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Connecting the world with high speed rail.

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The development of the internet has been the most significant change to the way the world works in my lifetime. The internet has brought the global community closer together by allowing us all to be better connected. The internet has facilitated smoother and more streamline trade. The internet has made social interaction and communication from one side of the world to the other accessible to the masses. They say that it is a small world and with the internet it really is. The better connected the global community is - the closer the global community is. This connectedness allows netizens in China to track down a lost phone for a net user in America and this is a beautiful thing. 

The virtual connection that the internet has given us is a great thing but could it be easier for Bro Orange to send the lost mobile phone back to the owner in America? Currently about 90% of the worlds goods are transported by sea. Not only is shipping inefficient but it also has an environmental impact. The good news is that with the development of high speed rail we will not need to waste money and damage our environment by moving our goods through shipping lanes. It is possible to connect the world with high speed rail. 

Most people are used to seeing the world like this - 

It sure does seem that it would be almost impossible for us to connect the world with high speed rail with Europe at the centre. A much better way of looking at the world is like this -

With a Pacific Centre world map we see that connecting the world is not impossible at all. We really are not as distant as we seem to be with the Europeans in the middle. The world looks much better with Australia at the centre right? You can see that I have used microsoft paint to mark out how I would connect the world with high speed rail. Clearly it is not impossible to physically connect the entire global community with high speed rail. If we can build a tunnel from France to England then we can build a tunnel from Russia to Alaska, from Spain to Morocco, from Malaysia to Indonesia to Australia. High speed rail can unite the global community in a way that has never been possible in the past. The physical connection that the development of a global high speed rail system can bring to global citizens will be comparable to the development of the internet. It is not only trade that will gain from the global high speed rail system but this will also make travel more accessible to the masses.

High speed rail is something to get excited about. The development of a global high speed rail system is a project that will unite the global community for a cleaner and more efficient world. The one road will be a trade and travel superhighway. 

Now I may have not have the hubs in exactly the right places but clearly it is possible to unite the world with high speed rail and it is something that we should all be on board with. The world is a much closer and better place with the connectedness that the internet has given us and the physical connection that a global high speed rail system will provide will bring us even closer. Get on board! There is room for a million more. 

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