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Your Child's Success Or Failure

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A few days ago, I put out a notice to my 6,000 plus English students who follow me on WeChat. It was a story that was inspired by one of students, Jeremy Hua.

Jeremy started learning English from me when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school. He started in a big class of more than 20 students at the Zhengzhou Affiliated Primary School near the old campus of Zhengzhou University.

I really didn't get the chance to get to know him well until 2 years later. By that time, I had created my own classes. They were much smaller. I called them VIP classes.

One day after class, Jeremy started talking to me. I knew he was a good student, but, I didn't know just how great he really was. He told me that his mother was requiring him to learn 20 new English words every day. I saw his passion for learning as he talked to me. Some kids get excited because perhaps their parents buy them an iPad, a cellphone, a computer or perhaps, a new basketball. Jeremy got excited because now, he had become good friends with his foreign English teacher.

He continued to take my classes for two more years until his mother contacted Lily, my assistant, one day. She told him that she and Jeremy wanted one on one classes. I told her that I didn't teach one on one. I'd stopped doing that a year and a half before she asked. She insisted that I teach Jeremy one on one. I still declined. She asked how much it would cost. I told her what I was paid for a normal class of students. She made me an offer. I agreed to do it.  I knew she and Jeremy were serious about his English learning.

I'd only met Jeremy's mom a few times. She is a rather quiet lady. I had seen her and Jeremy at restaurants before. Each time I'd seen them, I walked out of the restaurant after she had paid my bill for my food. She always respected and honored me.

Jeremy is in grade two high school now. He has never taken an English lesson from anyone except me. He has never attended an English training center. Other than his English teachers at his school, he's never had another English teacher. Today, I can no longer say that I'm the only English teacher he has had. In fact, when I couldn't return to China last year, my daughter, Courtney, took over as Jeremy's teacher. She is still teaching Jeremy now.

Two days ago, Lily said she got a message from Jeremy's mom. His mom contacted her to give her the results of Jeremy's recent test scores. On the ACT (college entrance exam in the USA and numerous other countries) Jeremy had received a score of 32. That is equivalent to a score of 1470 on the new SAT (the other college entrance exam in the USA). This is equal to a score of 2205 on the old SAT. Good enough to get him into almost any top USA college.

Jeremy also took 3 SAT Subject tests. He received a perfect score on two of them. He scored 750 on the other one (out of a possible score of 800). He got a 109 (out of a possible 120) on his TOEFL exam. 

Jeremy is a top student. I had another student who, after studying with me for a year and a half, went on to get accepted at Harvard. I had another student, Victoria, who studied with me at the Binhe Park English Corner and who had numerous private lessons with me, who is now at Princeton University. Another student, a top heart surgeon in Henan, was accepted to a world class, elite program at Johns Hopkins University in America. Jeremy has been accepted into the tutoring program at Yale University where he will be taught by Yale professors next summer.

Let me tell you about one more student who hasn't gotten high scores on TOEFL, ACT or SAT Subject Exams. His name is Kevin. Kevin is 8 years old. Kevin started studying with me just two years ago. I taught him the English alphabet and phonics. His mother, Carol, formed a class that she asked me to teach for Kevin and several other of his peers. 

Carol has the same mindset as Jeremy's mom. She has always completely cooperated with me in my instruction for Kevin's English education. We've had complete harmony and never had any other focus or distractions except Kevin's success as a student. 

This morning, I received an audio of Kevin reading a story in English. When I listened to it and heard how clear his pronunciation, diction, expression, intonation and annunciation is, I said to myself, "This boy will exceed even what Jeremy has achieved." 

 Why did I think this? 

 Well, because I know students. I know how to make them achieve their best. I've taught more than 4,000 classes since coming to China. I've had more than 10,000 students. I've taught every level from kindergarten through the eMBA students at Zhengzhou University. Here's what I know. Kevin is bound for greatness beyond anyone's expectations or imagination.

What does it take to achieve such results for your child?

1. It takes a parent who is wise enough and intelligent enough to keep their focus on their child's success.
2. It takes a parent who is diligent enough to find the best teacher for their child.
3. It takes a parent who will believe in the process of educating their child and maintaining their focus without wavering or compromise.
4. It takes a teacher who stays up late and gets up early because his/her passion for teaching their students. 
5. It takes a teacher who cares enough and loves her/his students enough to always give them the best.
6. It takes consistency and intelligence on the part of the student. He/she must have a passion for learning. However, their passion is largely controlled by their parent and the teacher.

There are two dominant people in your child's success in gaining fluency in English. Those two people are (1) their parent (2) their teacher. Why don't I put more importance upon the child?Well, that is simple. Their success or failure is dependent upon you, the parent. You choose their teacher. Their teacher can't choose you. And you are responsible for making right decisions for your child. They are a product of you decisions and actions.

If you are a parent with a child who is still learning English, let me give you the most expert advice you'll ever get if you want your child to be successful.

1. Find a great teacher to teach your child.
2. Completely cooperate with that teacher. You have the same goal. Your child's success.
3. Be involved enough with your child to make sure he/she is doing what they need to do in order to be successful.
4. Believe in your child, believe in the teacher and believe that you are making the right choices for your child. When you make a choice, don't change it. Stay with it. Parents who are constantly changing teachers, training schools and different curriculum and learning materials for their child are setting them up for failure. 

I guess every parent wants to see their child master English and do well in all of their educational endeavors. However, I see a lot of them making bad choices for their children. There's nothing I can do for these parents. Their children will pay the price of failure because of wrong choices by the parent. But, the parents who do make right choices, will get my attention. They will get my best. I know where their child is headed. I can see their child's future. I've already seen what happens when a parent is wise in directing their child and setting them up for success.

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.


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