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Do you like this private garden?

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I read a great blog post on China Daily Forum a while ago that was about the importance of private gardens. The blog was saying that a private garden can help a person to be happy. 

Being a socialist, my natural reaction to hearing the word 'private' is to become emotional and to rally against private options in favour of public options, but after doing a lot of thinking I have realized that I was wrong.

Privata Luxuria must come before Publica Magnificentia. Without private luxury there would be no public magnificence. You are not going to get a Hanging Gardens of Babylon in some small backwater that has no elites and private luxury or private wealth. There would have been no lavish public baths, public fountains, public plantings, public sculptors or public parks in Rome if not for the Privata Luxuria of the Roman elite. No Colosseum for the public masses to enjoy of not for the private luxury of the Roman elite. Privata Luxuria must come before Publica Magnificentia. It is Privata Luxuria that makes Publica Magnificentia possible. Privata Luxuria raises all boats and the bar at the same time. 

There is no need for private-public conflict or any kind of public vs private scenario. Private luxury is good. 

I agree that if I owned a beautiful private garden I could increase my happiness. I have been giving private gardens a lot of thought over the last few months and trying to decide what kind of private garden would give me the best chance of becoming happier.

What kind of garden comes to your mind when you imagine the perfect private garden? When I think of a beautiful garden I think of the book One Thousand and One Nights and The Story of the Third Royal Mendicant. In the story this guy finds a beautiful private garden behind a door -

I remained alone in the palace, and at the approach of evening I opened the first closet, and, entering it, found a mansion like paradise, with a garden containing green trees loaded with ripe fruits, abounding with singing birds, and watered by copious streams. My heart was soothed by the sight, and I wandered among the trees, scenting the fragrance of the flowers, and listening to the warbling of the birds as they sang the praises of the One, the Almighty.81 After admiring the mingled colours of the apple resembling the hue upon the cheek of a beloved mistress and the sallow countenance of the perplexed and timid lover, the sweet-smelling quince diffusing an odour like musk and ambergris, and the plum shining as the ruby, I retired from this place, and, having locked the door, opened that of the next closet, within which I beheld a spacious tract planted with numerous palm-trees, and watered by a river flowing among rose-trees, and jasmine, and marjoram, and eglantine, and narcissus, and gilliflower, the odours of which, diffused in every direction by the wind, inspired me with the utmost delight.
- One Thousand and One Nights

I know that there are different translations of One Thousand and One Nights and I dont seem to be able to find the version that I read years ago because I seem to remember that this beautiful garden that this guy finds being so perfectly beautiful because of its symmetry.  If anyone knows what I am mean and can direct me to the translation that I am talking about I would appreciate it because it is really annoying me that I cannot find it, but I am remember that it was the symmetry of this garden that made it so beautiful and perfect. The colour, fragrances and sounds of a garden are important but how important is symmetry in your opinion? The proportions need to be pleasing dont they? Everything in a garden should be in its correct place. Would you agree with that? Order.

When I think garden symmetry I think of the Gardens of Versailles. I have never been to France but I have read about the Gardens of Versailles and I have seen them in some documentaries and in pictures. I like them and I like the symmetry and order that the gardens have. If I am to have a private garden then I would like a garden that someone like King Louis XIII could appreciate so I have been thinking that my private garden will have to have an emphasis on symmetry and order. 

So like I said I have been thinking about how important it is for me to have the perfect private garden for months now and I have had my eye out for garden ideas that might inspire me. 

I have not subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens yet but I was reading through a magazine the other day called Central West Lifestyle and came across an awesome private garden that got me excited. I live in the Central West ( Central Western Slopes and Plains, New South Wales, Australia ) and I was excited to see such a magnificent private garden in the local area and excited by the thought that I could create a private garden here in the Central West that is even more magnificent.

- Paris in the Paddocks/Central West Lifestyle
(google images)

So this magnificent garden that I came across is in a Central West town called Molong. The property that this private garden is on is called Boomey Park and the title of the magazine feature on the garden is 'Paris in the Paddocks'. It is an interesting name for the gardens in my opinion because very close to where I live we have an art display in a local paddock that is called 'Utes in the Paddock' which is a paddock with a heap of old utes that university art students have painted and turned into works of art, and they are all lined up at the fence of this paddock in the middle of nowhere. I actually took a girl on a date there once and I didnt tell her where we were going until we were almost there and she thought that it would be really stupid but she ended up liking it. Anyway Im pretty sure our Utes in the Paddock art display has helped  inspire the name 'Paris in the Paddocks' of this Molong garden. The reason it is 'Paris' in the paddock is because the garden is clearly inspired by the Gardens of Versailles. 

