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Importance Of Leaders

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Many years ago, I heard, "Everything rises or falls on leadership."

Good leadership isn't just a good idea. It is paramount in a business organization's success. Leaders are decisive. They usually make decisions quickly after they've backed it up with experience (knowing what has worked in the past) and knowledge. When they make decisions, they stay with those decisions and make them successful.

I've watched people who made decisions to try something new and quickly abandon their decisions without even giving them a chance to succeed. Rather than tweak their idea, they quickly decide 'it won't work' and then they are off trying something else to get fast success.

Experience tells you that you can make an idea work. You decide the feasibility of it. You look at the market place. Who is being successful? What are they doing? Then, you go and do likewise. No need to try to be too innovative or experimental. Just go and make it work.

Leaders are readers. They study the market. They learn from those who have been successful in their chosen field. Good leaders are good learners. They learn from the marketplace, competitors, customers and most importantly, they listen to the collective ideas of those who they have chosen to be on their team.

When I chose my 'success team', I didn't choose many to work with me. I've always had the concept that 'smaller can better when you employ the best.' Rather than hire a bunch of people thinking that will make you successful, I found the most qualified people and got them on my team. You pay a higher price to get talented, skilled and experienced people in your company or organization, but, you save a lot of money and make much more money in the long term. I've not only tested this theory of business, but I've proven it more than once. It works. Go for quality. Not for quantity.

I've seen managers who are more concerned with the time clock than with results. These companies and businesses are easy to recognize. Their employees are sitting around a time clock at the end of the day, waiting on that 'magic time' when the boss says that they can go home. The boss might feel in control and powerful over their employees, but, they rarely produce results and profits. 

The recent blog I wrote about Yu Minhong briefly mentioned his theory and management style. In building the biggest educational training company in Asia, New Oriental, he did two things in the beginning. He personally gave the lectures for GRE and TOEFL training himself for free. He focused on quality training. He never focused on money. The money would come later after he developed the highest quality training available. The second thing that he did, he got the most highly qualified people to join his team. He spared no expense in getting quality people. After he got them, he treated them well. He wanted them to be happy working for and with him. Along with him, many of them became billionaires.

Yu Minhong is a powerful leader. He is quite informal and doesn't take himself so seriously. He gets valuable people around him and then compensates them for the value they bring his company. THAT is why he is successful.

Make no mistake about this; "EVERYTHING rises or falls based on leadership." A company, a business, a country. Everything.

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Reply Report Ted180 2013-7-13 18:46
Though careful leadership can be a blessing, my concern is that the majority should not be slavish followers. A society isn't successful or stable unless the majority show wisdom and can provide rational and constructive criticism. The finest leaders still have their individual faults.

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