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Which Is More Important GDP Or GDH?

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Humans have been looking for the means of happiness for thousands of years; philosophers and scientist haven’t stopped examining life and deciphering the hidden codes that might lead to a unified theory of happiness and a blissful life. Thinkers, authors and human experts have written countless books trying to reveal the secrets of joy and gladness. Throughout history, prophets and ordinary people defined happiness rather than life itself as the supreme good and that living to glorify god adds meaning to human life, while some photospheres explained the worshipping gods is a waste of time because there is no existence after death. However, many believers today clearly aware of this truth but find belief as a source of comfort.


Material achievements alone can’t satisfy human for long. Indeed, the blind pursuit of fame, wealth and pleasure will only human miserable and turns one’s life upside down. The increase in the GDP will not necessarily make the GDH- gross domestic happiness higher. Many surveys showed that countries with lower GDP enjoy a higher GDH compare to those who enjoy increase in the GDP but still more dissatisfied with their current life. Highly productive people seem dissatisfied while less productive people gratify a higher gross domestic happiness. Thirty years ago, South Koreans were not only living in poverty, but also under an authoritarian dictatorship. Nowadays, South Korea almost produces all what we have in our living rooms, hospitals, supermarkets and factories. Today South Koreans are among the best educated nations on earth and they enjoy a democratic regime. The shocking thing is that, today, the rate of suicide in South Korea is much higher than before. The same equation in Japan.  


As GDP increases, troubles increase as well and life becomes more and more demanding. People around us become also hard to please and satisfy. According to science, nobody is made happy by getting a promotion, finding a true love or owning a Lamborghini and a mansion. People are made happy by one thing only and that thing is pleasant sensations in their bodies. Production is important because it provides the material means to achieve happiness, but it is only the means, not the end. According to evolutionists, this is the fault of evolution, throughout generations; we struggle to get food and mates in order to avoid unpleasant sensations of hunger and to enjoy pleasing tastes and blissful orgasms. But these things don’t last for a long time and that if we want to feel them again we have to keep having them or chasing more enjoyable ones.  

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