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(a novel)Heartbeat Part III The Discovery of The Time Machine

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  By Yifei Wang (王怡菲)a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School

3. The Discovery of The Time Machine

     I push my way through the crowd, and finally I’m in the front, where Akeva can see me easily. “Um… You look a lot like someone I know, and his name is Akeva Cardamone” Even though I’m one hundred sure that it’s him, but in case it’s not, I still ask. He turns around, and smiles at me. Gosh, he never looked cuter that now, “Well, Rachel, I happened to be the one you know.” Ziwei stared at us disbelievingly. “Wait, what?  You know him, oh, did you meet him in America?” I have no time answering questions because Akeva has just pulled me into a quieter corner.

“Why did you come here?” I ask, pinching myself to make sure that it’s not a dream. “For something of course, one is to see you, and another reason for this trip I will keep it as a secret for now, because there are so many people here, and we are already getting lot of attention now.”

I look around, and find that he is right. There are a lot of students gathering up around us. ZiWei is among them, winking at me, and mouthing “Lovebirds” in Chinese. I glare at her and mouth, Shut up!

“Now go back to your classroom now, guys.” The principal said. “Oh you are here too, Lin Ruoxi, good, then I shall put Akeva in your class, since you are the only one in sixth grade who can talk to him.”

Akeva nods, and winks at me. I take him around our school, just to show him where the classroom is, where the bathroom is. I also teach him how to act when a teacher is mean to you…

“So Rachel, meet you after school today. I saw a wonderful McDonald just opened up today, I’ll pay for it, don’t worry.” He called out. I can’t wait until the class is over. When it finally does, I rushed outside the school.

Akeva is already there, waiting. “I feel extremely uncomfortable in your school. I have to say, Rachel.” Hsays with a little sadness in his tone, “Everyone is staring at me whenever I go, and they are so rude and brutal, even a pig is a gentleman if it’s a choice between them.” “They are like this.” I answer half-hearted. “Hey Rachel, you had a haircut. I remember you hair used to be really long to your waist, but now it’s only up to your shouldersI thought you love your hair.”

I laugh a really uneasy laugh, “Well, the first day to school, my teacher said that my hair is way too long, and I must cut it, so…” “Okay, Thats kind of a personal thing but whatever. But why are you so surprised about me being here? I had already left you a note on the last day for you in America!” Akeva says, looking at me innocently. “You didn’t leave anything except for three letters, ‘SYS’” I said, a little angry with how he speaks. “Yeah, that stands for ‘see you soon’!” hesays.

Okay I seriously feel like an idiot now. “Why do you come back then?” I ask. “Because of a science product,” Akeva says quietly, “You know my dad, right? I believe everyone in the whole world do, but they don’t get him because he changes his name so often as he changes his shirt.” “Okay…” “Then he is working on something now…” He stops again. “Well, what is it?” I’m really curious about his. “A time machine.” Akeva quietly says these words.

I don’t even know how I walk back home that night. I remember Akeva telling me all about his dad and the time machine. I only remember him telling me about where it is, and at last he says he will take me to it.

The dream comes again, which I think means this machine. I don’t know if it’s logical, I don’t know if it’s possible, but it’s worth a try. Anyway, it’s certainly a good thing that Akeva has come to China. I e-mailed my friends about this matter.Turns out they all knew about it and was wanting to give me a huge surprise. What’s worse, they all agreed that it’s a sign about me and Akeva. I blush in front of the computer, at which my mom gets very nervous because she thought I was having a fever.

The next day, I put on a long coat, swing my heavy school bag on my shoulder and go to school with some my hopes high. Maybe it’s because Akeva’s there, then I remind myself that Akeva is really busy helping his dad, and he probably won’t even to go to school. But when I arrive, Akeva is already in the classroom alone. I can understand that totally. Because even if the Chinese students want to make friends with him, they can’t communicate at all.

“I have to say, being here is a total disaster.” Said Akeva after I sit down beside him. “I mean, do these people have ever seen a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes in this school?” I have to fight down a giggle, “No, they haven’t seen a foreign student at all since like this school was built.” “Man, that’s boring,” Akeva shrugs, “And plus, did you guys ever have P.E.?”

I have to defend for my dear old school now, “We do have P.E. sometimes, but you see, the weather is not so good, so…” “Well, it had never been well then according to the students here.” Akeva does sound a little annoyed.

