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Seeing is NOT Believing

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Seeing is NOT Believing(见非所见

By Yifei Wang (王怡菲), a 7th Grader of Zhengzhou Middle School

As the movie Now You See Me 2 came out, loads of people went to watch it, no exception for me either. The movie itself was full of mysteries and it was certainly a very good one. No one had even gone to the bathroom once during those fantastic two hours, because if you missed a second, you missed the whole show.

Apart from the story, the point it tried to make was really impressing too. It totally led you to a world that you had never known, or noticed, before. But the very one point through the whole complicated story was “Seeing is not believing.”

Looking back at the human history when there were first a community created, people had trusted, believed, or even worshiped the old saying “Seeing is Believing”, or in another way, we were always totally one hundred percent sure that our eyes tell us everything we need to know, and that everything is always the truth.

It seemed really stupid arguing with such a “true” point like this, but this point had been provoked so many times in the movie. I have to say that I agree with it. There were so many times that we thought that we had known something, but in the end, we found out that we had been fooled. Sometimes, we saw a sign in our way of growing and thought it said, “Turn Left” but when we moved just a little bit closer, we found out that the right way should be the right.

The magic tricks in the movie played by four stunningly professional magicians which called themselves “The Four Horsemen” had known this since they had started their career as wonderful magicians. Have you ever wondered why you had never figured out a magical trick played by a master? Well, that could be easily explained : you are paying close attention, in fact, too close for the case.

When a master magician was playing a trick, he could always get you to focus on the wrong thing so that his trick could be played successfully. You always questioned yourself, “Had I paid less attention than to solve the trick?” The answer is no. You had paid much much more attention than solving the trick. The only problem is, you had been watching what the master wanted you to focus on the whole time, and that’s why you had been looking stupid all alone during the magical show. The closer you look, the less you will see.

The point up there might sounds a little hard to understand, let’s give it an example. Suppose that a magician was trying to convince you that there was a hole on your table, and he could prove that by sending a solid paper cup right through it. You don’t believe it, of course, for you had just bought the table a week ago and there was no way that there could a hole big enough for a cup to fell through it on the table, so you asked the magician to show you. He wrapped a piece of tinfoil on the cup and started to perform. He had asked you to pay very close attention on the hole on the table, so you stared at the table where the cup was placed very carefully. Then, he slid the cup towards him to get a better shot, you watched the table as still as a rock, the magician smiled a little, and you looked at him puzzled for you could not see where this is going. He stood up and said, “Ha! I found the hole!” then he smashed the tinfoil, you excepted to see that the cup smashed under his hand, but instead, there was only the tinfoil.

You know that there can’t be a hole on the table, so you would have to admit, you had been fooled. What you don’t know is that you had stared at the wrong thing during the whole show! When the magician slid the cup towards him, the cup fell at the edge of the table and onto his lap, because the tinfoil could be molded to whatever shape, so you were still convinced that the cup was on the table since the tinfoil stood up so firmly still. And when he stood up, the cup fell on the floor and he smashed the empty tinfoil.

It seems very impressing, doesn’t it? This kind of tricks was used on purpose in the magical show, but in the real world, it could happen anywhere. Once, I skipped the afternoon time with my father, which made him very angry, to meet my best friend at the park. About ten minutes passed, her phone rang, I thought she would just skip it, for I had done so much to meet her there, she would have to be grateful. Instead, she talked on the phone for fifteen minutes before she hung up. I was furious at her behavior, and I walked right to her and gave her a piece of my mind, she looked very surprised. There was a mixture of angry, sadness on her face. I ran away from her and back home before she had a chance to explain. Later, I found out that her dad worked overseas and could only be on the phone a very few times in a month. If her dad calls, she would answer it at any rate. I felt so miserable for I had misunderstood my best friend so badly, luckily I still have a chance to make it up. But for those who don’t, the consequences would be terrible.

Everyone living in this world has a veil on their face, so we see everything blurry and not clear, but we like it that way. Because if the veil was lift off, we see so many ugly mistakes that we had made when we had the veil on. Sometimes, on a very rare occasion, a wind blow off the edge of the veil and we caught a glimpse of the true side of the world, and for us, that three second peek was enough.

Humans are such interesting creatures: their eyes don’t tell the truth, but they just believe it with all their hearts. They made mistakes, but they couldn’t see it. So next time, when something makes you really puzzled or angry, try to think it over, or do some research. It would be the best if you could made up your horrible mistake, but most of the times, you had just missed something wonderful for a life time.

So, now I guess I had made it clear, sometimes our eyes could make mistakes of all kinds, and once again, bearing a good true sentence on your way of life could always do something good to your future, and in this case, the sentence would be “Seeing is not Believing”.
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Note: This composition was originally written on Aug 3, 2016, and published in my dad's QQ space with his introduction going as the follows:

      7月31号下午菲儿和好友一起去看了青岛极地海洋馆,回来后又看了一集《Hannah Montana》,然后就百无聊赖起来。宾馆外面不算很热,但我高烧刚过,不很想动,大家也都无甚兴致,于是就那么在宾馆呆着。菲儿忽然说想写一下《惊天魔盗团2》的事,我说很好。她就十指如飞,在键盘上快速敲打起来。

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