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A Chinese National Hero

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Since I came here to China two years ago, I've researched the top programs and people who are specializing in English education. There are two people who stand out among all of the rest. One of those is Michael Yu (Chinese name - Yu Minhong) the inspiring founder of New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. I've read everything I can find about this great man and have watched dozens of videos of him (some of those, I've watched numerous times) and have come to respect and have the highest regard for his ideas, philosophy, work ethic, vision, business genius and understanding of people.

Michael Yu credits his success to 'hard work.' I was taught by my grandmother, early in life that 'if you must spend your time doing a job, you might as well do it with all of your might.' This is obviously the same attitude that Michael has adopted for his own life. 

Not only is he a hard worker, but I think where he really stands apart from most business owners here in China, Michael understands and honors the needs and desires of others who have trusted him and worked alongside of him to make his company the most successful education company in China. One thing he said that shows his willingness for success is, "I was always willing to pay for top talent in my company." Not only has he become a billionaire (by U.S. standards of dollars), but many of his top employees also became billionaires working with him. 

Part of his philosophy regarding the managing of people and getting the most qualified business partners and teachers is his understanding that people need what he calls, 'praise and a raise.' He understands a very western idea of knowing how to meet the human need in order to assist him in building his dream.

Another area of his philosophy that has gained my respect is his focus upon the quality of education he has provided. In the beginning of his company (1993), he was the only teacher. In fact, he taught his first classes for free with the understanding that if his students thought the it was excellent enough, they would tell others who would come to him and pay for his instruction. He delivered quality education and made it his focus upon which he built his company. He once said, "I knew if I outperformed other educational companies and delivered excellence in my instruction, I'd never have to worry about money or profits."

I resonate well with his philosophy because, on a much smaller scale, I did the same thing in a school I had in the USA. When the school in Texas was fledgling and losing a lot of money each year, I gave them the use of some buildings I had, at no cost to them. I became quite active in leading that school out of debt and into profitability. Along with a few others, we turned the school around and made it quite successful. Our focus became 'quality of education.' I proved that people will pay for quality and excellence.

Next year, I hope to meet him in person at a forum and education summit that I have been invited to.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs about the Guang Ya School in Sichuan province and how Qing Guang Ya is a local hero there, Michael Yu is certainly a national hero (and even international hero) and serves as an example of true success. His philosophy on excellence in English education and his ability to successfully get others to work with him, puts him in a place of deserving his great success and serves as an example for many others to follow.

Michael Yu - Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Education and Technology Company Inc.

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Reply Report MichaelM 2013-6-19 16:43
Newtown: It is glorious to be rich in China !
Yes. It is glorious to have the opportunity to live your dream no matter what country you live in. I think it is respectable to start by teaching free English classes and build something from nothing. The magnitude of the human spirit can be amazing.
Reply Report Pumpking 2013-6-21 09:31
Participated one speach with his team only, it was really great to have.
Reply Report MichaelM 2013-6-21 10:10
Pumpking: Participated one speach with his team only, it was really great to have.
That's awesome!
Reply Report happymarymary 2013-6-23 14:59
i know him. i have once read a book on him, but just skimming. After reading your blog, i should read all the books about you,just like you did and are doing.
Reply Report MichaelM 2013-6-23 16:01
happymarymary: i know him. i have once read a book on him, but just skimming. After reading your blog, i should read all the books about you,just like you did and ar ...
He's an amazing man.
Reply Report lnjiajia 2013-6-27 20:28
Yuminhong is also my hero in English learning ,and recommend you a movie: 'American dream in China 'compile with he and co-organizer of Oriental Education ture sotry.
Reply Report kokorf 2013-7-24 09:38
I like reading your articles, which are close to us around

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.


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