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Taiwan & Korea : Bridging the GAP of UNITED ASIA

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We HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN (the Destructive & Mitigating Factors):

(1) a century of Humiliation of China by Europe, USA and Japan with accompanying atrocities, economic embargo, and unequal treaties, displacements & discrimination of its population worldwide, looting of China's national Treasures sitting in London, Paris and in private collections elsewhere. 

All accomplished by the implicit assent or inaction of the League of Nations, United Nations and the Capitalist Bloc;

Probably by Divine Justice, these same aggressors brought about their own decline( i.e., European Powers & the destruction of Tojo Japan). 

In the 1st & 2nd World Wars, these same aggressors turn upon themselves. Once Europe unleashed its conquest by force, who is to control this posture as they turn against each other? 

Regime changed from Czarist Russia to USSR, the bankruptcy of United kingdom & Weimar Germany & Her subsequent partition. Meanwhile Italy, France, Spain and Portugal suffered a diminished status from its colonial heydays. Almost All European Powers lost their former colonies making much of the non-aligned Nations today; viz.,

Great Britain Lost India, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Singapore, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Australia, New Zealand and the Chinese concessions in Tientsin, Guangzhou & Shanghai but kept Hong Kong until 1997. They will soon be loosing Scotland and the cross in the UK union jack flag will be absent then ; 

Germany Lost what is Today's Czech Republic, Slovenia(northern part of former Yugoslavia),Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Namibia, Botswana, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. She also lost what is now the USA Virgin Islands.Her possession in Marianas and Carolinas were taken from her by Tojo Japan. Her concessions in Qingdao, Tientsin,Shanghai were also lost by default.

France lost Algeria, Tunisia ( Magreb Region), Guiana, Senegal, Guadaloupe, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, The free port of Xiamen, and her concessions in Shanghai and Tientsin.

Italy lost Libya. 

Holland lost Indonesia. 

Spain Lost the Philippines. 

Portugal lost East Timor(was part of Indonesia but now independent) but retained Macao until 1999.

Tojo Japan lost all of Chinese Manchuria ( now Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning), Karafuto ( now Russian Sakhalin ), Taiwan, and all of Korea, Marianas, Carolinas, Pacific islands bases Guam, Truk, Tarawak, Saipan.

Being the least belligerent and the most morally astute at the end of World War 2, The USA became the Inheritor of the World's spoils of War and sat at the commanding heights from the mid 20th century as PAX AMERICANA.

(2) The brutal atrocities by Tojo Japan and the equally deadly embargo of China

By a strange twist of history, Japan eliminated ALL Europeans from China & the rest of Asia except Australia & New Zealand. 

Chairman Mao Tze Tung with the Communist Party of China filled in the vacumn and claimed China back from the ashes of the Japanese defeat.

The New World Order featured the dominance of Capitalistic Bloc headed by the Twin Anglo Saxons USA & Britain against the Communist Bloc headed by USSR. 

Colonialization by force and brutal subjugation is replaced by a more subtle economic chain/shackle of massive industrialization aimed to upgrade the material abundance of the individuals. Trade Rules were defined by GATT. The twin IMF / World Bank orchestrate the financial governance of member nations.

South Korea and Taiwan were once colonies of Japan and possess the unique skills of deploying Japanese Leap frogging industrial and economic expansion learned from the once hated samurai masters But are now friendly to China. 

With the New World Order, Japan and Germany do not have to expand its Lebensraum (Living Space) as long as export oriented orders kept flowing out from them to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, China who once fought Tojo Japan side by side with USA find itself in the communist side of the fence. The embargo compelled China to be resourceful. With stoic resilience China leapfrogged from a backward agricultural economy into the world's second largest economy within last than 30 years in what it took Britain and USA a century or so to achieve the same.

South Korea and Taiwan province can be good intermediaries for China and Japan reconciliation. They both have experienced centuries of exposure with these two giants. Many leaders who spoke Niponggo in South Korea and Taiwan are Japanese trained and adopted the Japanese model of leap frogging economic and industrial expansion. They too have suffered tremendously from the excesses of the Japan's militaristic regime in the early 20th century but somehow have gotten past that. 

They both enjoyed the confidence and trust of the Capitalist bloc as well as China, the pragmatic communist state.

Taiwanese and South Korean owned factories in China are far larger than they have in their own countries. LuckyGoldStar Group (LG) , HTC, Foxconn are examples.

(3) It is very common for competing powers to weakened its perceived enemies militarily , economically or by subversion locally or externally . 

Churchill perfected this by crafting the duel to the death of The Nazi wolves against the Russian Bear while sitting in the sidelines watching their 2 enemies killed themselves off. He may have enticed Hitler's deputy Rudolph Hess to fly into London in pretext to negotiate secret peace with England, paving the way for Hitler's decision to turn against its ally Stalin Russian with the Nazi's Russian Invasion Barbarosa in 1941.With a two pronged war against Russia in the East and the Allies in the west, Nazi Germany was crushed. Germany became a buffer state of the Capitalist Bloc against the Soviet block as was Japan that was made a buffer against once ally China, turned enemy.

