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Share This April of Beijing
dovexu 2017-7-21 21:30
This April of Beijing Wickers are hanging down like green silks and willow catkins are flying. The flower rain of Begonian evanslana is falling down competitively. Peach flowers wilt or blo ...
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Share Jack Ma: 'She Era is Coming'
Women_of_China 2017-7-21 13:24
Jack Ma: 'She Era is Coming'
Jack Ma, chairperson of the Alibaba Group, delievers a speech at the 2017 Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs, whilst playing a vital role in different industries, are in need of greater support and care from families and society, according to experts at a recent conference. The 2017 Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship took place from July 10-11 in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province. Attendees of the event includ ...
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Share dreams
Jack190 2017-7-21 11:50
Have you ever rethought about your dreamsince you left university? I remembered that when I was young, my parent always asked me what would you do when you were adult. We often told them teacher ,police , scientist and so on. But as times go on we also changed our dream ,strictly speaking ,we have changed our target. I studied in middle school ,what you can do just get good mark and pass the examination to high school. Until you get in university . actually, we are far away from my ori ...
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Share Female Guardians of Traditional Ethnic Culture in North China
Women_of_China 2017-7-20 16:16
Female Guardians of Traditional Ethnic Culture in North China
Sarina and her husband at the exhibition Bayannur, a city of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, recently held a week-long handicraft exhibition , aiming to promote the unique culture of local ethnic groups . The exhibition attracts nearly 200 individuals to set booths, displaying over 3,000 artworks that were once used by local people in their daily lives. The People's Daily met two female exhibitors who shared how they have protected the ...
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Share For the Sake of Love
Sealight1 2017-7-20 14:08
For the Sake of Love
Is there anything you did not for yourself, not for your family, even not for your acquaintances? We all agree to love your country, to love your people and this world. But we did nothing or very less compared with the things we did for ourselves. So, why not to hlep others from now and follow your heart to spread your love to this world? Now, your chance come: There are so many students who are hungary for the knowledge and English language. So, can you help them by teaching English fo ...
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Share work hard for easy life
Jack190 2017-7-20 13:00
Today is my first day here ,just register . so say hi to everyone
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Share Silicon Valley robot terminates itself
HailChina! 2017-7-19 19:24
Silicon Valley robot terminates itself
I was just watching some news and I saw a hilarious story about some Silicon Valley security robot drowning itself in a water fountain. Ha. This is very funny to me because I hate the scum that work at Silicon Valley and I love to see them fail. This idiotic security robot that cant even navigate a city street without falling into a fountain is proof positive that the goofballs that work at Silicon Valley are utterly worthless. Artificial Intelligence? No wonder we all have to keep our hands ...
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Share Perpetual Suppression of Saudi Women
TariqAlShammari 2017-7-19 13:59
Perpetual Suppression of Saudi Women
For a short period of time think that you and other groups of women are caught in the flames of fire waiting for your utterly painful death. Crying and yelling brings no hope into your heart since the men around you believe that according to Quran they are not allowed to touch women and help them out even in this urgent situation. The sorrow of this vision can make heart stop and the horror of it makes anyone utterly angry. This vision that I illustrated for you was not a thrille ...
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Share Urban Chinese Women's Life Quality
Women_of_China 2017-7-19 13:17
Urban Chinese Women's Life Quality
According to the 12th Urban Chinese Women's Quality of Life Report , women surveyed felt optimistic and satisfied about their current life, rating an average score on the life quality of 65.9 points (out of 100). ( Women of China )
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