I live in Parkes Shire and Molong is pretty close to here - (they were in my footy comp when I was a kid) - however it is a bit drier where I live in the summer, but with bore water it would be no problem to create and maintain a massive garden like this on a small property right in my stomping ground. It wouldnt cost that much to create something like this here where I live really. 

Like I said, I do believe that symmetry and order are important for a private garden but I also like some chaos and disorder on the edges. So what I was thinking is that my private garden should have a massive centre garden that would be similar to, but better than this Paris in the Paddocks. My centre garden will put an emphasis on symmetry and order - but the centre garden should be surrounded by thick outer gardens that have wild and winding pathways leading to private refuges. Winding paths that make you think - I wonder where that path leads to? The outer gardens should embrace chaos and the unexpected. You could do things with the outer garden that really would not be possible with a public garden that has been designed for the public. My outer gardens will be designed to be very private. 

So what do you think? Am I on the right path to a private garden that could increase my happiness? Is the garden that I describe something that you would like to enjoy and explore? When one is designing a private garden what things should they consider in your opinion? What is the most important thing for you when it comes to the design of a private garden? 

I am a Roman-Catholic I wish God didnt kick us out of the Garden of Eden. I agree that the perfect private garden would be a paradise but only if I had the right person to share it with. But yeah you wouldnt want your paradise to be open to the public would you? I only want to share my private garden with one person and I fully agree that for a garden to be potential paradise it must be private. Private gardens are good. I do not have anyone to share my private garden with yet but perhaps if I build it they will come. It certainly couldnt hurt. A private garden could only help me to have a happier life. 

So what do you think of Paris in the Paddocks? Do you like it? 

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report HailChina! 2016-5-10 03:59
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-10 08:36
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-5-10 09:59
voice_cd: Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
(:. Thank you!
Reply Report Anming 2016-9-29 04:05
And a private garden is a lot of work... Probably it increases happiness, because it gives many an opportunity to work with our hands.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-10-4 20:11
Anming: And a private garden is a lot of work... Probably it increases happiness, because it gives many an opportunity to work with our hands.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-10-4 20:12
Anming: And a private garden is a lot of work... Probably it increases happiness, because it gives many an opportunity to work with our hands.
The spice must flow.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-10-4 21:20
Anming: And a private garden is a lot of work... Probably it increases happiness, because it gives many an opportunity to work with our hands.
The article that I read in Central West Lifestyle magazine said that the 'Paris in the Paddock' Boomey Park private garden was on a working farm in Molong. The magnificent Boomey Park private garden is a lot of work but luckily some of the farm workers that are employed to run the farm double as gardeners. It does look like a lovely garden to work in doesnt it?

With the right company it would really would be a pleasure to work with ones hands all day in a beautiful private garden like that. I can think of nothing that would be more satisfying actually.

Do you enjoy working on your private garden with your own hands?

I have a glorious private garden planned in my head but I do not think I would like to do all the work myself. It will be too much work for one man. But the way I see it is like this - a lot of people like to drive cars, so it is good for them to be able to get jobs as drivers. A lot of people like working in gardens so it is good for those people to be able to get jobs working as gardeners and landscapers etc. The more glorious my private garden turns out to be the better because the more people that I employ to establish and maintain my private garden the more people I am making happy. And the more glorious my private garden is the better the chance there is that it will increase my happiness.

Purpose and function will be just as important as symmetry. I was watching a show on the Lifestyle Channel a while ago and this guy was saying that when someone designs a private garden they should be trying to create their own heaven. If you were designing a private garden what would make it perfect in your opinion? I think I am on the right track with my design but I dont want it to be missing anything and I really value your opinion.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. And thank you for making me understand how private gardens can increase happiness. I am in your debt.

Thank you.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-12-23 05:23
Anming: And a private garden is a lot of work... Probably it increases happiness, because it gives many an opportunity to work with our hands.
I found the part of One Thousand and One Nights that I was looking for. -

"I opened the first door, and came into an orchard, which, I believe, the universe could not equal. I could not imagine anything that could surpass it, but that which our religion promises us after death; the symmetry, the neatness, the admirable order of the trees, the abundance and diversity of a thousand unknown fruits, their freshness and beauty, ravished my sight." - One Thousand and One Nights/The History of Agib

The universe could not equal. Have you ever seen something and felt like that? Or someone.

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