You do not have to be the biggest gorilla with the largest weapon to win the war. You just have to fight smart and choose the right time and place.

There are too many parallel in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese literature that it would be unimaginable for these Asians to be prompted to kill each other off by invisible hands. Mainstream entertainment are quietly breaking the barriers among these seemingly mutually antagonistic Asians as Japanese , Korean, & Taiwanese pop culture are welcomed in mainstream China. Likewise, Chinese action and saga movies are welcomed into Korean, Japanese, and Korean mainstreams. One day when these teens grew up to become leaders the barrier I think would be become trivial. 

Incidentally these soft power projections extends even to North America , Europe and Africa.

Military solutions are for projection of strength and no rationale leaders anywhere would consider this as the first option because any War in Eastern Asia would cause immediate stark man-made consequence of famine, disease, and pestilence for Asians. The Capitalistic world with its vast food, fuel, and habitat can once again insulate itself and draw a curtain and re-invent its own economic bubble without Asia. They have succeeded in isolating USSR, China and still prosper so one should not delude itself that the capitalist Bloc will not tighten its belt and isolate itself if this means its own survival. 

All you need is food, water, fuel, medical, environmental security. Money you can re-invent. Then all those conventional US Dollars that you carefully kept inside your pillow cases or squirreled away in the electronic ledger in Singapore, Germany or Cyprus become worthless overnight. 

It still belongs to you but these are worthless currency of exchange.

(4) Asia is not indispensible.

If this means that the i-phone or I-Pad tablets will cost astronomically high as does the Nike shoes and leather jacket and bags, then so be it because the preservation of its culture and way of life is now at stake. After all, money is a human creation. It is happening today as USA can create as much money out of the vacumn while navigating its financial bubble despite being the highest debtor in the world. 

Quantitative Easing that Japan's Abe utilizes in kick starting the lethargic Japan, the Billions of cash printed in the war in Afghanistan & Iraq wars are circulating worldwide is the new reality. 

So what if China held the largest bloc of USA treasury?? It is still in the currency of the soon to be challenged- US Dollars.

Let us hope that the world economy would seek peaceful solutions rather than drastic ones as people are accustomed to comfortable living and things are as easy as an electronic click away.
(5) China is still a third world country ???? Just because it clocked in as the second largest world economic does not make it strong enough to wage war.

On May 7, 1999, The USA marines fired Five (5) not one JDAM guided missile into the consulate of China in Belgrade, Serbia killing many staff there. For JDAM to work you need an infrared painter trained at the consulate by a soldier near the consulate to guide the missiles to its target. I doubt if the marines did not see the Large Chinese flag in front of the building and within the embassy row in Belgrade. 

It is deliberate for whatever reasons.

The only thing China did was a diplomatic protest. No penalties. No reparation.No investigation. Just silence.

Chinese consulates or embassies anywhere in the world are integral part of China's sovereign territory. A missile attack at China's mission in Belgrade is the same as an attack in Beijing, China. It is an act of war.

If it were the other way around, USA would have asked for the heads of the errant soldiers and have them tried and imprisoned or worse. 

So is China ready for grit, blood and dirt yet ? NO not least not in 1999 or even now when 2 B-52s aircraft and ten Japanese Jets fighters defy the ADIZ zone last month near Diaoyu island. All the trolls in China Daily who cries for blood (against China, The West and everyone under the sun are invited to take arms and fight) but trolls exists only in the internet and this is the real world.So that would not work either.

The Philippines is still giving China headache in the Spratley islands Group in South China Seas. China is using its fishing boats screen to defy into the contested maritime zones, where godzillion of cubic meters of petroleum oil sits underneath as can be spotted by satellite imagery of what lies underneath.

China's  first and only aircraft carrier ( SS Liaoning ) is a second hand vessel bought from Ukraine and retro-fitted.

While Chinese new breed of jet fighters (Chengdu J series) are impressive, its current electronic communication, guidance and battle field web controls and rapid response is still under refinement.The Killing of Osama Bin Laden left a black hawk helicopter that Pakistan gave to China to examine its features so that China can keep abreast with cutting edge military technology of equipment for extraction forces.

Northern Industries of China has one of the best conventional arms suppliers but future wars must include electronic code breaking , jamming, and transmitting false intelligence to confuse or divert enemy forces and intelligent weaponry and surveillance and reconnaissance.
It has yet to include these in their arsenal.

