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Stronger Than All Is Maternal Love

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Stronger Than All Is Maternal Love

Last week I revisted my old house in the country.It is a peaceful and beautiful place.A decade ago,we moved to the town where now I live in,and there was the parting from every familiar objectthe place where I had grown up,the trees under which I had played,the groves where I had walked many times an evening in happy days,by the side of my fathereverything,as it lay in the clear frosty moonlight,seemed to speak reproachfully to me,and asked me whether could I go from a home like that.


My aunt lived next door to me.I had heard her stories now and then.She was,on the whole,a very fair narrator. In those days,due to economic backwardness,the transportation was always not convenient in the remote rural area,and the health clinic used to be a litte far from the villagers’ home where .One day his husband was not at home,about two o’clock in the morning,she found that her kid had been running a high fever.


This scared her a lot.In her mind,what she only can do was to send his child to the nearest clinic immediately.She got up promptly and hold him tight in her arms to the clinic.


It is impossible to conceive of what a human creature can do in a wholly desolate and forlorn situation. She wrought into a paroxysm of frenzy by the near approach of a fearful danger.

The child was old enough to have walked by her side,and in an indifferent case she would only have led him by the hand;but now the bare thought of putting him out her arms made her shudder,and she strained him to her bosom with a convulsive grasp as she went rapidly forward.

The frosty ground beneath her feet,and she tremble at the sound:every quaking leaf and fluttering shadow sent the blood backward to her heart,and quickened her footsteps.She wondered within herself at the strength that seemed to be come upon her,for she felt the weight of her boy as if it had been a feather,and every flutter of fear seemed to increase the supernatural strength that bore her on,while from her pale lips burst forth,in frequent ejaculations,the prayer to a Friend above—“Lord,help!Lord,save me!”


Her kid clung quietly round her neck,only asking,

“Mother,I feel very sick,what’s wrong with me?”

“Oh,my darling,it’s gonna be ok soon.”

“Mother,I don’t need to keep awake,do I?If I do get asleep.You won’t leave me alone.”

“No, Mum is here with you, don’t worry.Sleep if you want to.”

said my aunt with a paler cheek, “May God help me!”

Then the boy dropped his little weary head on her shoulder,and was soon asleep.


How the touch of those warm arms,the gentle breathings that came in her neck,seemed to add fire and spirit to her movements.It seemed to her as if strength poured into her in electric streams,from every gentle touch and movement of her sleeping child.Sublime is the dominion of the mind over the body,that for a time can make flesh and nerve impregnable,and string the sinews,like steel,so that the weak become so mighty!

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Reply Report liu5222512 2013-11-1 22:02
Thanks for your statement,KristaChen.
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-11-2 08:25
where now I live in
where now I live.
and asked me whether could I go from a home like that.
and asked me whether could I go from a home like that?

I had heard her stories now and then.She was,on the whole,a very fair narrator. In those days,
I had heard her stories now and then.She was,on the whole,a very fair narrator. One of her stories gave me a very strong impression.In those days...,
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-11-2 13:34
Thanks for your statements,my friend,KIyer and snowipine.

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