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Western food restaurants win a Grand Slam, why?

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My daughter Sunny has a penchant for western food. She can speak out the names and locations of those western-style cuisine shops. And every time there comes a holiday or she achieves an academic success such as topping the class, she would ask for dinning out in McDonalds’ or Dico’s.


There was no exemption in the past Spring Festival vocation. Failing to dissuade her from consuming the health-negative junk food once again, I took her to a McDonalds’ 4 days ago. The fast-food restaurant looked as spacious and splendid as it always does, and no change took place for its long waiting queue of guests. We inched forward along the line and finally reached the counter.   


“A portion of McChicken Sandwich, a glass of hot tea, a tin of Chocolate Sundae, and a bag of regular fries” Sunny briskly sang out the exotic names, which seems far beyond my ability of memorizing. After the order, we found we had to waiting for another few minutes for vacant seats.


Oh, my God, what a bewitching food shop! I looked through the bright dining hall thoroughly. It was filled with not only the kids but teenagers and people 30 years old or below. They seemed to enjoy the place as well as the food here. Chatting leisurely in a low voice, surfing the net via wifi, nipping off a tasteful Big Mac, all with cozy and graceful western background music, how romantic and catching the atmosphere was! It is absolutely different form our familiar Chinese snack bars. Here it is hard to find people shouting, spitting, littering, which keep annoying us in a Chinese restaurant. And nowhere can you find people, unkempt and disheveled, with dirty and worn clothes, whom you would always found yourself being engulfed by in a Huimian (烩面, a kind of Chinese noodle popular in northern China, especially in Zhengzhou, Henan Province) restaurant.


All of these may be served as reasons for the popularity of western food shops among Chinese youngsters. Apart from the junk food’s yummy, the elegance and exoticism of the snack shops are two trump cards appealing to young people who consider vanity as their top priority.


But, give it a second think, you’ll find the secret behind all of this beauty: Price. The cost for a portion of McDonalds’ triples that of Huimian.


Few low salary people can afford the pricy western food. Their favorite are cheap Chinese food. And they are accustomed to those Huimians, too. Undoubtedly, they are under-educated and less civilized. They are used to talking in their high voice, spitting, littering, and uttering a whistle sound while drinking soup, which will be sure to push the young away. Where are the curious young pushed away for? The expensive western food restaurants, of course. They are caring about less money than vanity and feelings.


As for the thrifty and the health-conscious, they will not visit the junk food shops, either. They seldom dine out, even in Chinese restaurants.  

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Reply Report desperado123 2013-2-22 15:06
Chinese favor the western food restaurants just because their service and the less expensive prices.
Reply Report lnjiajia 2013-2-22 17:37
I heard  that exotic fastfood restraunt is not so hot  in sichuan province.why?buz,sichuan has various of snakes to chooose .exceedly hot than invader.
1) I love  to read your blog attached with your gl's photo~jealous of your unique model!
2)How could you change the sharp of words?
Reply Report ALittleBoat 2013-2-22 18:35
lnjiajia: I heard  that exotic fastfood restraunt is not so hot  in sichuan province.why?buz,sichuan has various of snakes to chooose .exceedly hot than invader ...
thanks for your comment.
As for the font, look at the screen shot:  
oh, it is not allowed to paste pics here. Anyway, it's on the toolbar, easy to find.
Reply Report ALittleBoat 2013-2-22 18:37
desperado123: Chinese favor the western food restaurants just because their service and the less expensive prices.
western fastfood is expensive in my eyes compared to Huimian in zhengzhou, Paomo in Xi'an,  Lamian in Lanzhou. don't you think so?
Reply Report SoCalChevy 2013-2-23 10:07
It's interesting to hear that fast food is somewhat expensive in China! Here in the US things are the opposite way.
Reply Report gooddog 2013-2-23 17:02
How many Chinese restaurant spend hundred of millions dollar on marketing? There is none. American franchises spend millions of dollar on consumer behavior, they target young children because they know the little princes in China gets what they want. In US the fast food chains advertisement is so powerful that they can get your children brainwashed to consume their products. Soon, you will see 200lb kids popping out in China and obesity will cost China's health care dearly.
Reply Report mr7yh 2013-2-24 15:38
I fully agree with Gooddog. It is important to learn your children not to be fooled by nice advertisements and nice words. Real freedom and happiness exists only if we learn our children to live in another way than accepting brainwashing by others who are focused on your money. Conscious living is the key for all of us if we want to avoid to become modern slaves of unhealthy food and huge consumption piles. Do not follow the western style in this... be smarter, choose wisely and live long, healthy and really happy. Happiness on long term is ultimately the goal for everybody. Learn your children not to believe the promises of advertisements that more consumption will make you more happy.
Reply Report Indochine 2013-2-25 00:51
I do agree that Western fast food's success has largely depended on their 24/7 relentless advertising gimmick to attract people with their well-prepared offering on two psychological caring aspects: convenience and attractive food designs...But given in the modern society, knowingly people are busy and impatient, they want something quick and ready to put in their mouth, so these food patterns answer to their unthinkable needs. There's no magic bullet, Chinese food need to be modernized in order to gain ground. But in China, there's a a incomprehensible unhealthy social trend among the Chinese people it's that their unchecked curiosity seems to be carried so far-fetched  on everything foreign made much more than their own domestic one including all these junk food as we know...Naivety is not inconsequential in the long run...
Reply Report kurtmit 2013-2-25 02:08
Listen to mr7yh and gooddog....American food industry is a dangerous mess.  Eating this junk is the leading cause of an huge increase in diabetes, obesity, and related diseases.  It's garbage.  