I keep silent for a while, then ask, “So about the thing you know, the time machine, how does it work?” “I will explain this to you after school today. We can take the bus to the countryside, and my dad will show you.” “Um… cool.”I sit back down, not knowing what else to say.

Then, Ziwei comes to me, and says, “So you do know this Acuba Cardenmom…something.” “Yes, we were classmates in America.” I answer shortly. “Okay, wish you guys have a great time together.” Anny blinks her eyes, and walks away,leaving me blushing in my seat.

Thank god it’s Friday, or I will totally die because of the amount of homework we get. Akeva doesn’t need to worry about anything of course, basically because he doesn’t know any Chinese, and I’m his translator now. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing though, first I can sit with my crush. Second, I can talk in class, that’s awesome. It’s like nobody had ever done that since this school was built almost a century ago.

I get so awkward when we get on the bus to the outside city. Akeva literally drags me up on the bus because everyone is staring at us. And some girls just sit behind us, and they are having no trouble of keeping their voice so loud that I can hear every word they say about Akeva and me, “So, did you see that boy’s face?But it’s all right. Akeva glanced at them with some disgust in his eyes, and they are all silent now. “You know, you can talk about whatever you want, because no one on this bus will hear us.” I say, glancing around. Akeva nods, and begins talking, “So about the time machine, I really don’t know much about it. It’s usually my dad, he is pretty famous though, like when he invented this thing which will help you study, like a watch and when you tap it with your hand, there is a 3D shape coming out of it, and begin answering your questions, you know that right?” he is so cute! He is like the first American I have ever met in my life!” I guess they think that I can’t understand Chinese either.

I open my mouth wildAkeva’s father is the famous scientist who invented the one and only “TDH”  for, “Three Dimension Helper”? “But Akeva,” I suddenly remember something, “I think that scientist’s name is, Paul Dejohn!” “Yeah, it’s just one of his millions of names.” Akeva says, holding up his long fingers to count, “Recently, his names are, “Colum Cosgrove, Camden Blanusa… and bunch of others that I can’t remember.”

I can’t understand why this famous and great scientist can’t tell other people his name or how he looks. But Akeva’s answer should be enough, “Because my dad is working on the time machine, and he thinks that he should tell others when he has finished working on the biggest project in his life.”

I look outside the window, finding that we are moving further from the city. The houses are getting further from each other. “I think we will be arriving at any minute now,” Akeva looks at his watch, “Honestly, Rachel, I think your city is getting too many cars, you see, the same distance, we only need thirty minutes in America, and in China, wow, we are already on the road for an hour!”

I smile and make a face, “So how’s the things in America?” “Fine,” Akeva shrugs, “Your friends get really sad whenever teachers asks about you, and… Oh, Natalie asked me to give you this. I almost forget.” He pulls a little pink box out of his pocket. I open it up. There is a small folder paper, and a necklace decorated with a heart, and in the heart, there is a photo of Draco Malfoy, my favorite character in Harry Potter.

I don’t think it will be good if a boy sees what your friends give you, so I ask, “You haven’t looked, have you?” He turnsaway, and says “I don’t have the bad habit of reading other people’s letter, or anything else.” I unfold the paper, on which isfull of my friends’ signature, and they also wrote together:

“Dear Rachel,

We really miss you, we hope that Akeva had gave this to you without looking inside it first. School is sort of boring without you, but we do hope that you will come back and visit us someday. China seems very stressful, are you taking everything fine? Don’t worry, we are always behind you.

We thought for a long time of what to give you as a present, at last, Phoebe told us that you like Draco Malfoy, so we cut his picture out, and stick it to the heart, hope you like it!

P.S. Have a great time with Akeva & Your crush.

P.P.S. We are giving Henana are very good time at school, don’t worry, we won’t do it too much.


                       -------- From all your friends,

 PhoebeShannon,NatalieMackenzie,Rowena, Beth, Iris.


I feel tears in my eyes. It feels really good. I finally know how much my friends care about me. “You okay? Rachel.” Akeva asks, waving his hand in front of my face. “Yeah sure, I’m fine, just the letter is soooo touching, and Draco Malfoy’s picture is just making me feel as good as ever.” I answer, placing the necklace around my neck.

