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Never Give Up On Life

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This past week, a former classmate of mine in high school, took his own life. No one knew that he was depressed or any had any idea that something was wrong. He was 4 weeks away from retiring from a job he'd held for nearly 40 years. His name was Brian.

Brian was one of the happiest, most positive and truly humorous people you'd ever meet. This is why it was such a shock to get the news about his death and how he died. We are all sad and dismayed by this event.

I was a minister in a church for 15 years. I had the opportunity to help thousands of people who struggled with life's problems and worries. I knew of others who had taken their own lives, but, never one like Brian who seemed so far from doing anything like this.

We say that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We all have problems. Some of us deal with our problems of life better than others. Suicide is not a subject people want to talk about. However, it is a very real event that we have to face sometimes.

I know that most Chinese people don't like to acknowledge problems that are personal or of an emotional nature. However, most of the time, we Westerners are a bit more open. Nonetheless, suicide is as prevalent in China as it is in the West. What comes to mind as I write this is the rash of suicides that have happened at Foxconn with employees who built iPhones. This was a huge problem and hopefully one that has been addressed.

I hold a masters degree in psychology. I've studied the mind for many years. A person who will commit suicide is a person who has lost all hope for anything ever improving or for problems to ever be solved. It is often a result of a person's own brain chemistry causing a state of depression. 

I feel that I am 'Mr. Positive'. In fact, when my book, 'Powerful Attitudes' was selling like crazy in the U.S., someone who reviewed my book named me 'Mr. Positive.' However, what they didn't know is, I spent a year of my life in very deep depression. I didn't need to work during that time because I had more than enough money. I spent nearly a year in bed suffering from depression. 'Mr. Positive' became very depressed. There were days when I certainly thought about not living anymore.

Depression and feelings of hopelessness can come upon anyone. In fact, I'm sure that everyone feels this at some time in the life.

Remember this. 
1. The sun will shine tomorrow and situations will change.
2. You can get through depression.
3. You might need professional help to get through it.
4. It is normal to become depressed in life. Everyone feels it at some time in their life.
5. Someone cares about you and will support you and encourage you. How do I know? Well, I care about you and will encourage you. I think that those of us who have suffered from depression feel that we always want to help others who also feel it or are going through it.

Don't suffer alone. Don't ever give up hope. Someone cares about. I care about. Others care about you even if you don't realize it. Just know that you will feel better. Connect with me or others who you know care about you. I'm here to help. Others are here to help. You can make. Don't ever give up on life.

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Now I know where your wisdom comes from. May your light shine brightly.

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.


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