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In my opinion humans should not kill each other for any reason because murder is uncivilized. I would like to see a world where humans have evolved to the point that we no longer kill each other. Many go on about wanting World Peace but nobody seems to have any good ideas on how we could achieve that. I have thought about it a lot and I have some ideas.

I am not exactly a big Star Trek fan but I used to think that Star Trek The Next Generation was ok in the 90s and I also like the original series. If I see an original Star Trek episode on TV1 or whatever it is on while I am flicking through channels I might watch it if I havent seen the episode. A while ago I saw a Star Trek episode from the original series that was called 'A Taste of Armageddon'. 

In this episode ' A Taste of Armageddon' the Enterprise travels to a planet that is at war with a neighbouring planet but the weird thing is that these two warring planets have agreed to a treaty to continue the war but as a simulated computer game so that each planets infrastructure and ecology are not destroyed. And the really weird thing about this treaty is that when there is a successful simulated attack on either plant the citizens from the area that suffered the simulated attack are considered to have been killed in the attack and they must report to a disintegration chamber to be executed. So the war still results in human casualties but the infrastructure and ecology are protected. 

So in my opinion human life is more important than infrastructure - and I do not believe that civilians should ever be targeted in war. The treaty from the this Star Trek episode to simulate a war to protect the environment is a good idea because weapons of mass destruction can destroy environments and make them uninhabitable - and it is a massive waste to destroy infrastructure - but to accept that humans must die in war is certainly not something that I agree with. 

In our world we seem to be increasingly accepting of the idea that civilians must die in wars. Warfare has evolved to the point that we no longer fight on battlefields away from civilian populations. The best that USA can come up with for attacking a state but protecting innocent non-combatant civilians is to make so-called 'targeted' 'pin prick' attacks but we all know that USA kills many innocents with drone strikes and bombings. USA accepts that when they are at war they must be prepared to kill civilians and they certainly are. And they seem to be increasingly accepting of this. Back in WW2 it was kind of shocking for civilian areas to be targeted by the other side but now that is how warfare is. So in my opinion things are getting worse - not better.

One good thing in my opinion is that I think we have seen the last world war because weapons are so powerful now that if superpowers did decide to go to war with each other then their mutual destruction would almost be certain - and this fact will continue to prevent major world powers from going to war with each other. The worst we will get is USA picking on small nations that have no way of defending themselves - like they have been doing since the September 11 attacks decades ago. Sure it is bad that USA attacks nations like Iraq and Afghanistan but in my opinion this is as bad as it will get and I do not think there will ever be another major world war. 

In my opinion it is certain that globalization will continue and at some point in the near future a Global Government will be established that has authority over all nations - and this Global Government will establish a Shared Global Army that will be far too powerful for any one nation to oppose -  and it will be this Shared Global Armed Forces job to protect us from terrorists. War between nations will end and it will only be terrorists that we need to worry about. If you think about it we are getting close to a situation like this already. 

So like I said, I think that the problem of war between nations will sort itself out over time and we will get a world of equal parts that is led by a true Global Government. 

So terrorists are a big problem obviously because they specifically target innocent civilians. And since terrorists are often fanatical enough to kill themselves in suicide attacks it is hard to think of ways to deter or prevent them from carrying out attacks. If someone is willing to die to make an attack then the threat of the state killing them for doing it is not much of a deterrent really is it? I have heard Donald Trump suggest that we target the families of terrorists and this thought had crossed my mind before as well but civilized people do not target the families of terrorists. We cannot threaten to kill or harm the families of terrorists to deter terrorists from making terror attack because if we did we would be no better than the terrorists really. We cannot be fighting terror with terror because that is something that a Nazi would do - and we are better than that arent we?

So what do we do to protect ourselves from terrorists? I am a huge fan of the idea of microchipping every single citizen of the global community and in my opinion this is something that a true Global Government could bring about. If every global citizen was microchipped and we could monitor every global citizens movements at any time then this would make our fight against terror a lot easier. Terrorists would be unable to kidnap young girls for sex slaves if every citizen was microchipped because we would know exactly where the girls were and we would also know the exact identity of the terrorists that did it. If every citizen was microchipped it would go a long way to not only ending terror but all crime in general. We would know where criminals have been and at what time and if they committed any crimes we would know that they did it. 

So the microchips would make it virtually impossible for any terrorist or criminal to get away with any crime that they were physically involved in. But to go further I would want all citizens to not only be required to take the microchip, but all citizens would also be required to have a capsule implanted in their bodies that can be remotely triggered by the global government to instantly tranquilize any citizen at any time. Im not a doctor and I havent researched what kind of drug could be safely remotely released into a persons system to knock them out but Im sure we could work something out. At first I figured that it would be a good idea to put poison inside everyone that can be triggered remotely but like I said, I do not believe that an evolved and civilized state should be killing people. So instead of killing the criminal or terrorist that is committing a crime or terror - we just knock them out. 

So if the state could remotely knock its citizens out at any time it needs to this would make it much more difficult for terrorists to terrorize us by doing things like taking innocents hostage. If a terrorist tried to take hostages then the state could just knock him out. What we will have done by giving all citizens these implants is essentially to give all humans an on-off switch that the state is in control of. In a world like this a situation like the recent Sydney Lindt Cafe Terror Siege could not occur because as soon as the terrorist took the hostages he would be switched off by the state and authorities would safely take him into custody unconscious. The next time US special forces rescue hostages from terrorists they could just turn the terrorists off before the rescue. 

Perhaps microchips and pacification implants could not stop all crime and terror 100% but it would certainly stop most of it - and in a civilized non-lethal way. Unless a citizen is a criminal or terrorist I see no reason why they would not want to take the chip and implant so the state can protect them. But like I said the chips and implants should be mandatory for all citizens and you would need them to be part of free society. Without them citizens would not be able to buy or sell because the id chip would also act the same way as your key/credit card. Instead of swiping your card and going you would just swipe your wrist/hand and go. Once we all have the chips we can do away with key/credit cards, licences, physical money, etc.because there will no longer be any need for those things. All you will need is the chip in your wrist/hand.

Wouldnt you agree that implanting every global citizen with an id chip and pacification implant is the best way we can protect innocent people from criminals and terrorists. Wouldnt this give us the highest possible  form of global security and make the world as safe as it can ever be? 

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Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-9 09:02
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
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voice_cd: Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Thank you mate. That makes me feel nice. Thanks again.
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It is a good idea and I agree with you to some degree.

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