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Who is the most beautiful person during the last 38 years?

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When I was a student in junior high school, we had a lesson in Chinese. Teacher taught us a lesson about ‘who is the most beautiful person’, an article written by a famous author back in the decade of 1950. So I’ve thought a lot about what made our country strong during the last 38 years. Today, I will try to write down some of my ideas about who is the most beautiful person during the last 38 years. 


Firstly, in the 1978, when Mr. Deng declared that China would open up and reform, this 5000 year old giant started to wake up after a long time of continuous dormancy. Mr. Deng is a key figure, a director who knows economy well due to the early age of studying from abroad and changes the circumstance of China at a crucial time, of course. But he is not today’s topic.


Secondly, after years of staying in a poor state, Chinese people were more or less used to it, in my view. People who worked in the state owned companies did the same job day in and day out, so did the employees in some institutions. It was a bit difficult for them to feel the new tendency which would certainly change the appearance of China after a few years, for the works they did were so stable that their eyes were blocked to some extent. So they are not today’s topic either.


What I am going to talk about today is those who work in factories that belong to labor intensive industries.


When talking about opening up and reform, what did China have at that time to compete with the tycoons in the western countries? One super advantage is the large number of low-cost labor. Anyone, in the West, who knows ‘the supply and demand rule’, knows that the invisible hand will stretch to the huge mainland of China, as there is a huge potential demand and an obviously low cost for productions because of the lower-priced labor.


Then a lot of companies abroad set factories in China along the land near sea. Why? Low cost is the only answer. Once the products are made, this is a nearest place to ship those products to the port of destination. Based on that, you could see that the west and north part of China are not as prosperous as the east and south China. One reason, which is very important, is that these places are far from sea. In other words more cost would be spent in transporting the products if the managers landed the factories there. However, generally speaking, it is impossible, owing to the rule of economy- no extra cost would spend on a project when there is a better choice.


That also led to one phenomenon-- a huge number of migrants who left their hometown mingled with the locals in large cities. If they had the opportunity to have equivalent jobs nearby, who would travel long distances for seeking jobs? The truth is they leave their heart at hometown and take their bodies to the place where they work. Don’t you see in each spring festival these people run home for reunion? Nevertheless, they are the topic of today.


Each of them is the most beautiful person, because it is due to them that made the prosperity of today’s China. They are the makers making the products which have the famous name of ‘made in China’; every drop of sweat is the proof of the diligent work that they have done in the hot plants; every product is made out from their hands, needless to say; every dollar that flows into China has their contribution; every illness and injury pertinent to the work they did is their sacrifice. Who deserve better praise than them? None, I guess. However, they are the kind of people who are rarely seen on TV and in the Press. They just do their jobs silently changing the appearance of China and the world.


Today’s China is in the process of industrial transforming and upgrading, but please don’t forget what the significant work the workers have done. Please receive my sincere respect for all of you- the most beautiful people!

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