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Spring Festival part 1,New Year's Eve

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  Spring Festival has been regarded as New Year according to lunar calendar in China since ancient which has been one of the most important events by thousands of years.Nowadays,different customs to celebrate the Spring Festival still vary from blocks to areas.I am so excited after reading interesting stories about Spring Festival in blogs and amazed at such broad and profound Chinese cultures.
  As to my home town,to be honest,there's nothing more special but still can be described in a way.Every New Year's Eve,we all come to my grandparents'(father's parents)home to have family reunion dinner.Spring roll,fish(the pronunciation in Chinese is the same as 'rich',means rich harvest every year),eggs(the shape is similar to gold ingot,means be wealthy)are the necessary dishes on table.The elde will hand out red envelopes containing money to the younger,who is single or under 18,with the moral of blessing,vitality and luck.Since last year when the grab red envelops online started,my cousin sister and I have taken mobile phones to shake and grab after dinner.I believe that too many people have the same experience(grin grin),which is also a symbol of the Internet development.
chocolates shaped as gold ingot and gold coin,grandparents' home,2016.2.7
red envelopes I got in 2014,(I haven't collect the all red envelopes in 2016)every when we visit relatives in Spring Festival ,the elder will give one to the younger~  
     Although it is the subject of much debate,the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV is still the traditional program for every Chinese.We get together,eat peanut,pistachio nuts,juglans regia and stay up quietly(maybe noisy for kids)all night.Approach to 0 o'clock,the sound of setting of fireworks and crackers break the night .Midnight snack are dumplings or glue pudding.
fruits and nuts in grandparents' home,2016.2.7
dumplings as midnight snack~

my family reunion dinner at grandparents' home(on my father's side),2016.2.7.In the lower left are eggs,pistachio nut and sping roll containing shepherd's purse or meat. Delicious~Happy New Year~(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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Reply Report Igo 2016-2-16 12:03
Save some for me.  
Reply Report SailorCometYSJ 2016-2-16 18:55
Igo: Save some for me.   
I can't see your comment.Shows'validation failed'.
Reply Report SailorCometYSJ 2016-2-16 18:56
Igo: Save some for me.   
Ok now I see,,,haha What do you eat in New Year?
Reply Report Igo 2016-3-1 11:34
SailorCometYSJ: Ok now I see,,,haha What do you eat in New Year?
Sorry for late reply. I didn't get round to coming to the website in the past half month. What did I eat during Lunar New Year? Fresh air.

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