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Papa in Hospital

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Episode No.1   Papa in Hospital

Mark=I   Lisa=Sister

Part One

In the morning,the day was cloudy but the sun was trying to come through,it was about nine o’clock,I got a phone call from my aunty, she said my father had been running a high fever since last night.I got up,dress and went to my father’s apartment.I found my younger sister had been there before.

Papa’s face looked gray and tired.

“Are you all right,papa?”

“I’ve been having some pains with the fever,Mark.”

“If you have them at all regularly,we will go to the hospital”

Lisa got papa’s bag all packed with the things he would need at the hospital.Then she called his husband and told him to park his car in the downstairs and wait.A few minutes later,we came to our county’s  People’s Hospital in the car.


At the hospital,in the hall,we put papa’s bag in an elevator,stepped in and went up to the floor where internal medicine department was on.When the elevator stopped,we stepped out.There was a nurse at the desk who wrote down papa’s name,age,address,etc in a registration form.

“now you can go to the registration office and prepay some hospitalization expenses.”the nurse said.

After completed the admission procedures,a nurse led us to a room.

“This is the room,will you please lay down in the bed,and I will help measure your temperature and blood pressure.”the nurse said.

During the routine check-up,I stepped out into the hallway,it smelled of hospital.I sat on the bench along the hallway and looked at the floor and prayed for Papa.

 “Afterward,a doctor will come and make an examination for you.Then you need to get some intravenous drips,and it will take some time.” the nurse said.

“I’m fine,go out and get something to eat.” Papa said.

“I will stay a while.”I said.

“You both go out,Mark and Lisa,”Papa said. “I think you are just making me self-conscious.”His face tied up. “Go and get some breakfast,then come back.”

“You have plenty of time for breakfast.”the nurse said.

Lisa sat in a chair by the bed,and she insisted on keeping company with Papa.

“Brother,you go first and bring me a cup of hot soybean milk(dou jiang) and two pieces of fried twisted dough stick(you tiao) for my breakfast.”

Lisa said.

“Papa,what would you like?”I asked.

“Two eggs,two steamed stuffed bun and a bowl of mung bean porridge

“Ok,I will go and get some breakfast for you, good-bye.”


I went down in the elevator and walked down the street to a noodle restaurant.Since it was rush hour now,the shop was very crowded.I walked in and finally found a place to sit and asked for a bowl of noodles.

I watched the people in the restaurant.Two men at the table next to me were talking and smoking.The restaurant was full of smoking.Behind the counter,there were three people;the old man,a plump woman in a red dress who kept track of everything served to the tables,and a boy in an apron.

After a while,the waiter brought a bowl of spicy braised noodles with shredded pork over the top and a fried egg buried in the pickled-Chinese-cabbage,and a bowl of seaweed-and-egg-soup.I ate it and drank the soup,paid and went out,bought the breakfast for Papa and Lisa,the backed to the hospital.


The door of the room was partly open.I could see Papa lying in the bed covered by a thin quit.My sister was sitting in a chair in front of a table where there were nurses’ reports hung on clips at the side.A nurse was on one side and a doctor stood on the other.They were doing something by the bed.At the sight of me coming,my sister stood up and came to the door.

“Here your breakfast comes.”I said.

“How goes it,doctor?”

“It doesn’t go,just that,I made an examination”he detailed the result of the examination, “Since then I’ve waited to see.”

“Is there anything we can do?”Lisa asked.

“No,there is nothing you can do,just wait and see.And we need another more thorough and comprehensive check-up to further confirm”the doctor answered.


To be continued...

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Reply Report snowipine 2013-10-13 11:43
The appealing story is just beginning,i am  anxiously waiting what the story you will present to  and how it was unfolded。

Must speed up your compiling process。
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-10-13 12:39
snowipine: The appealing story is just beginning,i am  anxiously waiting what the story you will present to  and how it was unfolded。

Must speed up your compi ...
thanks for ur comment and encouragement.just write about it and practise the skill of detail description.
and i need to take a little break for a while first.
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-10-13 12:40
two steamed stuffed bun
two steamed stuffed buns
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-10-13 12:43
the backed to the hospital.
then backed to the hospital.
Reply Report LUCY2013 2013-10-15 12:48
it is common in daily life.
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-10-15 14:18
LUCY2013: it is common in daily life.
yep,it is very common in our daily life,your comment is my pleasure,thanks a lot.
Reply Report huaren2323 2013-10-15 23:35
Hi Mr. Liu. Whether PRC, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, I find a common thread that Chinese family care for the elders. The Confucius programming in us, I believe, is one distinctly identifiable trait of the Chinese soul...and yes I do like Yu Tiao and spicy noodle soup but with coffee for breakfast. Hope your Dad get well. Looks like it is not  serious if he still has his appetite. Good luck anyways.
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-10-16 13:22
huaren2323: Hi Mr. Liu. Whether PRC, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, I find a common thread that Chinese family care for the elders. The Confucius ...
thanks for ur comment,my pleasure.
Reply Report liu5222512 2013-10-21 18:12
Ordinary is the life!

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