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True Spirit of China: The Gift Of Serving Others

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Yesterday, I was reminded that the celebration of a great hero and dedicated patriot was coming soon. The memory of Lei Feng reminds all of us to serve others with our lives. The act of serving others is the spirit of true harmony and prosperity.

When I was a teenage, a highly respected mentor of mine told me, "Michael, if you want to be successful in life, spend your life finding out where there are needs and help fill those needs. The more you help others fill their needs, the more your own needs will be filled."

So, I dedicated myself to helping others. He taught me that 'there is plenty of blessings for everyone.' I believe that this is the true spirit of what China is about. Serving others rather than only serving oneself. It might not be evident in every citizen, but, it is the goal of the society (and, even though I don't get involved in government or politics, I believe it is the true intention and spirit of socialism and communism in a society).

Many people see serving others as a big sacrifice for their own needs. Then they want to reap the rewards of admiration from others for their 'big sacrifice.' However, their is a law of nature that says that when you put the seed in the ground, in due time, you will harvest a crop. The problem with many people is that they can't see this law working in an immediate way so they don't follow it. I see it like the motor of a car. I don't have to see the motor in order to go where I want to go in the car. I know it's there and that it's doing what is was designed to do. 

The farmer can't seed what happens below the ground when he plants the seed. However, he knows that nature is doing what it was designed to do. It is breaking down the seed and causing the seed to expand and grow into a great harvest. Think about the size of the seed of corn. Now think about the size of the ear of corn when it is ready to be harvested. The ear of corn is hundreds of time larger than the seed. Yet, all the farmer did was bury it beneath the dirt.

In almost 6 decades of living, I've found that life works this way. I've always seen this law of nature working in my life. I choose to plant seeds everywhere that I seed that there is a need. I help those who need help without the thought of them paying me. And, I don't go around talking about my 'big sacrifice.' 

Giving to others is actually giving to myself. When I give to others, nature sees to it that my needs are met. The old axiom, 'you reap what you sow' is true for good and bad things in life. If you use it for good, you will see that your blessings will come back to you from the seeds that you've sown. Your 'seed' may be a kind act. It might in serving others with your skills and talents. The ancient sage encouraged us to not consider the payment or reward. The harvest will come if you'll simply trust the process even when you can't see it.

Serving others is a gift. It is a gift that creates a happy and fulfilling life. When I give to others, I not only get back far more in my harvest than what I gave, but, I get things that money can't buy. Things like happiness and the joy of knowing that I'm doing something positive in this world. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I'm making the lives of others better. I give them my actions, my work, my money and my soul. I get back more than money can ever buy. And, the things that money can't buy are the things that truly make life beautiful and amazing.

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Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-3-5 23:49
Thank you sir, I gain a seed from you. I will sow it under my mind , a happy life is a best harvest.
Reply Report kerryxie87 2016-3-6 11:13
can't agree with you any more and I am also the right person who cares others. But I always think I can't help others' in trouble because of my inability. Maybe it is just an excuse for myself, also I think. So I always think too much about others, and how to offer my help to them except just donating money. But most of time, I will blame on something such as time, my body( have stomach ache for many years) , so that I wouldn't take any action, can you give some advice to me about helping others? And thanks for your great article.
Reply Report Jarek 2016-3-6 11:55
It is the same spirit as Christ preached.
Reply Report xyfxl123 2016-3-6 22:01
When I was a college student, I found I would be very happy and satisfied so long as I was helpful to someone else in any kind of way. Many years past, I still think helping others is good for me.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-3-7 10:08
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
Reply Report samlam 2016-3-7 12:21
At the age of Lei Feng, the country was poor and the people were poor. Lei Feng's good deed to help others could be remembered by ordinary people because what he did is little things in our daily life. No matter what little things they are it matters when it is good to others.
Reply Report guml 2016-3-7 14:27
Reply Report lidehuai 2016-3-7 17:21
Today there are still  so many people like Lei Feng ,who contribute money to the sufferers without so much as leaving their names.I admire you for the way you take pleasure in helping others.Yes ,"It is more blessed to give than to receive ."

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