“By the way,” Akeva says, pointing at the necklace, “Draco Malfoy is really ugly alright. Besides, he is an evil Slytherin.” “What did you say? Draco Malfoy is the best, and plus, he is very handsome!” I says back. “Reckon I’m better-looking than him.” Akeva does his cool move with his hand over his hair.

I can’t help but stare at him. The sitting sun makes Akeva’s face look like pure gold. “Yeah, I know I’m good-looking.” Akeva says sort of awkwardly when he finds out that I’m staring at him. I hurriedly keep my glance off him.

As we arrive at the last stop of the bus, we get off together. “Now, where do we go?” I ask. “I don’t know, I have only been here for three days, and my dad doesn’t want his office to be seen easily, because no one around has discovered it yet.” Akeva says slowly, while I stomp my foot beside him.

“Great, we are lost in another way.” I say grumpily. "You can say that when you are alone, but you can never say sowhen you are with me," Akeva says, holding up his waist, so that I can see his watch.

And on it, there are three small letters, “TDH”

I stare at it, as I can’t believe that Akeva has this really rare thing. It’s super-duper expensive, but I guess the son of the scientist when invented it should get one easily.

“My dad gave it to me on my twelve’s birthday,” Akeva explains, “I was thrilled, you see, it’s even better that you can buy on the market, because it can also pose as a watch, so if someone sees it, they won’t think that it’s the “TDH”.” My jaw droops. I look with such an interest when Akeva taps it. A little thing come out of it, which is a tiny elf, “What can I help you?” it asks politely. “To find where “Paul Dejohn lives,” Akeva says, then he taps it three times, and says, “Time can change everything.”

Then, the elf disappears, instead of which, a direction sign appears on the scene. “All we need to do, is to follow.” Akeva says confidently. I give him and the “TDH” my full trust, so we begin to set off from the bus stop.

We have many turns, and at last, a map appears on the scene, with a red dot in the middle. “That’s where we need to go.” Akeva says, glancing around. I glance around too, but all I can see is just a very large piece of thorn.

“I believe we are in the wrong place.” I give my conclusion. “Well…um… I don’t know, maybe we misunderstood the map.” Akeva scratches his head hopelessly. He walks up to the thorn, and calls out excitedly, “Rachel, here it is!”

I run to him as fast as I can, then just in front of the thorns, there is a small red button. “Rose garden fills with thorns.” Akeva says in a really weird way. I know this sentence too well, but how... “Akeva, is your dad a big fan of Taylor Swift?”

“Well, no, but my younger sister is.” Akeva says, even blush a little. The door shows in front of us, it’s really well decorated. We walk in. It is huge inside, I think I will definitely get lost in here. It’s just like a maze, with so many dead-ends, and doors. Finally, we stop at a door. “Here it is.” Akeva says, he is acting like a host now. "Now, Miss. Lin, welcome to my humble home.” I laugh uncontrollably.

Then Akeva does this movement with his hands, and invites me into the room. “Akeva, who is this?” said a voice behind us. I look around, and see a very thin man sitting on the sofa, looking at me. “Mr. Cardamone, I’m Akeva’s friend, Rachel Lin.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Have I ever told you not to bring any friends over, Akeva? Im really concerned about you. If you continue to ignore my warnings, you will get yourself blown up like your…” The man obviously had said something he never meant to say, but somehow he stands up awkwardly from the sofa. He has blonde hair just like Akeva, but he is definitely not as kind as Akeva.

“But, c’mon dad, she is like the only friend I get here!”Akeva pleases. “I may help you with your project, sir,” I say, “I’m a Chinese, so I can help you greatly just in the language. And also, I read lot about time machines, so I know something about it at least.” I say this all in one breath, trying hard not to sound like an idiot.

“Well, in that way, we do need a translator. The “TDH” is too slow, and I need to improve it, yeah right.” Mr. Cardamone says more to himself than to me.

“Oh, welcome Miss. Lin, to our home in China,” Mr. Cardamone helds up his hand, with which I shake, “I think my son has already told you almost all about me, and I really do need a translator who can speak English as well as Chinese. Oh, forgot to introduce me, I’m Ben Cardamone, a scientist.”

I nod, and Akeva says, “Dad, I think you should give time to Rachel, and I, so I can take her around this um…um this big house.” Akeva finds it really hard to identify this place, and so do I.

