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Managing People In Your WeChat Group Successfully

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A lot of people have asked me lately how I manage so many WeChat groups and get my message out to so many people. I'll share a few of the secrets I've found in getting your message out to a lot of people. Presently, I have more than 6,200 people subscribed to my public account and at least 10,000 more in various groups. Some of the groups are my groups. Others are English language learning groups where I've been invited to share my free English lessons. I also create short videos that are viewed by thousands that give an inspiring, motivational message. At the end of each of those short videos, I share my QR Code.

How To Manage Groups

First, managing groups is really about managing people. The people who are connected with me are highly targeted for my lessons. They either joined one of my groups or they are in my Friends' List. They are people have have chosen to connect with me because they want to improve their English. I add ALL of these people to my public account. Even if they are there for purposes of only promoting themselves, they can't do any harm connected to my public account. It isn't like a group where they have free access to add all of the members of the group or where they can talk negatively about you. They can make comments there, but, their comments aren't posted unless you allow them to be. No one but you will ever see them if you want.

Second, I'm very slow at adding someone to a group. I let them connect to my public account first. If they show that they want to be in one of my groups too fast, they are usually there for purposes of either building their own group from your members or promoting some kind of business, product or service. You don't want those people in your groups. They'll only cause you trouble. When I encounter such a person (as I did just last night), I delete them from my Friends' Circle (friends' list) quickly and make them disappear.

Third, I get invited to a lot of groups. About 181 so far. Rarely, someone will ask me not to promote my free lessons there. I tell them that if I'm going to offer them my lessons for free (thus, adding value and validity to their group), then, I'll promote my free lessons there. I have a goal of helping as many people as I can in improving their English. I do this for free. I have other paid classes that are far more intensive, but not these. At the first sign of a complaint, I will remove myself from a group and often, delete the person who invited me there. It isn't worth having a conversation or debate with them. It's a waste of my time. I get out and go on as quickly as possible.

Fourth, if you don't want someone advertising in your group, you need to set rules for your group. If they do it once and are unaware of your rules, it's not a big deal. I think putting ads in groups is the least effective way of promoting or advertising. I have a secret way that I do it (I won't share my secret way here; :)). You have two choices when someone breaks your rules. You can warn them. If they apologize, then, I think you should give them a second chance. If they don't and try to argue with you why you should let them, kick them out of the group and delete them from your friends' list. It isn't worth the time to argue with them.

These are just a few tips that I'll offer in managing WeChat Groups. If you have questions, leave them in the comments area below.

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