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my English teacher ,graduated from a famous university located in the north part of China,is a very beautiful and young graduate student,she is not only our teacher but also our friend,there is not a gap as deep as other old teachers because she is not older than us too much,just for these factors she is

popular among us. but many of my classmates and i think that she is not good at teaching compared with our former English teacher though she is good at Englishso the problem is that who we should choose,the beautiful one or the experienced one?just as a golden saying goes "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". should we leave her to follow our former English teacher?there is a world that is full of different opinions between me and my classmates。

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Reply Report Gayle 2017-3-4 03:02
The young teacher is not as good at teaching because teaching gets better through experience (or at least it should, if a teacher is not a robot repeating the same script over and over).  The older teacher is better because she has more experience.  But then, how will the younger teacher gain experience without students?  I also consider the fact (as a teacher myself, I know this) students learn better when they are enjoying themselves and a little bit relaxed, and it seems like you and your classmates enjoy learning from the younger teacher more and are more relaxed with her.  

As a teacher, I always learned from my students.  I always regarded my students as my teachers, "you are here to help me learn how to teach you better."  The younger teacher may find it easier to adopt the position, "We are learning together and teaching each other, I am teaching you English and you are teaching me how to be a better English teacher."  

But I don't know, if your classmates feel she is not good at teaching English, maybe she has no talent in teaching and therefore will not improve much?  Whereas the older teacher has not only experience, but talent for teaching?  I think it comes down to the question of whether the reason the younger teacher is not as good is because of lack of experience only, or because of lack of talent.  And that is determined mainly by your feeling.  If it is only lack of experience, and she can improve with experience, I would say that there can be advantages if you students and the teacher take a position that you are each helping the other improve.

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  • Something I want to say about postgraduate education 2017-4-10 13:10

    I find that most education is testing the ability of memory rather than IQ, the two are separate. I would like to see logical progression taught as a subject because it increases IQ, there is no reason why everyone cannot have an IQ of 150; this would make the world a better place.

  • Something I want to say about postgraduate education 2017-3-11 12:35

    Fully agree with Gayle! China government must make clear the needs, demands and criteria to be met to ensure not only quality but timely so that the required programs could be met.

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