“Yeah, sure, take her,” Akeva’s dad sits back down on the sofa, “But you know the rules, son.” “Yes, dad.” Akeva says, and signs me to keep up with him.

“So what are the rules?” I ask as we walk up and down the stairs. “Well, the basic rule is, don’t go on the third floor, and the second rule is, don’t shout loud in this building, because…” Akeva stops and looks at me. “Because what?” I ask eagerly. Then Akeva says very quietly, “Things get to explode by sound.”

I just stand there, looking around. This building is all very creepy, and I don’t want to come here ever again. Thinking about getting blown up just because of your laughing out loud! Thats not going to end up good.“Um… Akeva?” I ask, “How do you live in a place like this?”

“What do you mean?” Akeva turns around and looks right into my eyes. “Well,” I stare at the ground, “Well, at least I can’t barely live in a place full of rules, and it’s so dangerous.” Akeva presents a smile, a smile that really doesn’t belong to his age, “I live up with danger.” He says, “When I was young, my dad always told me to keep quiet. At first, I thought therewas some problem with his ears, but then I thought that maybe I would just shout for a joke, you know, it was actually April Fools Day. So I sneaked up behind my dad, and shouted out loud, and…” Akeva’s voice died away.

“And what?” I ask. “And just as I shouted in the house, I heard a really loud noise coming behind me, so I turnedaround, and fire I saw, huge, and hot,” Akeva closes his eyes, as though remembering the terrible scenario. I can see his long eye lashes covering his eyes, “My dad hurriedly ran into the room and sorted it all out, and from that time I knew that everything is dangerous if you shout in this room. And that’s why I rarely even speak loudly.”

I pat his shoulder with sort of comfort. We walk for a moment in silent. I think that Akeva is really weird sometimes with his family, but I TAKE IT AS something ABOUT HIS DAD.

“Well, I think it’s not early now, so I should probably go back.” I’ll let my dad send you back.” Akeva says. I nodded, because I have no other choices, it’s really late now.

I get on the car silently. Mr. Cardamone is wearing a “TDH” too. I envy them so much. “Now, Racheal, you must be really curious about my project.”He looks at me. I nod eagerly. “My son will tell you all about that, God, I think he can explain it better than I can!” I smile at these words, though there is nothing funny about that.

“So, where did you learn your English from? I do know how Chinese learn English, but I never met a Chinese student who could say English as well as you do.”

I’m sort of awkward, but still answer, “I have been to America for two and a half years, so um. I learned my English in actual life, and Akeva was my classmate in America. I actually never thought that he would come to this city, and attend my old school. It was a really surprise though, since we never had foreigners in our school.” I say, thinking about that sentence Akeva had left on my notebook when I left my school in America. I look outside the window, and we are getting nearer to the city.

“Ah, I think there was no surprise to my son though,” Mr. Cardamone says loudly, “I used to want to build my office in another city, but he stopped me, and said he knew a wonderful place here with little people and lot of grounds, and then he said that a school here really fit him, so we came here. I think you’ve told him about here, right?” “Um,” I close my eyes and try to remember, “I guess so.” I say uncertainly, the only time I remember telling Akeva about my city is when I justwas in USA, and he seemed really curious about it.

I think for a long time at these words. Akeva asked to come to my school, even though he knows that it’s completely rubbish? I mean, I know my school is kind of the best in the whole city, but it only makes our grades good, and we are like bunch of idiots at P.E., Music and art and lots of things. Because these classes usually get replaced by the major classes like Chinese and Math. But still, that means Akeva actually cares about me.

I start to feel really happy now, and the trip becomes more joyful. I know I shouldn’t think more about it. I know that Akeva will have to go back to America at the end of the year, I can’t help but think about what will happen if Akeva stays.

“You know my “TDH” then, Racheal?” Mr. Cardamone suddenly says. “Well, yeah, almost everyone knows it.” I reply, rolling up my eyes, and try to think about something else.

“Just as a present, and also a payment for your kindness for being my translator, and to help my son in school. I decide to give you, the most wonderful, and most useful tool in the whole world, A TDH”.

I can’t believe my ears and my eyes. It’s incredible. Mr. Cardamone jerks his hand at a package near my seat. I take it with shaking hands, which weights nothing more than a watch. “They sell it so expensive in the markets, Great Lord, I can’t even afford it with my own,” He laughs, "It’s pretty simple to make one if you get the most important part. I always think that, after my invention, there will be a lot of fake ones. People just dont want to use their brains.

