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What Stupid People Do

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There's a regular practice that unintelligent people do that exposes their ignorance. I see it often. I also see others naively believe them and fall into their trap. 

Stupid people will criticize others in order to try to make themselves look better. They know their own inadequacies inside of themselves and have a need to try to trick you into believing that they are superior to you. They do this by using criticism against you and others.

"Any moron (白痴) can criticize you and others while trying to make themselves look good. In fact, morons (白痴) will criticize in order to try to cover their own ignorance. A truly wise and intelligent man or woman will find out what's great about you and expose it."

It takes no intelligence to criticize. It takes a lot of intelligence to find the best in others and it takes courage to reveal it to them. 

Criticism is never good unless it is constructive. For example, your child does something that you know isn't good for them. The wise and intelligent parent will redirect the child's attention to what is good for them and let the child know what is bad for them. The wise parent knows that the child has no experience in living. Children learn faster and better when shown what 'to do' rather than just what 'not to do.' The ancient proverb says, "Show a child the way to go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." It says to show them the TO go while too often, parents only tell their children the way NOT to go.

There are many who criticize in order to make themselves look better. They will often say, "I'm criticizing you because I want you to be better." Naive people believe them and fall into their trap. The fact is, they are only trying to show their superiority to you when they do this. You have to be wise enough and smart enough to recognize what they are doing.

There was a great story that I heard about the Chinese Olympic table tennis coach back in the 1970s. Perhaps some of you will know his name. I don't recall it, however, I'll never forget the story. When reporters asked him why China always dominated in the sport of table tennis under his leadership, he told them that he would reveal his secret. His secret was simply stated as, "I build on the athletes' strengths. I never concern myself with their weaknesses. I find out what they are great at doing and build on it to make them even greater. Their weaknesses will fade away as I make them focus on their strengths."

His philosophy revealed to me what I always admired about true Chinese wisdom. It was later made known that he studied the ancient Chinese philosophers and applied their wisdom to his coaching endeavors.

Stupid people criticize and make you feel less than they are. They do this because they feel weak and need to try to make you look even weaker than themselves. The great ones in life are those like the Chinese Olympic table tennis coach. They find out what's great about you and then, they reveal it to you and to the whole world.

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-9 08:57
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-5-9 18:25
Both my father and my mother are the typical person you talked about!
Reply Report SEARU 2016-5-9 20:49
Yes, as a teacher I could understand that Tom would make quick progress and love your teaching if you appreciate his advantages before the class!-----------On the opposite side, always scolding pupils would hurt their feelings that would lead to the failure of your career!
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-5-9 21:44
cording to your saying .. try to make you look weaker than themselves and that's not stupid ..
lots of people are beaten like this and we all know not all people act like heroes in the superhero movie no matter how many times they fallen .. they stand and fight until the evil is gone .
Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-5-9 23:15
Dracarys: cording to your saying .. try to make you look weaker than themselves and that's not stupid ..
lots of people are beaten like this and we all know not ...
very good point!
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-5-10 23:37
So should people stay silent and do nothing?
There is a thread here about a man who hits a woman bus driver who asks him to stop smoking.

Should people remain silent when they see injustice and stupidity?
This 'hero' deserves any criticism he gets for failing at a basic level to be a human in a civil society.
If this sort of thing is ignored, it can be seen as a tacit approval.
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-5-12 20:54
AndrewCraven: very good point!
thanks ..
Reply Report TedM 2016-5-13 11:25
It is good management to know staff strengths and weakness, and to encourage good practice. A weak manager will try to cover his/her own problems by criticising others, or claiming praise for their success. An effective manager will begin with praising and thanks, and then adding a "BUT" what do you think about this, what went wrong with...  How can we improve this etc.
Unfortunately it is often the Chinese way to only criticise and rarely praise. This leads to poor performance and loss of respect.
Reply Report parcher 2016-5-18 16:54
Works both ways!!
Employees who criticize management non stop are also trying to cover their incompetence, and very few even want to try a higher position in their field. When I came to work here, I set out to help as many employees reach the top in our profession, but after 10 years, only one employee had the ambition, and the courage to take on a better job with more responsibility. I got an email 3 months after he left saying he wishes he had done this earlier. Its easy to criticize/blame management, when the truth is you are just hiding your own weaknesses...

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