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What happens when you decide to leave china?   [Copy link] 中文

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Foreigners in China: To flee or not to flee?


Recently, a fellow blogger on ChinaDaily, Laoshi Dan( posted his final blog. It is unbelievable that cyber-limitations become the biggest barrier to make him continue to stay in China, no Google, no Epals or Wikispaces to draw teaching materials from. One of my friend from the United States has made a tough decision to leave China after he worked in Beijing for 5 years due to the air pollution is measurable.

  A lot of foreign friends firstly came to China, like Laoshi Dan, like teamkrejados( arrived to this great country with an open heart filled with enthusiasm, curiosity, and eagerness to make a difference, they love China. Whatever others are crying about the bad conditions, their love to China is unwavering. However, just like teamkrejados said she is now somewhat jaded on the China experience. It is very, very cold in the winter and the air is dangerously polluted. Maybe I think, by and large, if foreigners have a choice, then they would rather go than stay.

  Michael said on his blog that the only way he is going to leave China is that the authorities are going to have ban him from being China and force him to leave.( As a Chinese, I am deeply touched by his zeal and persistence for China.

  As a Chinese, of course, I hope you guys live in China and never pack up and leave. But I am very curious, for what reason, you finally choose to leave China?

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Don't Chinese emigrate, then lament about the country they chose to live in? Are their complaints more believable than a laowai who says his access to news and sources of information are too severely restricted in China?

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I've been here in China for the past nine years... and I'm here for the duration... the ultimate long haul.  My wife and I own a home in Hebei Handan.  Our family is here and our lives are here.  My burial plot is next to my father-in-law's in a rural peach orchard... he considered me his blood son, and I was honored when he insisted that I take the family name. 我是王马克。

Yeah, I complain the the air pollution, but who doesn't?  I'm optimistic the air quality will improve in time.  As with many other things.

Like Michael said, the only way I'm leaving is if I'm forced to leave... I've got a lot riding on my Green Card application and everything's looking good so far.  I'm a native of the US, and frankly I have absolutely no desire to return... there's really nothing to return to.  I've grown disgusted and disappointed with a lot of things there: the politics, the racism, the attitudes, and so on.

My father, who passed away 5 years ago, was an US Army Air Force veteran who proudly served with the Tenth Air Force in the CBI (China-Burma-India) theater.  His squadron flew supplies, troops and war materiel from Dinjan, India and Myitkyina, Burma to Yunnan Kunming.  He was later stationed in Kunming and then Shanghai towards the end of the war.  I grew up listening to many stories about China and his love and respect for the Chinese people.  He was my inspiration to come to China, to serve the great people of China the same as he.
You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. — Bob Dylan

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Regarding the first blog you noted:
I stopped reading at ""China and make a difference in the lives of less fortunate souls"".
Why did he think Chinese citizens are less fortunate souls? Why did he want to change Chinese people?
Good riddance. Let him go back to his homeland and commiserate with other successfully indoctrinated stooges
of western oligarchies.

He ought to go to North Korea and try to change people there. Let's see how that works out for him.
The North Koreans know how to deal with subversives bent on poisoning the minds of their citizens.

By the way, communism is illegal in the USA. Look up "the communist control act of 1954" if you don't believe me.
China has no laws making capitalism illegal. It looks like the west wins the prize for hypocrisy.

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"But I am very curious, for what reason, you finally choose to leave China?"

I chose to leave China because of your corrupt medical system. When it came down to the choice of losing a limb due to Chinese doctors performing illegal surgical procedures, and my own Canadian doctors saving the limb (but leaving me disabled), I chose the latter.

Oh, BTW, Robert ... nobody gives a rat's behind, other than you, that communism is illegal in the United States, so stop whining about it. At least you live in a country where, if you feel a law is unjust, you can take steps to repeal it. In China, if you do that, the PSB comes to your home for "tea", and you suddenly find yourself not even able to go out to buy basic groceries.

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BannedOne Post time: 2016-3-23 09:14
"But I am very curious, for what reason, you finally choose to leave China?"

I chose to leave China ...

Hi cmknight. Enjoying your vacation?

Communism is illegal in the USA but capitalism is not illegal in China.
Which country truly has more freedom of choice.
Hint, it is not the USA.

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I want to live the rest of my life in China . But maybe not every WINTER in China ! :-)   It was just SO cold this last winter near Beijing .
I wish there was an easier visa for laowai retirees who want to live out their lives here  , if the have enough money to support themselves .
I appreciate the deep culture and history of China . I like it's attitude to life and it's energy and it's optimism . Sure there are some problems , but I have full confidence that China will solve those in time . I have no confidence that the problems in the West will be solved in the next 100 years . So , for me , China is the best place to live in the world .

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