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8 Things Truly Powerful People Choose

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Truly powerful people have become great leaders without force and without self-promotion. They are those leaders like Chairman Mao, who came from a small place in China but rose to become the PRC's founder, father and great leader. They are people like Yu Minhong who likewise came from small beginnings and overcame great struggles to rise to great prominence in this great country. They are people who have the inner character - the wisdom, the insight, the patience and the fortitude to affect many people's lives. Here are 8 things that they choose consistently in their lives.

(1) They choose 'right' over 'reputation' - As I've mentioned before, truly powerful people are not imprisoned by concern of what others think about that. They have little concern with 'face'. They are more concerned what is just, right and what is good for all people.

(2) Truly powerful people choose their friends wisely - Truly powerful people attract others who are like-minded and with whom they know that they can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. They quickly get away from negative people, realizing that such people have no true power in their minds. They get close to very few, but those they do choose to get close, they know that they possess common character, thinking and ideas.

(3) Truly powerful people choose to use their time wisely - Truly powerful people are not usually sitting in front of a television. They also aren't gossiping about others. They have no time for non-productive activities. They know that time is precious and they invest it wisely.

(4) Truly powerful people choose to be aware - They know what the bigger picture is of life. They understand things that many overlook. They see the obvious when others see things obscured. 

(5) Truly powerful people choose to be unconventional - Their power comes from a place of ideas, not from what the average person sees about life or believes about it. Truly powerful people aren't just those who think 'outside of the box.' They are those who do believe in the constraints of boxes and don't think about limitations. They have courage and choose to exercise it.

(6) Truly powerful people choose to be unrestrained - They aren't afraid to take action. They test the boundaries by trying to exceed them. As the old saying goes, "There's not much traffic on the second mile."

(7) Truly powerful people choose their battles carefully - They know that life can sometimes be challenging. There are troubles along the road of life. But, truly powerful people see that most people create their own troubles and suffering. Truly powerful people want everyone to win and they look for ways for that to happen.

(8) Truly powerful people choose to love deeply - They know the power of love and how it renews life. They know that people are nurtured by love and that life is sustained by love. When they love, they love sincerely and deeply.

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Reply Report KCH 2014-1-21 16:42
Cool. Of all the points,I think,the 8th is the most important,for if no love,there is no future for a country.But as most of Chinese are concerned,how much powerful a person is depends on how much money he or she can make.In others words,money can lead one to whatever power he or she wants.China has made great achievements that others are jealous of.However,as china develops,richer as people get,they are getting selflish.Nowadays,food is  faked,as is anything else made in china.What’s worse,consumers have no idea what to do because whoever is afraid of being punished has had the truth covered up. That's where money plays such a role. China went through a difficult time in the past.So Chinese should keep in mind what Chairman Mao said: stick together or china will fall apart.Well,it’s a relief that Xi ,President of china ,is trying to keep China on the right is everything as it is.
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-1-22 09:49
Your article has been recommended to the homepage. Thanks for sharing here !
Reply Report MichaelM 2014-1-22 10:33
voice_cd: Your article has been recommended to the homepage. Thanks for sharing here !
Thanks Victor
Reply Report La0wai 2014-1-22 17:21
Good to see a free thinking Laowai who understands history and not propaganda.

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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Recent comments
  • Laowai: What Is Your China Experience? 2015-9-1 19:59

    Talking about experiences- some of us can write trilogies.....but we're like titanium- the bitter the experience the harder we get. I've been around six years and still counting. I've learnt to live and understand the Chinese society. Like someone said "when in Rome do as the Romans do but in China NOT" because you can never be Chinese- that means for example a Chinese person can choose to break the  law and go scot-free- it doesn't mean you're gonna be left of the hook when you attempt breaking the same law.....more too often a Chinese person would tell you oh it's doesn't matter just go ahead- NO it's not okay. As the saying goes ignorance of the law is no excuse- most Chinese nationals themselves are not familiar with the law so I don't act on the advice of laymen.....I keep the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to my stay here at my bosom just like my bible. So far as my actions are in the confines of the law I don't lose my smile I grin......

    Within those six years I've been through bitter experience and I remember some of your writings gave me the edge and morale to move on....I've also had some exhilarating experiences....I've met so many nice people foreigners and Chinese alike, some I would classify them as angels- simply God-sent.

    That said- I would say I've become more tolerant of people with negative vibes- they even bring out the best. The thought of leaving for good hasn't crossed my mind yet...I do go back and forth. And for the language- I can proudly say that I speak and sound just like a local, I can read probably 40% of text and write simple conversational sentences- its been one of my greatest struggle.

  • Laowai: What Is Your China Experience? 2015-9-1 18:31

    1. How long have you been here (how long were you here)? I've been here 4 years and 7 days. Came on August 25, 2011.
    2. What did you find most challenging (difficult) in your time in China? No scheduling, no planning, last minute changes with little to no notice and lack of manners and common sense. (i.e. pushing in line, trying to bully you out of a line and cut the que; parking e-bikes 1.5 meters from the curb on extremely busy streets, the apparent arrogance of drivers expecting the lower class e-bikes riders to get out of their way......)
    3. Did you ever want to leave and go back home? If so, why? What happened or what was it that you had difficulty handling? I was cheated by a real estate management company out of 25,000 RMB. There was no remedy and nearly no legal process for recovery. I finally gave it up and accepted that I'd been cheated. (IMO, cheaters are often celebrated in China for their 'business' savvy.)
    4. Did staying here longer help you to be more or less tolerate of the differences? In some ways. In some ways, not. My goal is give students the skills and opportunities to study abroad. The level of ignorance regarding English learning processes and how to make a student successful in fulfilling their dream/pursuit is astounding sometimes.
    5. Did you learn to speak Chinese? If so, how long did it take? How did you learn it? Did it improve your daily life here? I can speak limited Chinese. Enough to clearly direct a taxi driver, buy anything I want and get along in every day life. I learn here and there. Bits and pieces picked up by chance.

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