I nod in agreement, though I doesnt even hear what he says. I open the package, my heart thumping in my chest. I take it out, sky blue machine. “Just press that little button for a while and it’ll turn on,” Mr. Cardamone says, “Oh, of course, I designed it as a watch, just like I did with my son’s. Just tap it three times, and you know what to do next.”

I nod eagerly, and put it on my wrist. I feel excellent when I press the little pink button, and it turns on. At the beginning it just shows the time, nothing special about it if you look at it now. But it changes when I tap the scene three times. A little half transparent pink elf comes out of it. She is so cute! “Hi, what can I help you Miss?” The little elf squeaks. “Does it,” I want to touch the little elf’s head, but my hand fell right through it, “Like, can you answer any questions?” “Anything at all, but only the questions that you will need, not that kind of, you know if you ask her how I feel now, she won’t answer. For the time being I’m not that smart to make it do that.” Mr. CARDAMONE laughs.

I tap it three times again, and it changes back to a normal watch. “Wicked.” I mutter. Only half an hour since we’ve been on the road, and gosh, we are already in from of my apartment! “This car runs pretty fast.” I say, looking at the black fancy car, as I get off the car. “Well, you have to think who is using it?” Mr. Cardamone winks at me.

I say goodbye to him and go upstairs. “Mom, don’t worry, I have already done three fourths of my homework at school, and you know Akeva has come to our school!” I say this all when my mom opens the door. “Oh, that explain why you are so late today, I believe you guys had a very nice little chat, right?” “Yeah. Totally” I grin.

 Dont you wink at me, Rachel. I know Akeva is your friend and all, and he came from America but if Akevas coming is affecting your study, we must think about another way about…” She suddenly stops in the mid-sentence, staring at my wrist, “What’s that?” My mom asks. “What’s what?” I look around the house. “That, when did you get your new watch?” “Oh, Oh that, yeah, So Akeva’s dad gave me this as a present. He thanked me of being such a good friend to his son, so yeah.” Okay, I admit that this lie is pretty lame but its kind of the truth too.

"Oh, Okay, now go to your homework, and What do you want for dinner?” “Anything’s fine.” I say while dragging my heavy school bag to my table.

I basically eat nothing at dinner, though it’s very yummy. My mom made roast chicken, with fruit salad, and orange juice. “Do you feel quite well, dear?” My mom asks. I have to say that I’ve almost told her the truth when I suddenly think that maybe I should ask Akeva’s dad whether I can tell other people about the time machine, but before that I am expected to keep my mouth shutI think.

“Do you have a sore throat? Or a fever or something?” “No, I’m fine mom, it’s the second time in two days that you have been suspecting that I have a fever mom. I’m really okay. I just um… thinking about this problem in math.” “Okay then dear, have some dinner, or you will be really hungry any time in the night.” I force down one chicken leg, which tastesvery good, I have to say. Then I have some salad, and a glass of orange juice. I think that I’m just getting more trouble to myself. I don’t usually lie to my parent but this time, things are different.

The next morning, when I am having breakfast, my dad comes. “Oh, hi dad.” I put down my chopsticks. “Morning,honey, how’s the test you just took?” Gosh is my score all the things he cares about? He used to be really funny and caring.“Um, I got a ninety-nine on it.”"Why didn’t'you get a one hundred then." he asks. “I don’t know.” I lower my head and stare at my bowl.“Dont worry about it though, Hon. We will work it out together today after school, and next time, Im sure you will get the full marks. Meow Meow! Keep your spirit up! Yeah, thanks Meow Meow! I say happily, smiling at my dad. I guess he still gets some of his old soul left.

I leave home with a bright smile on my face. The weather is pretty good too. When I walk out of the door, however,  I see Akeva waiting for me just outside my apartment. “What’s up, Racheal?” Akeva asks coolly. With his hands in his jeans pockets, and a cap that says “SLYTHERIN” on his head, he looks absolutely handsome.

“Yeah, fine, why are you here?” I ask. “Going to school with you of course.” He shrugs.

