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Honeymoon is over for Donald Trump

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What is the honeymoon period in politics?
When a president first takes office, he is often given what is called a honeymoon period: For a few months, the public, the media, and members of Congress tend to give the president the benefit of the doubt and treat him well.
- sparknotes/us-government- and-politics

Generally a newly elected Prime Minister or President is given what is known as a 'honeymoon period' after winning an election but Donald Trump did not win the popular vote and as a result he has not enjoyed any honeymoon period. Instead of a honeymoon period trump found himself being attacked from day one with massive protests at his inauguration and the worst approval rating of an incoming US President since records began.

The only people that have been willing to give Trump a honeymoon period during Trumps first 50 days as US President have been the minority of Americans that voted for him. The minority of Americans that voted for Trump are two rival factions - one faction are fiscal conservatives that consider themselves to be traditional Republicans and the other faction is the low information rednecks, swamp people, hillbillies and yokels that Trump calls the 'forgotten people'.

These two factions have remained behind Donald Trump in his first 50 days for the most part and they have both been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt despite the Trump and his administrations bumbling and missteps so far.

The only thing these two factions really have in common is that they are against the establishment/elite.

The fiscal conservatives see the Republican Establishment as being neoliberals that serve the wealthy elite. These fiscal conservatives refer to establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan as being 'RINO's ( Republican In Name Only ). It is these fiscal conservatives that made up the Tea Party movements while Obama was in power.

The other faction of low information swamp people, rednecks, hillbillies and yokel 'forgotten people' know nothing about politics but they were drawn to Trumps plain speaking style and his anti elitist rhetoric.

So both of these two factions that support Trump can be described as 'populist' but they are at odds with each other on pretty much everything apart from their hate for the wealthy American elites.

Funnily enough the wealthy elites that both of the factions that make up Trumps base hate so much are somewhat of a third faction. The wealthy American elites could not be described as being part of Trumps base but as we see with the so-called 'Trump Rally' and all these American CEOs that are telling us how confident they are with Trump as US President - the wealthy elite are fully behind Trump at this point.

So the fact that there are two, and in many ways three separate factions that form Trumps minority base is an obvious recipe for disaster. Like I said, these factions have given Trump somewhat of a honeymoon period during his first 50 days but now that Trumps 'Trumpcare' plan to replace Obamacare is on the table we are seeing that there is now way that the two factions of Trumps base can coexist - not even in opposition to the wealthy elites that Trump wants to give massive tax breaks to.

Trumps promise to repeal and replace Obamacare is a disaster and the reason is that the two factions that make up Trumps base are at odds with each other. The fiscal conservatives want to reduce government spending so they are happy for 24 million Americans to lose health insurance under Paul Ryans 'Trumpcare' but the problem is that the majority of this 24 million that will lose insurance under Trumpcare are Trumps 'forgotten people' faction. Both of these two factions are against giving wealthy elites a massive Trumpcare tax break.

Even with a majority in both the house and the senate that creates a virtual elective dictatorship the Republican Party is finding it impossible to agree on a replacement for Obamacare and the reason is the fact that Trumps base is made up of two to three competing factions that all at odds with each other. Ha.

So the Obamacare replacement plan that Paul Ryan and his RINO buddies wrote up behind closed doors is looking increasingly dead on arrival with each passing day. Things are getting desperate because if the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare fails to satisfy both sides of Trumps minority base as well as the wealthy elites then Trumps position as US President will be truly untenable.

The US corporate media love to tell us that Trumps core base of swamp people, rednecks, hillbillies and yokels will support Trump no matter what but I would strongly disagree and I think we are already seeing signs that Trumps 'forgotten people' are losing faith in Donald Trump. During Trumps first 50 days he decided to hold a campaign style rally in Melbourne Florida for his forgotten people and the point of this rally was to give Trump a much needed "reset" after the disaster of having to fire his nomination for security secretary Micheal Flynn. The Florida rally was also supposed to show us all that even though the Trump Administration was already struggling, the forgotten people were still behind Trump and that they always would be.

So Trump decided to hold another one of these campaign style rallies today at Nebraska Tennessee and the point of this rally was to try to help manufacture consent for Paul Ryans Trumpcare bill. I watched the rally on Fox News and I was interested to see how big the crowd was but Fox News stuck to a very tight shot that did not show the crowd size. So after I had finished watching Trump make his speech I went onto the internet to try to find information about the crowd size at the rally because I suspected that the crowd was not very big at all. I was right -

Trump Goes To Friendly Territory For Campaign Rally And Can’t Even Fill The Room

It looks like the Trump train is losing steam.

Donald Trump went to deep red Tennessee on Wednesday to salvage his already crumbling presidency with a campaign-style rally at Nashville Municipal Auditorium. He was likely sorely disappointed, though, as sections and sections of seats stood empty as he took the stage.

While Trump and his supporters are blaming the crowd shortage on tight security measures, forcing many to remain outside the arena during his speech, there likely weren’t enough waiting outside to make up for multiple sections of empty seats in the auditorium’s upper level.  To make matters worse, the venue Trump spoke at was small relative to some of his past campaign events, with a maximum capacity of just 9,700. In the past, he bragged about filling larger stadiums – as president, he can’t even fill much smaller locations.
- politicususa

The reason Trump needs such tight security is because if he tried to hold a rally in a public space like Obama used to there would be too great of a risk that someone would shoot him. Even when Obama was at his lowest point coming in to his second term he could still draw a crowd and there was no need for such tight security. Obama was always confident enough to hold rallies in public spaces and he did not have to worry about protesters showing up in greater numbers than his supporters. And if Trump really is leaving a few hundred rednecks waiting in lines when he decides to begin his speech ( He isnt, this is just an excuse to explain the small crowd sizes. Pictures of the lines are taken as the crowd files in ) then imagine how those rednecks must feel. They come out and wait in line and Trump cant even be bothered to wait until they get in to the auditorium before he begins his speech? It is no wonder Trump is losing his base if that is how he treats his rednecks is it?

So considering that the venue for Trump rally was not a stadium but an auditorium that cant even hold ten thousand people then it is safe to say based on the pictures of the rally that the crowd size would have been lucky to be three thousand hillbillies. They would get more than three thousand people at high school football games in Nebraska yet the President of the United States turn up and he cant even half fill a small auditorium. And the scary thing is that there were thousands of Trump protesters outside the auditorium -

So based on the pathetic turn out that Trump got for his little Nebraska rally I think that it is safe to say that the honeymoon period that Trump has enjoyed from his base is well and truly over. It wasnt much of a honeymoon but with the Trumpcare fight both sides of Trumps faction have begun to lose faith in President Trump and the honeymoon is officially over. Another scary thing for trump is that the supportive rabble that showed up for the rally were clearly not convinced when Trump starting trying to sell Paul Ryans Trumpcare plan. Apart from the pathetic turn out things seemed to be going to script but when Trump started trying to sell Trumpcare to them you could feel the energy and enthusiasm leave the room. You could feel that Trump felt the wind leave the room too and he was truly floundering about and worried about saying something that the rabble would boo.

Basically Trumps Trumpcare sell amounted to trump declaring that he is going to get the Republican representatives in a room and that they would agree on a compromise which is essentially an admission that Paul Ryans Trumpcare plan is not going to work without changes being made. This is true but the reality is that no matter what changes are made there is no way of satisfying both factions of Trumps base while at the same time satisfying the wealthy elites.

So in my opinion this clown show that is US politics is about to get a whole lot funnier. Trump and his RINOs certainly cant please everyone but hilariously they cant even please their own divided base so odds are that they are going to please nobody. HA!

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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