Chinese food does not need to be "modernized".  It needs to remain focused on it's history of using fresh materials prepared deliciously.  

It is known and discussed widely in America that fast food is designed and engineered to be moderately addictive; millions of dollars are spent on figuring out how to get people to overeat and consume mass quantities.  

If it's possible to steer youngsters away from Big Mac's and the other junk, do so.  You will be enhancing and saving lives, and contributing to the long term health of the Chinese people.
Reply Report gooddog 2013-2-25 02:47
There were scientific research done on the Macdonald's hamburger meat, a  cooked ground beef from a grocery store left at room temperature will only last 3to5 before it becomes rotten, a Macdonald beef party lasted up to 21 days. What does it tells us. The Macdonald beef contain so much preservatives. Macdonald's untested research in their products will not insure consumers long term health benefits. Most of these giant corporation are in to make a fast buck, they show very little concerns to human consumption's health. Our kids don't know what they are putting in their mouth, it's up to the parents or guardians to look after them.
Reply Report teachingchinese 2013-2-25 09:14
too absolute, real mature troup still tend to chinese food.
Reply Report roninxian 2013-2-25 09:38
gooddog: How many Chinese restaurant spend hundred of millions dollar on marketing? There is none. American franchises spend millions of dollar on consumer beh ...
Don't just lay the blame on multi-national corporations that appeal to the children and younger set.
There is always the blame that should be placed first, that is the parents who DARE NOT say 'no' to their princes and princesses.  The first, best, and most influential teachers are the parents.  When they fail to educate their children, all is lost.
Reply Report roninxian 2013-2-25 09:46
Paomo in Xi'an is delicious and one of my favorite foods.  However, I see so many 'snack' and 'fast food' vendors as well on the streets of Xi'an.  I also see the grease it is fried in, I see the whole mess floating in a bowl of oil.  Like any type of food, one needs to understand what they are eating.  If your life consists of 'fast food' then suffer the consequences.
Children are so prone to 'peer pressure'.  Their little friends brag about McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dico's, the never endling list.  So they must have it as well.  The tears come out, the stamping of feet begins, the weakness of the parents appears, and off they go for another feast of calories.  
I see so many fat, and obese, children in China today that weren't here 10 years ago.  A new generation of "fatties" has popped-up.  Parents MUST assume the full responsibility of teaching their children correct and healthy eating habits.  When they fail at this, the aforementioned food establishments grow and grow.
It has become much too easy to place the blame on anything or anyone rather than ourselves as adults.  Take a look at your child and notice what YOU are doing to him/her, not the fast food restaurants.  An obese child is a victim of child abuse.
Reply Report gooddog 2013-2-25 13:30
Multi-national corporations take advantages of developing countries because people from developing countries doesn't have any ideas or knowledge as what these corporations are putting in the food chain. Multi-national corporation should take responsibility as what they server to the consumer, they should have a good business practices and to insure public safety and health. We as citizens, we need to protect ourselves from corrupted corporations. We all know, corporations only have self interest, not general interest. You would be a fool to believe other way!
Reply Report huaren2323 2013-2-25 23:19
Moderations moderations....everything we eat are in one way or the other genetically modified (GMOs). Commercial corn, soybeans are GMOs. Chicken are injected with antibiotic micostatin to promote growth, cows are exposed to drinking water with hormone ot induce milk production and lean meat enhancement. I knmow these becasue I trade these. The water we drink were recycled, filtered, chlorinated  or fluorinated but lots of trace progesterone are in the water shed from the toilet flush that carried birth control residues and trace testoserone protein in induced masculinity.  BUT life is life...death is a certainty for enjoy and be happy just moderations....I think...
Reply Report huaren2323 2013-2-25 23:30
Oh I love Huimian, Paomo, Lamien, Malaysian Hookien mien and Lao Beijing Rotten tofu fat noddles with garlic and black vinegar. Bad breath..hmm...i got chewing gum after...enjoy
Reply Report huaren2323 2013-2-25 23:37
But Yeah I do enjoy the occasional artery blocking angus beef with cheese, bacon with baked beans on the side, french fries with lots of salt and gravy French Canadian style and large cola make it regular (not sugar free) oh don't forget my vanilla sundae and my hot apple pie....after a long day i die early? I live happy at least today..tomorrow? who will come anyway...
Reply Report desperado123 2013-2-26 07:20
yes, more expensive than snacks like you mentioned above but less expensive than other normal dining.
Reply Report 易水寒2006 2013-2-28 22:26
Restaround surrounding is our first noticing at the glance of walking

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