 “My dad sent me here, and I thought maybe it will be better that I explain all about the time machine to you, since I don’t think you have anytime in school.” “Yeah sure, probablygo on with it.” I say and start walking to the school. “So humans can fly if they can flip their arms in a really high speed, and so that’s basically the same idea of the time machine,” Akeva says slowly so I can catch up with every single word, “So what my dad is trying to do is that you know the times are like bunch of tunnels. They have their own ways and own tracks, usually if you want to do a time travel, you have to break the tunnel you are in, and then go and break another tunnel so that you can get in.”

“Wait a sec, do you mean that we have to cause damages in time?” I ask. “Well, it’s not really damage, it’s just a way to get into another time tunnel. You cant really see the tunnels and you cant feel them either, so you cant do any damage on something you cant see right? So…” Akeva answers. I nod though I don’t quite agree on his theory about not destroying things you can’t see, and sign him to go on, “And in order to do that, the time

 machine must reach into a really high speed, and I mean a really really really high speed, the speed will be so high that it can fly and then go somewhere. And easily, it start to get energy from the earth itself because you know how things

 move when they are moving in a circle. So time machine basically just moves around a circle really quickly, and when it gets enough energy, which I mean the speed that makes the machine move, it starts to break time tunnels. But it’s most dangerous when you are out of the tunnel because black holes may suck you in, and you will never be out again.” Akeva says is in a really low voice, and if he is trying to scare me, then he does a good job on that.

“Okay, get it, then…” I ask. “Then, if we do get enough energy, the energy will be greater and stronger than the earth’s gravity, the force will take us to a new time tunnel.” “That sounds cool, are you going to take me with you on time travels?” I ask eagerly. “I don’t know,” Akeva lowers his head, his blonde hair shining beautifully in the warm early morning sunshine. “It’s really up to my dad thoughHe already solved the energy problem, that means he can make the time machine fly out of this tunnel and move to another, but what he is trying to do is to take control of the machine. He wants to decide which time he wants to go, and the machine must obey him. In another way, if he doesn’t solve that problem, then we don’t know which time tunnel we are going to, and how to come back to our own tunnel,” Akeva says. Suddenly he looks right into my eyes, “In another way, if my dad doesn’t solve this problem, then you and I will be lost forever in the ocean of tunnels and unable to come back because we can’t find the right tunnel, and eventually, our power runs down.”

I think for a long time, and draw my conclusion on the time machine: firstit’s extremely dangerous, and it’s not good for children; second, I doubt it will ever work because I don’t think we will be able to change the time and the history; third, why would people want to time travel. It’s just completely waste of time. Plus if you die in the history, that means you will never be born now. That’s just creepy!

“Racheal Lin,” my teacher is standing in front of me and I don’t know exactly when she was there, “have you finishedyour homework last night?” I hurriedly stand up and look around mildly as I hope my homework will just pop up nowhere, “Yeah, of course, I gave it to Liu XinYi, and she took it to your office!”

“Well thenwhy does Liu XinYi tell me that you haven’t handed in your homework?” My teacher’s eyes are like two knives slicing my heart. “I swear I did, it might be um… I don’t know. Excuse me XinYi, You might have made a mistake. It will be better if you check your bag.”“I can hardly see any uses of this. Lin RuoXi, you didnt even do your homework! Now I tell you, itmy job to get all your homework. But teacher, she is so stubborn. Its better for me to fulfill my duty toinform you that Lin RuoXi hasnt done her homework for two days!” I walk straight to that girl, glaring at her. But then I seesomething though She tries to hide it from me, but I STILL SEE IT CLEARLY---IT IS MY HOMWORK, IN HER BAG. What ‘a heck is going on here?

“Can you explain this Liu XinYi?” My teacher Ms. Zhang asks. I actually feel kind of sorry for Liu XinYi now. I can’t even imagine what it’s like standing in front of Ms. Zhang and know clearly that you will be punished for sure. “Well, I saw Lin RuoXi get one word wrong so I was correcting for her.” Area speaks up for herself, then she glances around and locks eyes with me, with a completely innocent look on her face.

 “Prove it.” Ms. Zhang says darkly. She opens my homework notebook, and points at a miswrote word, and there is a correction beside it. “So, you helped her to correct this word, and it took you an hour, and also you lied, so at last, I think you will still be punished badly, how about, writing an 1000 word essay, plus doing the homework all over again. Two times!” Ms. Zhang even smiles. I just don’t like her, and she is like hoping for us to make mistakes.

