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Spare your life, and you’ll Save the world!

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Look at the picture and read out the gut-wrenching number, please. 250,000 fleshy life had ‘gone with the wind’ in a year, which means roughly 30 people willfully chose to end his own life in an hour. What a pity! How terrible!


I would not like to blame the deceased for the reason that they, in all probability, have no chance to hear what I am going to say now. Here what I am writing to another 2,000,000 people attempt to cut their lives short!


There is no doubt that you’re facing big trouble. The trouble varies from person to person, ranging from love failing, stock market snowsliding, academic record dropping, to incurable diseases, souring personal relationships, unbearable job pressure, and so on and so forth. No matter what the trouble is, it is so big that it keeps trapping you in agony and you find no way out except suicide. It occurs to you that your agony is deeply rooted in your life itself, and if you deprive of your life, your agony will find nowhere to linger over any more. And you’ll get free.


You are free. But at the same time you become a loser, a coward, a person faithless and heartless, forever and ever!


You derive your life from your parents, you’re provided for by your parents, and you’re cultivated by your parents. You owe them so much. You originally were, and always are, part of your parents. You kill yourself off the agony, but leave them in agony!


In the process of your growing up, besides your parents, there are numbers of other kind people helping you, including your teachers, your peers, your colleagues and the strangers. To put it another way, the whole society is helping you. When you are about to wave a goodbye to the world, haven’t you thought of their expectations for you? Haven’t you thought of the great sacrifice they made for you?


If not, what kind of person do you think you are?


You are not only committing a suicide but committing a crime! A crime against humanity!


You lose your life and the world will disappear from you forever. So, spare your life, and you’ll save the world!



Don’t be silly. Bear in mind that no trouble is bigger than life. Life is a current of time. Time flows forward and forward, which no trouble can stop.

Also, time will soothe all pains in our life. Put your ‘big trouble’ in the river of time, you’ll find it’s nothing but a spray!


Life is precious, life is colorful, and let’s cherish it, glorify it, and sanctify it!


Over time your trouble will wane out, and you’ll be a changed person. Your life will bear into magnificent fruits!



Believe in yourself, and dance with life!

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Reply Report mr7yh 2013-2-24 19:08
... Dance with Life...
indeed. This is the core message to all humanity. do not fight, but dance. The only reason why you are not able to dance is when your thinking gets caught in the drama of the moment. Everybody will face difficulties throughout his life. But only those who get lost in their brains and hopeless are thinking they must "solve" things, cannot get to the solution even when it is in front of them. Relax and go inside into inner peace before you decide to take actions to end your journey here. You might miss the best moments of your life which always come after a deep challenge. Life is really worth to be lived. Never give up, but ... dance ... and become a remarkable life. You will never regret.
Reply Report ALittleBoat 2013-2-24 21:04
mr7yh: ... Dance with Life...
indeed. This is the core message to all humanity. do not fight, but dance. The only reason why you are not able to dance is whe ...
Excellence and Happiness are part of life. Challenges and difficulties serves as a means of life happiness. The point is one must be openminded and optimistic.
Appreciate your understanding of life.
Let each of us dance with life.
Reply Report vickylee1209 2013-2-25 16:41
complete life consists of happiness,challenges,trouble and suffering.whatever it is we have to face with and enjoy them.
Finally just as writer said let us all of us dance with life.
Reply Report huaren2323 2013-2-25 23:06
Wife, siblings, friends, prayers, volunteering...and a little laughter, music and dancing keeps me balanced and ready to face the world. Yes life can be a bitch if we let it be one....we can overcome it.

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