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Title: What if global trade terminated? [Print this page]

Author: ceciliazhang    Time: 2018-7-10 15:09:10     Title: What if global trade terminated?

(CGTN) What would the impact be on your daily life if we did go back in time?

Phones, food, clothes, entertainment from around the world – could you handle living in a country that doesn't enjoy the fruits of globalization?   

We set a challenge to one person from Shanghai and another from Spain. Try to live one day without foreign products – and film it. Chinese-only goods for Jiang Qichen in Shanghai, nothing made in China for Massimo in Spain.

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Author: ceciliazhang    Time: 2018-7-10 15:09:39

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So how did the men, thousands of kilometers apart, get on?

Mundane acts suddenly became a challenge. Brushing teeth isn’t a simple task. For Massimo, there aren’t many choices in his wardrobe. Qichen’s daily snacks are no longer an option.

“I can’t work!” Massimo cries as he sits down at his desk. “It’s difficult!”

“Chinese products cannot exist in isolation from those of the rest of the world,” says Qichen, “and those in the rest of the world cannot live in isolation from this of China.”

This is a microcosm of the disruption attempts to curtail globalization could create.

Things we take for granted might no longer be simple — and the broader economic consequences could be catastrophic.

Author: ceciliazhang    Time: 2018-7-10 15:09:59

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Globalization has brought the world together, and the transfer of goods — whether Massimo’s laptop or Qichen’s toothpaste — have helped made individual lives richer and draw each of us a little closer.

The system isn’t perfect, it has delivered for many but not for all. But we live in a world of shared opportunity and development — we can make the system better — there’s no reason to risk the pursuit of common prosperity.

Author: Jaaja    Time: 2018-7-10 18:21:44

Those who work with internet in China, experience many elements of terminated globalization on daily basis. Terminated intentionally by Chinese government, on the mainland border.

Citing reasons such as sovereignty (cyber or other), national security and all that. Not any different from argumentation from trade protectionists anywhere.

Author: Dracarys    Time: 2018-7-10 22:46:55

then we must live on ..
Author: zhihu1    Time: 2018-7-11 09:27:58

What a brainless article!

Trade war between China and the USA doesn't mean that the war China will launch with the rest of the world

The world =/= the USA

Does China launch the trade war with Germany, Japan, Iran, France, the UK?

It is Trump who launches the war with everyone.

Author: zhihu1    Time: 2018-7-11 09:31:32

I hate the title -- what if?

What if the earth is nuked?

What if the ET attacks the Earth?

This is not gonna happen.

Author: Motika    Time: 2018-7-11 18:18:51

Most of fortune 500 on Forbes would collapse
Author: loverain6449    Time: 2018-7-12 09:00:00

people all over the world work together to achieve prosperity
Author: pnp    Time: 2018-7-12 12:17:46

"What if global trade terminated?"  That is  a moot question, global trade will never terminate; reduced perhaps.  Trump is trying to destroy the global trading system and instal his unilateral trading regime, but others will fight back, too much is at stake to allow a single person to impose his will on the rest!
Author: RENREW    Time: 2018-7-16 10:50:06

There will be a "Baby Boom" within 9 months from Start of the trade termination!
Author: HailChina!    Time: 2018-7-16 13:01:30

Plus what the hell do they make in Spain that a Chinese can't live without for a day? I think we could nuke Spain and most of us would never even notice it was gone. Spain. Ha.
Author: pnp    Time: 2018-7-16 13:02:53

RENREW Post time: 2018-7-16 10:50
There will be a "Baby Boom" within 9 months from Start of the trade termination!

You won't be laughing when your wallet gets hit by what Trump is doing to the world trading system!
Author: HailChina!    Time: 2018-7-16 13:07:21

Seriously what does Spain make? Does Spain make those big hats that Mexicans wear? Chinese can live without those.
Author: HailChina!    Time: 2018-7-16 13:08:35

Motika Post time: 2018-7-11 18:18
Most of fortune 500 on Forbes would collapse

What would capitalists do with their surplus then?
Author: RENREW    Time: 2018-7-16 13:21:24

pnp Post time: 2018-7-16 13:02
You won't be laughing when your wallet gets hit by what Trump is doing to the world trading system ...

What do you know about my wallet? It’s made out of onion leather.
Every time I take a look into it, I start crying...

Author: RENREW    Time: 2018-7-16 13:39:23


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