“You may have more, let’s ask Racheal to decide for you whether you should get more,” Ms. Zhang looks at me, “Well, Rachel.” I stare at the ground and not to look up at       Liu XinYi. “I’m satisfied very much with your punishment,my teacher, and no more." I say firmly. When I look up at Liu XinYi, I hope to see thankfulness form her eyes, but all I see is pitch black---- she is staring at me like I’m her enemy.

“You okay, you sure you didn’t lose anything?” Akeva asks me when the lesson is over. “Um, I don’t think so,” I say while searching my bag, “Why?” “Because, I saw something on TV that said if someone is doing something really strange, that probably means that they hate you or like you very much, and most of all,” Akeva stops and looks up at the gray sky,lowering his voice “they want to steal something from you.” “No! MY DIARY IS GONE!” “Seriously? I was joking about it.” Akeva shrugs, looking so much like a know-it-all.

“No, I learn I wrote all about the time machine in it.” I shout desperately. “Oh gosh, that’s very bad, that’s very very bad.” Akeva says. The book he was holding falls to the ground. “My dad is going to kill me.” “Maybe I mean, I wrote all my diary in English.” I say in a really small voice. “Then there is nothing to worry about,” Akeva shrugs again and picks up the book, “For all I know, your classmates’ English level is like 0.”

“But I wrote my crush’s name in my diary,” I keep shouting ‘thank god’ no one understand what I just said. “Oh, that’s interesting,” Akeva folds his arms, “Then we can see who is this lucky boy that makes Rachel think of him so much.” “Oh shut up!” I say. Turn around and walk away from Akeva, no matter what, I need to find my diary. I can’t let all my secrets spill out like beans in a bucket.

“Aria, have you seen my diary anywhere?” I walk straight up to Aria, I can see from the corner of my eyes that many people are watching us. “No I haven’t, Rachel Lin. Maybe you should look after your things more carefully.” She smiles at me.

“Oh don’t you play tricks on me!” I try to say something offensive, but I suddenly realize that all I can think is English. And for sure, if I say English, she won’t understand a thing.

But it will be better just standing there doing nothing so, I open my mouth and hear a sentence of fluent English fly out of my mouth, “Oh, I know you did it, Aria Liu. And don’t you deny it. If you didn’t, then why did you not turning my homework in? I know you are definitely up to something, and I swear I will know why!” When I finish speaking, I realize that everyone is staring at me, with an expression of shocked and amazed at my sentence.

Akeva walks towards me and taps my shoulder, “Let’s go, Rachel, she’s not worth it.” He says quietly. I turn around and follow him. Maybe my eyes are tricking me but I swear that Aria face turns greener when Akeva speaks to me.

“So, I guess there is nothing to worry about then, you lost your diary. It’s fine, we can wait to hear all about your crush,” Akeva says in a mocking voice, “And you are coming with me to my dad’s place right?” I stare at the ground, I don’t want to let Akeva down but, “No, I have a math lesson this afternoon, and after that, another, and after that another Chinese class.”

“Gosh, Rachel, do you even have time to play?” Akeva says. I nod, “I do have time, it’s just when my mom thinks that I should work harder on my math, but thank god she didn’t sign me up for an English class.” “What, you don’t even need that thing, you are like already perfect.” Akeva says, really shocked. “Well, I’m not that good at grammar though.” I says.

I look at my “TDH”. It’s already time for the next lesson. I hurriedly sit down and pull Akeva down too. He literally fall on the chair, “JEEZ, Racheal, you are so rude. Now, you better be careful, it’s fine with me that you just pull me to the chair, but when it’s to your crush…”Akeva suddenly smiles, he is so wicked. “Oh, shut up you!” I say loudly. My teacher looks at me, and I just sit back down without saying another word.

The lesson is very boring, and I label the class-is-over bell as the most wonderful music in the whole world. Akeva is having his time----he sometimes draws, sometimes reads, sometimes just forces himself to listen to what the teacher is saying. But from his expression, I know that he doesn’t understand one word.

After school, I say good-bye to Akeva, but he calls out after me. I just have to turn around. Already worrying about the amount of homework we’ve got, I wish that this conversation would be quick. “Rachel, are you sure you are not coming?My dad will probably be here in a second.” He says desperately. “No, I don’t think soAkeva, I got to go home, my lessons. You know.” I says very quickly. “Fine then, do you have any time tomorrow?” Akeva asks. “No, I don’t think so.” I says, trying to remember what lessons I have. “How about this, when I meet you tomorrow, I’ll give you a form that labels all my time schedule.” “Fine then Rachel, you are so boring.”

