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Is Receiving-gifts a Corrupt Act for Teachers? Ⅰ

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Is Receiving-gifts a Corrupt Act for Teachers?


Today I chatted with my colleague.

‘Have you ever send some gifts to your child’s teacher’, He asked me a question

‘Never once.’ I answered firmly.

Then I spoke highly of the school principle’s management skill in this field.

First, in his speech on the school opening day he declared that he would do his best to stop parents from sending gifts to teachers. Afterward, he told a story of gift-giving happened on Teacher’s Day.

He said, some parents send a teacher one flower, some a bunch of flowers, and some a basket of flowers. And the wealth gap would inevitably bring some negative impacts to the children’s soul. He strongly appealed to our parents not to give gifts to teacher to safeguard a pure and naïve heart of students. He won parents’ support with loud and warm applause when his speech was finished.


Soon after the second week since the new term began, I received an anonymous questionnaire letter from school. In which, ‘ Does your child’s teacher receive gifts? Does your child like her teacher? etc.’ it says. Then I said to my wife promptly:’ It seemed that the principle did not just talk the talk, he is fulfilling his promise to prevent gifts-giving from happening through these pratical actions and supervisions.


As soon as I finished my talk, unexpectly, which incured a strong opposition from my colleague directly. He said all schoolmasters would say that, but if you really don’t send any gifts to the teacher, that just proves what a total idiot you are. He bursted out his reply quickly without any hesitation, and I am not convinced by what he said. Then he mentioned the principle’s supervision plan, he said parents would not answer ‘ I do send gifts to the teacher.’ in a questionnaire when he actually did that. And if you want to tell the truth in the questionnaire,  you’d better not send gifts on the behalf of your child. For the schoolmaster and his teacher would know the answer from your questionnaire when your children handed it over to their teachers. Then what you have done would be all in vain, you can just get the opposite to what you wish, it is not good to tell the truth.


When I was thinking about this, he then told a story about a child of his good friend:

The student’s academic record ranks top in his class and he abides by the school rules and disciplines, his parent do what they can to be in harmony with his headteacher, in every aspect, they do very well, but his child never win the honorary title of ‘all-around good student’. Then he try to figure out why. Finally, he attributes the consequence to that the only thing they have not done is not to send gifts to his teacher.



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Reply Report 丢人现眼 2014-9-7 01:55
yeah, I think what's worse is when teachers tell students what they like in hopes that gifts will be brought.
Reply Report laoren1234 2014-9-7 02:52
I wonder what we are teaching our children when we say one thing but turn around and do the exact opposit. Fine examples we are setting....
Reply Report SEARU 2014-9-7 07:53
It would be a joke if you could put money into your children's heads!
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-9-8 10:42
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report liu5222512 2014-9-8 10:57
voice_cd: thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report KIyer 2014-9-8 13:52
Once a system is in place (that of giving gifts) it is difficult to get rid of easily. We all know that if everyone gave gifts, the teachers cannot possibly favour every student... So, the only way to make a change is to stop giving and accept whatever consequences come. If our child is not graded highly, it may not be because of not giving gifts. Public exams graded by anonymous graders will finally bring out the real meritorious students. Other certificates given by teachers will not/should not carry great weight with people who matter. It is in trying to be defensive that we all fail collectively.
Having said this - I am surprised how we all view a gift to a teacher as a bribe (when we openly see bribes given to politicians and other crooks in businesses as gifts!).  Most teachers do a more noble job and I dont  resent them getting gifts from the heart. If we are cynical about the majority of the teachers, there is already a big problem in the society...
But if it has gotten so bad, and the administration is trying to do something about it, people should cooperate sincerely. One can return questionnaires answered truthfully. We cannot expect the ultimate protection and guarantees of safety before acting for positive change. People need to step up with moral courage. Just making them more cynical and fearful will contribute negatively to the problem.
Reply Report 财神 2014-9-8 16:13
demanding gift means utterly corruption but gift for ''great respected teachers'' might be considered ethical. it depends on how our society or law defines gift-culture.
Reply Report ll利 2014-9-8 22:23
Giving a small inexpensive gift to a teacher on ONE occasion wouldn't seem inappropriate in the least, as long as the student doesn't deem it as raising the degree of student-teacher relations or vise versa.  But in the world of business ethics, its never suitable to receive gifts from cliental. I believe a teacher that's receiving extraneous gifts would be not be in keeping with what is correct, proper, or logical in business behavior as an educator, and should be dismissed from the institution immediately.
Reply Report teamkrejados 2014-9-9 12:01
I think that is taking the fear of guangxi to the extreme. What is Teacher's Day for, if not to recognize and celebrate teachers? If not for (small, thoughtful) gifts, how should a parent or student show their appreciation? A dutiful teacher would not bow to guangxi, s/he would teach to the best of his/her ability whether s/he received gifts or not.
Reply Report luckyann 2014-9-9 13:54
That's an interesting problem and be worth discussing.
What the most hateful is the headmater or teacher thinks in one way and behaves in another way.
Reply Report Adambai 2014-9-9 17:41
In my opinion, some teachers in China must behave themselves. Good teachers deserve to be presented gifts on condition that they treat all students equally——sometimes, teachers are only our best friends, and is it guilty if we present gifts to our friends? In our society, we just lack mutual trust.
Reply Report SharkMinnow 2014-9-10 13:00
At my school each class gives the teacher a bouqet of flowers on behalf of all students. There is no guanxi or individual gifts, we are given 1 gift from all the students in appreciation of our teaching (which is fine).
Reply Report liu5222512 2014-9-10 13:44
SharkMinnow: At my school each class gives the teacher a bouqet of flowers on behalf of all students. There is no guanxi or individual gifts, we are given 1 gift f ...
That sounds good, and makes sense.
Wish all schools in China can be like that.

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