when in turn th ...
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