I go home. The homework is easy, but too much, so much that when I finish it, it’s already 8:00 p.m. Then I suddenly remember the form stuff, so I find a piece of blank paper, and begin to write :


Time Schedule

 Rachel Lin 

Monday---- After school--- 5:00 math, 6:30 Writing.

Tuesday---- 5:00math


Thursday----7:00 Chinese, and my dad’s English class.


Saturday---- Piano 9:00 a.m. Chinese 2:00 p.m. math 4:00 p.m.

Sunday----- Writing 6:00 p.m.


This form has inform you clearly what my time schedule is, I think this will help you greatly. And P.S. I HOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MY WRITING. Because I write in perfect cursive way!


Well, I try to make this form beautiful, and I guess I did do a very good job on that. OMG, I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Dinner is very good as usual, and I’m very excited, because tomorrow is Friday and I don’t have any lessons. I have worked very hard for the last few days, just to give myself a real Friday. But I guess I have to spend all my time in Akeva dad’s office. But that’s not suck at all. In fact, it totally rocks.

Akeva is waiting again outside the building, and I hand the form to him. “Wow Rachel, gosh, I don’t even know what you girls are thinking about,” Akeva slaps his forehead, “I thought you are really busy, but it seems that you have plenty of time to decorate this thingy.” I don’t answer, but smile at him. “Okay, I know what you mean, today is Friday, my dad will come and get us.” Akeva smiles. I notice something really strange. “Akeva, why are you not wearing you Slytherin hat?” “Oh that, well,” Akeva scratches his head, “I thought maybe, because everyone in your school was staring at me and my hat, and I’m trying to be very normal, so I left it at home.” “What? Are you kidding me?” I say, laughing, “They are like bunch of idiots, you really like great in that hat. Plus, Slytherin is awesome, it’s my favorite house in Hogwarts!” “Fine then, I’ll wear it tomorrow.” Akeva shrugs.

“My dad is working hard on it recently,” Akeva says as we walk to school, “He wants to build a controller that can control the machine, and he is making one himself right now. It’ll be sort of like a wheel of a car, which can make the time machine turn and go back all that stuff, and then, all we need to do is to memorize the whole time chart since the earth was born.” “That’s impossible.” I shake my head. It’s ridiculous, it’ll probably take millions of years to remember all the time.

“Well, nothing is impossible, surely you know that Miss Lin? Since you sign up for so many extra classes?” Akeva says,looking at me as though expecting me to say something to answer this. But I keep silent. “Honestly, I’m not doing that myself either, its too hard.” Akeva snaps a really loud one.

It’s like already August. The weather is starting to get cold, but Akeva still only wears a short sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. “If dad doesn’t hurry up, I think I’ll go crazy,” Akeva rubs his forehead, “All day, he could only talk about the time machine, I’m so bored that I can hung out all day without coming home.” “You sure, you can stay at my home tonight, I don’t really care. Another friend of mine is coming too, and my parents are going to BEIJING, so we’ve got plenty of room.”

“That’s a thought.” Akeva nods approvingly. Anny catches up with us just outside the school. “Hanging around with your boyfriend all day long, aren’t you?” She whispers in my ear. “Shut up, Anny. Its like we are just normal Friends, alright? Dont get your mind worked up.” I say loudly. Of course we are talking in Chinese, so Akeva just keeps walking. “Anyway, see you in your apartment after school!” Anny says, running to school first, “And good day to you and your boyfriend!” Many people turn around and look at us, I curse Anny with all my might in my heart.

“Why is everyone staring at us?” Akeva asks. “Um…well,” My mind is working so fast that I’m afraid that it might explode. I can’t tell Akeva the truth of course and apparently there is no truth about this , so I just make up a story, “Because you are not like us, Akeva. That’s why so many people are staring at you, not me.” I add.

When I walk into the classroom, I know something is wrong, VERY WRONG AGAIN!!! I walk up to my seat, and seemy dairy, being opened up, and just lying there.

(to be continued)
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thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
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I'm very appreciative of what you've done for me.

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