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Let Kids Play Out Freely!

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Winter vacation is on its way now, but it’s hard for my eight-year-old daughter to find peers to play, because most of them are entering for various training classes in different period of time of a day. The training programs range from English language, music, sports to mathematics and Chinese writing, some of which are in accord with kids’ interests and they find great pleasure with, but some of which are chosen out of their parents’ interests and may pose a great pressure on kids. Either way, kids spare no time to play outside freely with their friends, which proves a catastrophe for their growth on account of the following:


At first, playing outside the room will do good for their physical health. Sunshine, fresh air and breezy wind are indispensible nutrients to them. Also, activities such as jumping, hopping, hide and seek, scouting and so on also plays a role of physical exercise. That is essential to body development. Of course, if the weather is hazy and smoggy, staying indoors is a choice second to none.


Secondly, playing outside freely with their peers can teach kids how to communicate with others, letting them acquire the skills of negotiating, compromising, forgiving, controlling confrontation and easing out of frustration. It is impossible for them to obtain these in training classes. Furthermore, these skills are also crucial for team spirit, which turns out to be significant for future career.


Thirdly, it also benefits kids’ mind development. We are social animals. And being together with peers proves better than with parents. They will not feel lonely and they can build their inner world belonging to their ages.


And still, I think it’s reasonable for kids to reflect on what they’ve learnt in the classroom during the immediate past semester. In the process of playing games they can chew the cud of knowledge on the textbooks and put what they acquired into practice, thus, consolidating the achievements.


Beyond what I mentioned here, there are sure to be more audible reasons for kids to play outside freely with peers, which I hope you, my dear friends, can help list out below. Anyhow, for those who have kids, please set them free from the short-sighted, and utilitarian training! or AT LEAST, spare some time for them.


I sincerely hope it will be easy and convenient for my daughter to find some peers to play outside together. I will be happy if she says she enjoys a care-free vocation.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report waiboshu 2013-2-4 13:20
You got the point. Wish our kids have a colorful childhood.
Reply Report Jesuisbella 2013-2-4 16:27
Good point!

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  • Middle-east in my Eyes 2014-11-16 16:19

    You certainly spent the past year in a very interesting place.  I can't wait to hear more about it! Had you left China before?

  • Middle-east in my Eyes 2014-11-12 13:33

    ALittleBoat: Since I am a Chinese, surely I am sort of Orinetalist, the word you used but I dont fully understand. Would you like to give me a detailed explainatio ...
    Ah, no. You mean you are an Oriental person because you're Chinese. Not an Orientalist. However, if one calls himself Oriental (I sometimes do) that means there's some sarcasm in it. Because calling someone or something Oriental puts a distance between that person or thing and yourself. That thing (person) is not like you, is different, you are entitled to judge it. Because, West is supposed to be active and masculine and East is supposed to be passive and feminine. Now I guess you can understand the nature of binary world view? (Because it suggests that Eastern people, Chinese men are REDUCED to feminine beings) Power structure constructed in the modern world equates masculinity with power and femininity with weakness, that's why being called feminine is actually an insult. So is being lesser to an Occiental (Western) person. Do you understand?

    Orientalism is a result of the binary world view (good/bad, light/darkness, West/East, Occident/Orient, civilization/nature etc etc) and takes the West as the potent, active subject while deems the East (or even South) as an object for personal enjoyment to be assessed. It's like yourself is the judge or the teacher to grade people or things lesser than yourself.

    You see what I mean?

    Yes, wiki is right and there is a whole bunch of literary works depicting Orientalist views. Just like you objectified the Middle East and Muslim women who cover themselves in black. Even though you are Chinese, (on the VICTIMIZED side of Orientalism) you adopt the attitude of a 19th century British or French nobleman towards midde east. This is just sad. The same attitude is employed by Japanese people against China and other South East Asian countries. Because they think they are more "modern" (a quality associated with the West) and therefore better.

    About Orientalism and binary worldview, I wrote this blog, you can take a look if you like to:

    And please please, make sure you understand the meaning of a word before saying "that's what I am" proudly!

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