I received a comment once that China lead the world with rare earth with 90 % of world supply. Yes that is true but you need to craft these rare earth into electronic components that Japan and South Korea has the expertise of today ( perhaps Germany and Israel too including the USA. Then you need the software. Think of owning an i-phone WITHOUT THE APPs software to make it run. Then your I-phone is useless) Second, Congo has the world largest supplies of uranium but it was the Canadian uranium that created the 2 mushroom clouds in Japan. When it comes to war, money is not an object. Accessibility of resources is the issue. It may take more time to mine rare earth or money or both but it will be done. Already Canada is launching massive rare earth mine in the northern territories to check China's dominance in rare earth.

Taiwan province and South Korea have many industrialists that are product of Japanese school systems and often spoke Niponggo. There was an unspoken gratitude among the Japanese soldiers leaving the China's theater of war that were allowed to repatriate peacefully back to Japan without being massacre or summarily executed by livid Chinese population in their retreat back home after the war. The goodwill may still be present. Not all Japanese supported the militaristic expansion of Tojo Japan as evidenced by the two successive Prime Ministers who advocated against Tojo whom ended being assassinated. 

There are many who opposes Abe's draconian law (November 2013) of imprisoning anyone who is against its aggressive policy against their own constitution.

The Japanese population were left destitute by the 1923 Kanto earthquake and poor food production to a burgeoning famish population. The current Prime Minister Abe and his party are fanning the winds of aggression to a new generation of Japanese who are well fed, ensconce with modern tools of convenience and livelihood and are well informed by split second electronic media. 

Maybe it is aggression from Chinese point of view. 

Maybe it is misguided policy by many Japanese citizens to day . 

Maybe it is Japan's right to defend itself now that the Uncle Sam's protective umbrella is no longer there. In any case, It is very unlikely we shall see the emergence of fanatics samurais as Abe would hoped for because the mainstream Japanese are educated and are not easily fooled either.

It is North Korea that Japan should watch out for not China.But then China holds the leash with its food and defense supplies that North Korea desperately needed even as Leader Kim Jung Un executed his uncle who reportedly is keen in leaning towards China.

I wonder if it is more pragmatic to achieve a multi-polar power sharing in East Asia that included Japan, South Korea, the province of Taiwan and possibly India that together PAX Aseana can live with dignity and respect alongside Pax Europa and Pax Americana. 

South Korea, province of Taiwan are potential allies.

Meanwhile, China have to clean house with proper education, reward and punishment for politicians. 

While China is gaining Goodwill points worldwide, the Foreign Ministry have to be watchful in curtailing displacement of the local population by Chinese businessmen with low prices and long work hours. Prostitution illegal drug activities, and patents rights violations by Chinese perpetrators are common in Africa, Middle East, West and East Europe. Without being vigilant, China may devolve into the evil FuManChu that Hollywood made Chinese to be.

Relentless continuation of goodwill to augment The Confucius Institute programs are excellent in signalling that China can be trusted by the community of nations in this Global Village which China shall be a Big Part of in the future that goes beyond Europe, Americas, and Middle East. Special priority I think should be given to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Indonesia.

as a footnote : There are bashers of the West whose hatred I do understand. But realize that without the West giving businesses to China today and the multitude of Huarens ( Hong Kong, Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Southeast Asian elsewhere) that bridges the coordination, China will not be what it is today.

Realize too the West are made of many nationalities, Taiwanese Chinese and Japanese included with some of them recent immigrants from China.

Realize too that it just take a few natural calamities, or epidemic or pollution to wreak havoc in China. The heights that China has reached is slippery and does not automatically project into a guaranteed commanding heights. 

However, with PEACE and PATIENCE Pax Aseana may deliver China its once glorious past again that it richly deserve.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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    Michael, the truth shall be out whenever and so long as people remembers and more importantly lessons learned, ergo we progress as a specie. From the dawn of history men have brutalized each other but despite this we are still learning to live within  a Global Village. Teachers or as the Chinese say Lao Shu is important to instill in the young hoping that one day when they become leaders they can make the difference.
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    Huaren, Obama is an embarrassment to the American people. No one could have imagined the ineptitude and poor leadership that he has shown the world.

    The massacre at Nanjing is largely ignored in the USA. I never heard about when studying world history and even when studying World War 2. President Harry Truman has also been overlooked in Chinese history for what he did to bring Japan to their knees. Most students here know of Nixon but not Truman. If Truman had not had the courage to drop the two A-bombs on Japan, they would have likely killed many more Chinese and caused much more devastation. The Japanese have proven through history to be brutal and uncivilized people. If they had not surrendered, Truman would have dropped up to 10 A-bombs on them. I agree with your sentiment and feel the pain of the Chinese people over this situation. It is sad. America didn't acknowledge it because of what was happening on the Korean Peninsula. China was supporting the north while the US was supporting the south. I think this is why these things were overlooked by the US and China. The US didn't acknowledge the massacre at Nanjing and Chinese didn't give the credit to Truman that he deserved. All of this simply because they didn't agree about Korea.

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